Tuesday, August 28, 2007

still naive...

SO the whole reason I update my allergy information is I found a really funny charlie brown comic saying something about him being allergic to girls. Well.... I uploaded it to my blog and THANKFULLY reread my blog before leaving and realized it was about something TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE!! This happens to me ALL THE TIME!! (But not as much as it has happened to Bethan... you should ask her!)...
So, sorry for the wealth of information without a picture!


I'm not sure if I posted earlier about my great allergy episode but here's a recap. I finally got allergy tested in hopes that allergy shots will prevent me from having sinus surgery a third time. I was really excited to see what I was really allergic to. They test you for a weak version of 36 different things, all of which I tested positive for almost immediately. Even the doctor was blown away.
Those of you who know me can rest assure I AM allergic to cats after all... on a scale of 1-10 in size and color the doctor rated me a 13 within the first 5 minutes of the 20 minute waiting period. I am also allergic to ragweed (who isn't... but did you know that mint, basil, oregano, rosemary and the like are brother, sister and cousin to the ragweed and can increase your symptoms?!) I'm allergic to every tree, grass and moss here in Kentucky along wiht roaches and animals and dust mites! CRAZY! I had so many severe allergies that they had to make two vials for my treatment instead of just one!
Well, last week I have my first go on the shots. They injected two shots into me of everything that I am allergic to. I didn't react immediately but since then I have had an allergy attack almost everyday of varying degrees! This is a major negative.
So I am on the 2-5yr recovery plan they say.
Atleast this all gives me new credibility for being deathly afraid of roaches! Can't you picture it?....

Me: AAAAHHHHH (blood curdling scream)
Drew: (from the other room) What?!
Me: A BUG... no... A ROACH!
Drew: (very matter of factly and calm) Kill it
Me: I can't, I'm ALLERGIC!!!
Drew: (plods down the hall and kills bug)....
Me: HURRAY, you are my hero and true champion!

sounds great to me!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking Off

The Lewisi are taking off, the race has begun, no turning back. Today Drew finally, officially started his new job in car sales. If you need to buy a gently used automobile, he is your guy! It's amazing how fast the job came up and Drew applied and got the job... yet not so amazing how many months it has taken for them to put him in the job. He has done such a great job keeping a good attitude while still at the rental office because he knew that this promotion was from God and not from him and thus that he'd get it in due time. And today was that day, HURRAY!! He got to sleep in until after 7!
I also got started with school today. I woke up bright (though it was dark) and early (before Drew actually) to get going to Systematic Theology I class with Dr. Russell Moore, VP of the school and Dean of Theology (as he introduced himself). Dr. Moore is a great man of God and I admire him a lot, and he never does anything half way. Many professors will look over the syllabus and give an overview and then what the heck, they'll let you leave early. Not Dr. Russell D. Moore, we stayed and he lectured the full three hours! But I am hear to say that it was a great way to spend three hours. I took at least 10 pages of notes and felt like I'd learned years of information in just those few hours. And tomorrow I get to do it all again with Church History bright and early followed by Greek Exegesis, which is eating my lunch already and I haven't even started!!
Yesterday I also got to sing for the first time in our church Praise Band. I have been intimidated by this group for months because of their skill and love for the Lord and it knocked my socks off to get to be a part of them this Sunday. I previously blogged about being a part of serving communion and how meaningful that was... well this blew me away even further. We did a light set of mostly redone hymns during the night service, which is the most packed service of all. It was such a blessing to hear all of these people, God's people, brothers and sisters singing their hearts out in unison to the One True God! When I finally put away my nerves and fear it gave me chill bumps all over. There were a few times where they stopped the music and sang the last verse accapella.... wow. I know churches do this all over the globe but to stand with voice and hands raises in unison with 500 other voices is just an experience I hope I never forget.
This Tuesday is also our first college community group at our house. We will be going over the sermon, which was Jesus in the garden of Gethsemene. I am pumped and humbled about this opportunity. This would definitely be something I would appreciate prayers about this week!!
We truly are feeling overwhelmed with all the blessings God in his grace has lavished on us all at once. He doesn't have to do these things but he does because he really is a loving God that delights in his children. Christ already drank the cup of wrath to the last drop and now, for those who believe, there is only more grace. Praise God. We are blessed to have spent a week with my family here in KY, to be able to work part time to go to school, for Drew's raise and how his new job will free us up in many areas of life and for all the people we have met here and connected with at our church. I didn't know if I'd ever see a body like my old Church in college station but I am blessed to say that the Lord has provided not only an awesome church but a community here as well.