Friday, June 22, 2007

Sinus Story

Well I searched and searched for an interesting picture for this blog and let's just face it... there really isn't anything that fits. I could upload the actual pictures of the inside of my nose that our dear doctor gave us but then you might never visit this blog, or me, again!! It's gross.
If you are one of those people that have to experience everything for yourself and probably thus life life the hard way I will give you a visual to get you on your way.... chunky peanutbutter.
So, Wednesday morning I had my surgery. I was farely confident and mostly relieved the day was here. I don't remember much pain from my previous surgery and it took less than an hour to complete and it was much more severe, so this surgery seemed like a breeze.
First of all, adult hospitals are not near as nice as children's hospitals and they are not as good at putting in IVs and they are LOUD! I was stuck in this little section of a crowded and busy room for hours as they preped me and waited for my doctor, who apparently was in a pretty important meeting. I decided to charge the doctor the same rates that he was charging me minute by minute... so now according to our calculations I have a large credit with this man! If only that were true. Finally he did come and did at least try to be nice to Drew and I... then I lost all consciousness.
Over two hours later I awoke with an oxygen mask on my face, cotton up my nose and an icepack over my eyes.... talk about disoriented. I couldn't talk from having a tube down my throat for hours so I simply raised my hand until I nurse came to me... it wasn't quick. Then they weren't allowed to give me a drink but I did finally convince them for a few ice chips... I think they felt bad b/c I started crying immediately when they refused me a drink. I was in some serious pain.
My face felt like some one had taken a meat malet and gone to town on my face all over. It was a weird tightening and squeezing sensation... so more morphine it was.
Finally they moved me to a little recliner chair on wheels and moved me to recovery where they informed me my husband was not there but would arrive shortly. Luckily I did remember that he had work and that a longer surgery probably meant he had to run home to put on his suit but it was still really lonely and scarey to be at this big hospital in all this pain and not know a single soul! The nurses finally brought me a drink and something to eat and then I started to throw up and was able to catch a nurse (these gals are slippery to catch!) and she gave me some more meds that kept it from coming out!
Finally my prince came and I felt much better having him there. I could barely keep my eyes open.
A friend came and took me home and I have done little else but sleep the past two days away. I just haven't been able to keep my eyes open until today... and I have only taken one nap so far! My nose is already full of junk again, which makes me so frustrated, because I am not allowed to blow my nose. I am on tons of horse pills but yet my DR gave us little direction about what to do! SO FRUSTRATING! So we are just hoping for the best until my check up next week! You'd think after surgery everything will be great but really that is just the first step in kicking this thing!!!
So... that's the story. We're still alive and kickin... but I'm doin a lot of sleeping!

Thanks for everyone who has been praying for Drew's dad... he is recovering though still very tired. The meds he is on keeps his blood pressure super low so energy is lacking. He is also workin on his new diet and excercise plan. We're not sure how much more chicken Susan can pump into him until he starts to crow! Keep him in your prayers and their business as well!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lifetime Accomplishments!

Over the past week I have accomplished two lifetime achievements!! First of all, my handsome husband and I participated in the MS 150. If you have been keeping up with the hubby this is just a petty ride for him since he did 700 miles in one week for MS just a few weeks before. However, my longest ride consisted of 25 miles and maybe 3 mediocre hills. But nonetheless I jumped headlong into a 150 mile ride from Georgetown, KY to Danville, KY. It was the hardest thing I quite possibly have ever done. We took the "short route" which consisted of a little under 60 miles the first day. I am not joking you when I tell you that the first 30 of those miles did not include a single space of flat ground. It was constant uphill and downhill...somtimes multiple uphills for merely one downhill. By the first rest stop I thought I might die. But a peanut butter sandwich and some gatorade got me back on that silly bike.

(bike fix #1)

About the next mile we realized that maybe the hills were soooo hard for me because I couldn't shift into my easiest ring that would give me a whole new set of easier gears to play with on the hills. So we pulled over and the amazing bike shop Schellers had vans going up and down the course to help out bikers. The lovely gentleman fixed my bike in no time and the ride became MUCH more enjoyable after that. Many miles and even more hills later we realized that I had a leak in one of my tires....luckily we were at another rest stop (which were every 15 miles or so). So the nice Scheller man gave me a new one for free and we went merily on our way again!!

(bike fix #2)

(right before the huge hill... and look how high we already have climbed... this picture shows you some of the hills!)

Then there was a HUGE hill we had to climb for a few miles that tested my endurance for sure... and yes there was shedding of tears. Then we stopped for lunch only to find my new tire completely flat.. so the nice Scheller man gave me yet another one and did some nifty repairs to the wheel to keep that from happening again. The last 20 miles were still very hilly but thankfully they were mostly less steep and we did get in about 5 miles of flat land in farm country that was breath taking!!

(bike fix #3)

The Lord was so gracious to me because not only did he give me the body to get through this physical trial but he answered my prayers about the weather. It's a silly request but it was cool and cloudy but never dropped rain on us, which really helped me to keep going... if I had been overheated it would've been all over! Also the people at the rest stops were amazing and so encouraging. The best snack by far was a type of s'more. Two grahm crackers with crunchy peanutbutter and marshmellow cream oozing in the middle! Why hadn't I thought of this sooner... it was probably my favorite part of the whole ride!!!

(during the flat land... I was a happy camper!)

However, after the ride I was whiped out and by the time dinner and speeches were over I couldn't barely move my legs. Usually people don't get sore until a day or two after their work out.... I was practically immobile after a few hours... it even woke me up during the night I was so sore and tired. So, after much debate and a need to get back quickly Sunday to teach Sunday school we opted to celebrate my lifetime achievement and leave the second day of riding to be a goal for next year. Drew and our friend Matt rode it in half the time it took me the previous day! It was great though and I am still very proud of my small achievement. It's funny that I was ashamed for not completing the 150 miles but then I got to work on Monday and was talking about weekend stuff with my co workers and they were amazed that I did 60 miles and have gone on and on about it all week...So that has helped me really realize that I can be proud and thankful for what I did do and look forward to an even bigger challenge next year if the Lord permits me to participate again!!

Speaking of jobs... I just got a new job and tomorrow I will have been there for a week. This is a lifetime achievement in many manys ways. First of all this is the first job that I have had that I actually liked . A girl at church works there and got me the job because she is leaving to be a volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico in a month! Its this little sandwich and coffee cafe in the LGE building downtown (a few blocks from my sweet hubby). The owners are SO fun and nice and the costumers are mostly regulars who like to chat and are always friendly. It's busy but it's the best job I've had. Also, I have worked my first ever 8 hour day!!! TA DA! I have never worked 5 8hour days in a week before this week and it is tiring but yet a small accomplishment for my life!! The closest I came to this was working at a summer camp where you are working all the time and none of the time! It's been really nice to see the Lord provide this extra income that we are able to save up for next semester's seminary!
So that's life in the Lewisi right now

On a more serious note, please pray for Drew's parents. His dad had a heartattack this past weekend while we were on the ride and it has taken every one by surprise. He had bronchitis and then suddently felt odd and eventually got diagnosed as a heartattack and immediately taken into surgery. He has to lay off work for a month to recover which is difficult since they own their own business... so please pray for his health and recovery. Also this is a huge deal for Susan, his wife, because she is not store owner, wife, nurse, mom and woman! I know her emotions are so strained right now and she could use the tender mercies of the family of God right now!!
Thank you to all of you who I know really will pray!