Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Will you pray with me?
Will you pray for me?

Some of you know about my weird nose issues. I'm definitely not proud of them. But in a nutshell, my sinuses just need to be replaced. In the past two months I have been on four rounds of antibiotics. The funny thing is, right before I started my first round I had learned a lot about antibiotics and decided I really didn't want to be on them again unless absolutely necessary. HA!
So, my ear-nose-and-throat doctor and I have become good friends and I have financed all of his children's Christmas presents I am pretty sure. Once an infection crept in, he has kept a close eye on me seeing if the pollyp disease would try and rear it's ugly self. So far I have been totally clear and just full of mucus... mmmm, this is my mom's only gross-out subject!
Yesterday I went in for a check up after a double round of antibiotics before leaving for the Christmas holiday. Plus, we had finally met our deductible and he wanted to do some of the more extensive check up stuff that costs more since it would be free! (See, he really is a nice guy...) I moseyed in and took my turn waiting for over an hour in the waiting room (that's why I usually go in the morning and not in the afternoon... they are always backed up!). I enjoyed reading magazines. Finally I went back and reported clear mucus and minor head pain... which is AMAZING compared to my usual report. She thought I was fine. Then in came the doctor....
Ears...check, fine
Eyes,.. check, fine
Throat.. check, fine
Outer nose/facial...check, fine
"looks good so far"
Nose... "OH MY GOSH, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!" ummm...?
My doctor then proceeded to rant a little about how could such a pretty little girl like me make such a nasty mess inside her nose and how oh how did that stuff withstand the antibiotics etc etc etc...
So he ordered the spray... have you ever been sprayed in your nose for a scope? Well, if not, you're lucky. It's SICK NASTY! They spray this stuff and it usually runs right past my nose and then proceeds down my throat where it burns and turns my whole mouth and throat numb despite my chugging my entire water bottle to prevent said numbing.
Then the doctor comes in with a two foot rubber thingy with a light on the end and proceeds to shove it up my nose. lovely, I know. Remember, my nose is not actually numb... just my throat.
"ooh, nooo, ugh...not good" (me thinking..."great")
"we need something else"
Then he proceeds to get a metal rod about 10 inches long with a light on the end and shove THAT up my nose. mmm, fun.
"ooh, no no no, ugh...gross" (me thinking... "great")
"Okay we need something else"
Next they come in with a 6 inch metal rod that has a sucker-thingy on the end. I'm just resigned to humiliation and grossness at this point.
I'll spare you the rest of the details but basically he determined that I still had an infection in both sides and that pollyps had returned and were growing in a very very precarious place. (great)
After all of this and him speaking most of the information into a recorder instead of to me he uttered the horrible word "surgery"
AGAIN... number 4
So, I began to get teary-eyed, which prompted him to pass me on to one of his assistants to book the xray and surgery. She is the one he always pushes the crying ones to. haha.
So, I am booked for surgery in January right before the start of the spring semester.

All of this is to give you a little laugh and a little motivation to pray.
I know that we worship a living God who works in the lives of his people in real ways. He is the Healer and Provider of all good things. I believe he can heal me of this but if that is not his will I believe he will provide for us as we struggle with what to do time and again with this stuff.
Please pray with boldness for healing and provision.
Though a nose is a very small part of the body it really effects a whole ton of things with my body. Though I look and feel completely fine my body is malfunctioning and needs a healing much more completely than anything my doctor or I can do.
Please pray.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let it snow, Let is snow, Let it snow!

I just want to paint you a couple of pictures....

One week ago:

There is a girl and she is sitting alone in a half finished room. There is no light coming in the window and both couch and table are covered in books, notes and notecards. The girl is quiet, tense, stressed, tired. The notecards keep coming, stacks upon stacks. The notes are jumbled and the pages of the books bent. Dust rests on the floor and grime on the tub. The oven is cold as well as the stove and the frigde...empty.


There is the same girl, sitting by a window in a crowded coffee shop. The computer buzzes as she types to friends and her chai latte warms her. Her purse is void of books or notecards. The floor in her home is swept and mopped, the shower cleaned and the fridge full and overflowing with baked goods. Her appearance is clear if not slightly confused, for she has no idea what to do with all her time without homework to do and books to read. She is glad.

This is me! I am done done done. I finished my Hebrew final on Thursday amidst major construction in the room next door (I want to personally thank Dr. Mohler or who ever is in charge for being so considerate of all the students and making sure that there was construction in EVERY building that finals were commencing. Thank you for sanctifying me that much more!! Thank you for making sure it was that much harder to pass Hebrew for many students and for all the times my mind blanked completely during a timed essay....I am a better person for it...maybe)
Okay okay, that's a little sassy... I'm sorry. But seriously! As if the over priced coffee wasn't enough! okay, I'll move on!

I do love seminary. Really and I do love and respect Dr. Mohler and all the seminary staff that has worked so hard to make Southern so outstanding but I don't appreciate the construction during finals.

Where was I.... oh yes, I'm DONE!!
Yesterday I did some holiday shopping and errand-running. Today I went to a Christmas party at the church and am cruising the web while my hubby works. It's snowing and I'm wearing a hot pink scarf and just received hot pink gloves to match! We are eating great food and watching Christmas movies with some of our favorite people tonight and the world just seems grand. I'm about to do a little more Christmas shopping and try to think of some more Christ-centered traditions for us this advent season!
This next week, though I am still working, will be filled with the giggles and screams of all my friends dear little ones that I will see, lots of baking and eating, sewing and knitting, reading (for pleasure!) and sleep! Soon my dear friend Joy will be in town with her beautiful red headed daughter and then my sweet sis and her bf(boy friend) will be here the next week and then we head home for the holidays!

Soon I hope to post all the house updates (tile in the kitchen!), some holiday recipes and catch you all up on life (Drew got a promotion of sorts!)

Happy Advent-season!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's snowing right now.

ps. I'm not dead, I'm just headed straight for finals.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas in the air...

We just got done sending our Christmas lists... then I saw this
check it out

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Years

**Note, this post might be very long or come in segments...

This is one of the last steps I took as Lindsey Thompson (minus the incredibly long isle).
Soon I would become Mrs. Lewis (the second... well, there's actually many more than that...)

I honestly can't say that this was the best day of my life. That is just such a big claim to make. The day after we got engaged was fantastic and a blur. The weeks before our wedding were full of family, friends and celebration (aka good food). We were blessed again and again and finally got to have time together after a long summer/engagement apart.
But it was one of the best days that began a series of best days....

These are some of my favorite pics (that I have) from the wedding weekend. (ps. if you have photos from my wedding please email them to me!)

Since our wedding day, which was fast and furious and terrifying and wonderful all at the same time, we have had too many "best" moments to count. Our first apartment. Seeing the trees change color in our new home city. Having the day off when the sun is warm and bright but the air crisp and having apples in season (you just have to know us). Finding a church where we have seen change and growth (in ourselves and others). Starting school. Finding jobs (not the best but necessary). Going to New Zealand!! Buying a house.

We're not there yet or done trying. We have a lot to learn and grow. We will need more grace from our Savior, Jesus, and from each other.
I pray the Lord would continue to grow our passion and love for one another and to join us in unity for many years to come.

ps. Updates later this weekend on what we are doing for our anniversary.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi again!

Well, I told you already... school has begun! I can't believe it's already about time for Fall Break!
We've had some interesting goings-on here in Kentucky. We actually got hit by Ike! Sunday Drew and I woke up to a more than breezy day. We ate breakfast and went for a walk and worked on the house. I had to be at church early b/c I was singing in the night services and when we got there it was locked and dark. No Power. We practiced in the dark and then when there was still no power they had to call both services off. So we went home. Little did we know that 80% of Louisville was out of power and many of the major roads were blocked with huge trees in the road. Our little house never lost power and we went on with life as usual.
We finally got our couches in and when a friend was helping Drew unload he asked me if I was excited school was cancelled for the whole week. WHAT?!?! I had no clue what he was talking about. Turns out, the Seminary lost power and had to cancel classes for the entire week!! WOO HOO! I thought I was care free. I thought of all the miles I would run and blogs I would write. But it turns out, I have quite a lot of homework when we don't have class and I've been working on it all week. But I have gotten a lot done, which is nice. Drew still had to work. And I did get a couple of runs in until last night when I bit the dust and messed up both hands, a knee and a hip...bummer. I tripped, caught myself and then slipped and landed with a thud. and cried.
Drew has a car sale this weekend and we are praying it goes well. With the economy down and stuff the erac sales have been less than hoped for. My cute little hubby set this one up and has been makin' cookies for those little credit unions all week to get people to come out. Isn't that cute?!? haha. He never touches the stove at our house. hmmmm.
Our community group is up and running and we are really blessed by all of the people in our group. I'm also blessed that now they can all have a comfy place to sit!!
Next weekend we are celebrating 2 years of wedded bliss! We are going to a bed and breakfast and then to a Shaker Village. I am sooo pumped, especially since it will be their apple festival that weekend. If you know the Lewisi, you know we LOVE apples. And... for those of you who also love apples and/or look to me for apple advice... HONEY CRISP apples are at Whole Foods as you read this post!!! Quit reading, go buy HONEY CRISPS!! They are THE BEST apples I have ever had. Crisp. Tart. Sweet and beautiful!! Pink Ladies are my year-round favorite but Honey Crisps are a treat b/c they are only around for a month or two and then gone. Get'em while you can!!
Okay... now for more pictures... not too much to report but we did get sprayed for bugs today (whew no roaches) and we are getting our air ducts cleaned in about a week (which is why the pictures of our couches show them still in the plastic... our air is SO dusty especially in the living room)

Friday, August 29, 2008


Sorry for the delay in posting but school has begun.
I am taking Hebrew, Theology of Worship and Hermeneutics. Plus working inbetween. I knew Hebrew was going to be tough and lots of work so I tried to pick other classes that would be interesting and maybe a little easier. Well, so far they have both been inspiring and enjoyable but I wouldn't say easy. They aren't super crazy about grades but have a lot of projects along the way, which might be a nice mix-up from the typical mid-term/exam layout. However, even after the first week I am having to run to keep up with things.
The same week school began, our community group also got back up and running. Yes, we met in our house and sat on kitchen chairs on the unfinished floor in the living room. It was sort of hilarious but worked out fine. Plus, almost every one in our group has been around here helping and so they weren't surprised or anything.
We are also taking another bible study of sorts at our church on Wednesday nights... so Tuesday-Thursday we never stop. If I can make it to Thursday night with no tears, I will be good until the following Tuesday. But that has yet to happen.
In good news, so far I'm doing well in Hebrew. It's like a puzzle with lots of rules and any one who knows me knows I am good with rules! Having legalistic tendencies has been something I've had to guard against in my faith but this is one area where so far I can let them rule! This must be the useful side of legalism. Like most things, it is helpful in one area and a total disaster in another. Once again God is calling us to be like himself, balanced.
I wouldn't let you down by not updating you on the house....
To be honest, I have to fight for joy about the house right now. It's coming along (as you will see) but some days I just want to throw up my hands with this hot and humid and messy place and go to a hotel for the rest of my days! The funny thing is, I'm struck with this discontent when we're getting the most things done...we are so close. It's obviously the enemy wearing on me and me letting down my guard. I don't deserve a house as nice as this or the ability to work on it and fix it up.... we all know the only thing I've really earned and I don't really want any part of that.
So, I fighting for joy, which I realized my Christian self cannot produce in my heart. It has to be a work of the Christ. An actual miracle occurring inside of me, changing the outside with the results. I have prayed more and more lately for this miracle in my heart at work and at home and I am seeing Him work and answer that prayer. Yesterday was my long day and it was a great day! He helped me through to victory in so many areas. It's just amazing that we start to think we can conjur up good thoughts and behaviors now that we are christians but the whole point of that faith is to say, I can't even do anything good but with Christ guiding and transforming my life there will be change in me.
Ok, tangent over... back to the house....
You can scroll down to see the "before" pictures to get the full effect.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On a Roll

Well, I was really on a roll for a while with the blog thing and now I have left you all wondering all this time.
I have been quite a busy girl, you must understand. I mean, did you see those pictures below?
Well just about every room looks dramatically different! Once we got carpet upstairs things just took off and by the end of next week I don't think we will recognize the place! (and that's a great thing)
I'll cut to the chase, here are the pics...

That top one is actually already outdated b/c we finally got curtains!!! They are two brown panels that match the pillows exactly!

In other news, my parents stopped by (from Texas) and blessed our socks off. They were such a help and more than anything a comfort. It's really not fun living in a place that's all torn up and that you are allergic to. It's also not fun to work all week... I know, we all have to so there's no reason to cry about it! But it was nice to have a reason to take a few days off and get some much needed house stuff done and get a pedicure!
Tomorrow Drew's parents come in to town and I am super excited about them as well. Knowing they were coming is the only thing that has kept me from crying too hard since my parents left. I've always been pretty independent but I was really bummed to see them go and even more bummed today when they weren't here to hang with and when I had to go to work!
Sheetrock and painting are next, stay tuned!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Chick Fil A

If you know me very well or have even been around me very often... there are a few things you will know about me pretty quickly.
1. I love pink
I'm not talking about just any ole shade of pink. No way! I'm talking about a dark bold pink. None of these pansy pastels for me! In fact I've gotten a few awesome compliments (whether they were intended as that I'm not sure) over my time in Kentucky
First, my friend Bethan bought an awesome pink shirt at Target (from the kids section too!) and when I saw it I had to suppress my jealousy. Then she told me that when her husband saw it he said, "That's a Lindsey shirt!" Well that right there is better than owning the shirt myself!!
Then the other day our friends the Ainsworths were helping us move in and when he saw my kitchenaid mixer (that says cranberry but is obviously hot pink) he said, this exact color is how he pictures me... well that's not exactly what he said but it had something to do with that color being my color! Too true, too true! Again, I was beaming with pride. haha
2. I love Chick Fil A
I do, I can't deny it. When my husband tell me he wants to treat his baby to a dinner out, I more often than not beg for Chick Fil A. It's a great deal for him because it's much cheaper than many of my other options. It was the perfect situation too because we lived across the street, aka, walking distance, from Chick Fil A. I always get the same thing.
Well, many of my friends (or so they call themselves) (jk), have scoffed at my love for this place and even laughed right into my face about it. Many of them do enjoy the treat but few truly appreciate it like they should.
Well, now all that is about to change... if you would all go here , and here you will be on your way to a better appreciation for this wonderful restaurant!
Plus, I could tell you a great story about my mom having two young kids crying for food at the mall and not enough money in her wallet to feed them and herself and the nice Christian manager giving her all the food she wanted for freeeeeee! She has been a loyal fan ever since and pasted it down to me as well!!
Oh and did I mention that there were at least 3 Chick Fil A restaurants ON my college CAMPUS?!?! So, if you had doubts about going to A&M... now you shouldn't.

Coming soon: more pictures from the house... but Drew stole the camera today and updates with the Fam!!! My rents are coming to town TOMORROW and leaving Wednesday and then Drew's arrive on FRIDAY (news to me today, how great!) and are staying the weekend!!!! WONDER of wonder miracle of miracles... name that tune!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Layout

Told you I didn't want to pack.


We are moving most of our stuff out of the apartment tomorrow.
The house is not packed up.
Do you think this will be a problem?
If not, what about the fact that the house we're putting it in isn't finished either? Problem?
Today I pretty much finished the bedroom! HURRAY! I just need to sand and mop the final coat of poly-going-to-kill-you-thane and the floors will be beautifully done!
We would have the middle floor done by now but sander after sander keeps breakin' down. So, when we finish sanding the edges I'll be all over that floor with stain, like white on rice... but it'll be dark brown.
The kitchen is as ready as it's going to be for a while b/c the floor in there is low priority and there's no need to get the island just yet b/c we have to have some where to put all these boxes!
The front room....well... yea. It's there.
No, we did clean up the floors and they need another sanding and then will be ready for stain also, but we aren't staining them until we get the drywall up and painted... oh yea... about that....
We are thinking now we will connect the two front rooms around the fireplace... more demo! hurray! wait.
No, we are going to get an estimate from some contractors and probably hire them to do the demo and drywall... or atleast the drywall. We could do it but since we are going to be moved in, it would be nice to have some one do it who could finish it in a day or two!
The upstairs is also pretty ready to go but needs a floor... we are also looking for a good deal on having carpet installed with very little luck.
So... that's all....pretty much done aye? hmm

What do I want for dinner?
Drew's in Lexington setting up for the sale tomorrow and I should be packing but no thanks.

There is no food in the apartment b/c it's all packed away for or at the house.
So I've been trying to figure out what sounds appealing since I never get to go out to eat by myself.
Chick Fil A has always been my default but it doesn't sound appealing right now... I might just eat grilled cheese and then give the puppy face to Drew to take me to ice cream when he gets home.
We haven't really had a minute together. And, Graeters (local awesome ice cream that is similar to Braums in Texas but has better ice cream...sorry) is making up FRESH PEACH these days... I'm hoping it will taste like the peach that we got as a family on vaca sometimes from that peach stand that had all things peachy including soft serve peach icecream... I was like 8 and I have never forgotten that awesome cone of peachness!!! (and I dont even really like ice cream that much... I'd much rather cake or brownies..) So far, I haven't found anything that compares. If this does, I'll have to take my parents when they come in town..... speaking of... THEY ARE COMING TO VISIT!!!!
It's going to be crazy, but I'm so glad they are coming!!
They'll be here just in time for my mom to help me deep clean, put in shelf paper (which she is amazingly good at and I royally stink at) and unpack!! Luckily for them, they aren't staying with us so they will not have to be faced with the craziness all the time. I'm hoping it will be a good time to relax for all of us since Drew and I have not stopped since we closed on this house. Seriously, I don't think we've had a whole conversation since then.... but he just called and agreed to ice cream without the puppy dog eyes... this is a very good sign.

So, grilled cheese and zucchini... here I come!! Oh and I am going to get busy so Drew thinks I've been productive this whole time... JUST KIDDING... I just told him the same thing.... but I do need to get a few boxes packed!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I need to start this post with some praise.
Praise the Lord that he has provided us with friends who have selflessly given lots and lots of time to help us on our house. We had a couple that spent pretty much just as much time as we did in the house this weekend and it blessed our socks off. We couldn't do this without these people. Not to mention the fact that we don't know what we're doing and many of these people are semi-experts on home repair and all that jazz. We even had some guys who came by during the DAY when they were off work to keep sanding the floors. WOW. I can't believe these people and how they have loved us. It can only be the Lord because all good things and all provision flow from him... and why else would these people damage their brain cells and lungs for us?!
Thanks to each and every person that has helped in the house, given us food and drink, encouraged and packed along side of us... and for all of you who are praying for us as well! It's being answered!
That said, here are some photos.... it's been a slow process but after a longggg weekend you will see the progress. It's definitely not where we wanted it to be by now, but we were unrealistic because we didn't know that the floors would have hundreds of miniature staples and nails the pull up, that the sander would break (though we didn't get charged for that day..whew), that stain took a day to dry, that the doors wouldn't fit, that the plumbing leaks and that all that debris would be that nasty and heavy to get rid of... you get the idea! (now you know why I started with PRAISE!!)

These (above) are the pictures of all that was accomplished by Friday: appliances, more painting, cleared out a lot of rubble and cleaning up in general

This is pretty much how it looks right now. All the floors are sanded down, the bedroom received its first coat of stain (not as dark as it looks), we finally got out 99% of the junk in the front room and installed the front door and the kitchen it painted!! Things are coming along!! Tonight I'm staying home to pack while Drew and his peeps finish up any more sanding, stain and install stuff.
It definitely won't be ready by Saturday when we begin to move in... or by the 31st when we will completely move in... but I am learning not to have expectations. Everything will get done in time and any inconvenience is very minor considering the living conditions many millions of people live in around the world every day. It's been hard for me mostly because I begin to feel overwhelmed or let down by all that needs to be done and I miss having Drew all to myself and taking walks and relaxing. We haven't really let ourselves relax except for those precious hours of sleep at night.
Speaking of which, blogging is way to relaxing... and I have things to put on Craigslist and messes to clean up before my friends get here to help me... they will think this place is bad enough even after I tidy up! haha, this has all been a very humbling experience and also the best blessing.
Thanks again every one who has helped (like handyman and jack-of-all-trades Chris pictured above) and prayed for us! We couldn't and can't do this with out you!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too Long

It's been too long my friends, too long.
Many a thing has happened since we last chatted and I am now here (thanks to an allergy attack that cancelled my morning run) to give you the update.

First of all I got a new job and then another and so now I'm working two jobs, which has really cut into my blogging time. With house renovations and a new semester of school, any extra cash is nice so I am working as the assistant I think I already told you about and I am filling in back at my old job at a cafe downtown. It's really not been too bad, especially since I already know the people and the ropes of the cafe and so even though it makes for a long day, it has been enjoyable.
We went to Duxbury, Massachusetts for the fourth of July where Drew's great aunt and her extended family live. It's just outside of Boston. Things you should know, she is 97 and you can be praying for her b/c she has a tumor in her jaw and is trying to regain strength at rehab to move back home. She lives in the house her parents built around 1900 right on an ocean inlet (is that a word?). It's an amazing place. She and her sister never married and travelled the world all their lives and so walking into their house is better than any antique mall I've ever been in.

Secondly, we closed on our house Tuesday!!! We have many many awesome friends who piled into the house that night and basically helped us destroy the inside of the house! haha. It really, literally, looked like a war-zone you see on CNN. In all the rooms they ripped out carpet and in the front room they also ripped out wood paneling, a dropped ceiling, and lots and lots of plaster (that we didn't know what there until face to face with it). They had the front door open and so much dust and junk was constantly billowing out of the door you couldn't even see in! The men that worked in here were black from head to toe, even though they wore masks. One friend in particular, Brandon, walked up to his wife, who was painting in the next room, and when she saw him she screamed and jumped! It was hilarious!!! These guys are so great and I am so thankful to them and for them because they diligently did the grosses job ever! (though I think many of them loved getting to destroy some one else's stuff! haha. Our other friend, Brian, has been telling us for weeks he is ready to tear down anything we will let him get his hands on! haha. All of us ladies (and some men) primed and painted the rooms. We got so much done in just the first day, it was amazing! Last night a lot of the same folks came out and helped us finish up the paint.... well, except in the front room... we are pretending it's not there until we know what to do with it... you'll see what I mean....
I thought about waiting and doing before, during and after pics all together, but that's too easy... you need to see it now I think so you can hold your breath with us to hope for great "after" pics in the weeks to come! This weekend we're sanding and re-staining floors....
Some of the pictures that follow may be upsetting/worrisome to certain parental units... look with caution! =)


during (at least we found the fireplace?!)