Friday, August 28, 2009


I mentioned that now that I am at home more often, I am trying to enhance my craftiness. I still have a long way to go but I did make this little skirt for Stella with a friend the other day. I am excited to see it on her with some little brown leggings. The pattern called for elastic in the waist but neither of us had any so we just made a drawstring waist. It was really simple but a perfect way to decorate plain onesies.

Speaking of crafts, have I mentioned that the girls in my community group are SUPER crafty?! They are all so talented and artistic... I think it must have something to do with the fact that they are all elementary school teachers. Anyway... they threw Stella and me a wonderful baby shower and Stella received some more beautifully hand crafted things.

In baby news, Stella is getting close to 4lbs (or so they say) and is just about full length. We found out last week that she is also "head down", which is a great relief and a small step towards a hopefully smooth labor! Several of my friends, whom I have mentioned, who are pregnant, are getting closer to meeting their babies. One friend, (Bgirl) is 39 weeks and could pop at any moment! She if officially due next weekend, I CANT BELIEVE IT! Just this time last year she and I were both so uncertain when we would ever have babies of our own. Our other friend, who is due only 10 days or so before me actually already went into labor! Sunday she had crazy back pain and it turns out she was having contractions and dilating. They gave her meds to stop the contractions and she is now on bed rest for two weeks. It's definitely a bummer that she is on bed rest but after talking to her we agreed that it is also very exciting to know that if her baby came now, she would more than likely be perfectly healthy. It is exciting to think that we are all getting so close. By the time I get over all of their excitement it will be closer to time to celebrate my own excitement. In the meantime we have plenty to keep us busy around the house! We already shampooed the carpet upstairs and rearranged the furniture to make room for all the baby things. It looks and smells so much nicer up there already! It also helps me get the downstairs ready to have a place to put all our baby things.
So, we are moving right along.
My next project is decorating burp cloths and researching cloth diapers and vaccinations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another L

I found another L word that makes me so happy! the LIBRARY!
I think I might have mentioned that I am (was) totally scared of the Library. It's like going to half priced books but with a lot less friendliness. How do you pick a book out of thousands and thousands? I also have a weird memory of really mean librarians!
So, though I have had many people recommend different things to me from the library, I have never been able to brave the place alone. I hoped to go with a family with kids who could introduce me around the place... but I did mention that I hate to be a burden to other people?
Well, yesterday I decided it was all just too silly. I am a grown woman, about to be a mother and I needed to over come my fear of people and looking stupid. So I played and replayed scenarios in my head about what it would be like to go to the library by myself.. I know, I know, it sounds silly. I got online to make sure that I would have everything required to get a library card with out having to make repeat trips. I checked the map for the closest branch and made sure I knew their hours. Because of the mini flood we had a few weeks ago the main library, downtown, is closed and a lot of the systems are down from water damage.
Today I woke up and rehearsed my plan for attacking the Library. I had lunch with my lovely husband and told him my plan, which he fully supported (probably chuckling at my random fears). Then I went to Hobby Lobby (LOVE that place) and got a few items needed for my craft projects (the ones that I planned to do with the audio books I would get from the library!). I got just about every item I needed for 50% off! woo hoo.
Then I drove over to the library, parked and entered. Luckily, the front desk is right by the door but unluckily there was NO ONE around. I finally found a friendly plump woman behind a computer screen and asked her if she knew how to get a library card. She was actually from the downtown office and thus had no clue where to find the right papers. After asking a few other misplaced librarians some one was found who could give me the forms. I was prepared with all my documents but they only needed my ID (which she took even though it's still not an updated address) and had me fill out a small form with usual information. TADA! I am a library card holder! I went straight for the audio books and picked out "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. I have heard my older sister rave about this book time and time again and I think it might even be one of her favorites. It sounded interesting but I just hadn't gotten around to reading it. So, perfect, I am listening to it being read! It's told by the Biblical character of Dinah, Jacob's daughter and she begins by retelling the story of Jacob and his many wives, her mothers/aunts. While the story is definitely embellished quite a bit, it's still very interesting and follows the actual events from Genesis. I also picked up two movies. The great thing about Library movies is that they carry all the movies that I WISH blockbuster carried... and they are FREE for 7 days! I rented two classics, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Sense and Sensibility. I love that they have all the BBC classics and other old favorites... I am saving a few of my favorites for once early labor begins to keep me occupied. It will be so nice to have movies to watch in the evening when I am too tired to get out and Drew is working on the house or out with the guys... plus they aren't really movies he will miss if I watch them without him.
I had forgotten what a wonderful place the Library is. They have just about every book you might desire and you can check them out for almost a month at at time... and with the way I eat through books, that is more than enough time! Right now they don't have a lot of their books b/c of the flood and not having their system up and running to check things in.. but every one I spoke to was so kind and friendly and not a single one treated me like a moron for not knowing my way around or how to reserve a book. I walked over to the children's section and I was flooded by memories I forgot that I had. They had the old school American Girl books on display and I remember being so excited to check out the next one as soon as I finished the one I had. I remember our whole family going to the library on a Saturday in the fall and we each got to check out a book or two. Then we drove around with the windows down in the Suburban and went to a park to play. We played and read and played and read. I even remember what I was reading.... Turn Homeward Hannalee... I think I read that book a million times in elementary school... rotating it only with Sarah Plain and Tall as number one on my list. I can't wait for Stella to read those books too. They had so many brightly illustrated books and learning tools, it just made me smile and want to do little twirly dances around the room. It's such a happy place where imagination learns to grow... I can't believe I stayed away for so long! I am so thankful for parents that taught us to enjoy reading and I can't wait to begin reading to Stella and then hopefully one day see her form a curiosity of her own for stories.
In house news: Drew and our house-working hero, Paul are finishing up the work on the stairs tonight. All that should be left is calking and painting, which we are thinking of hiring a friend to do since I can't handle the fumes and Drew works so much! I keep teasing Paul that he will never talk to us again when this is done but I guess that really isn't the case since he is moving from about 2 miles away to one block away! Now we can just sit on his front porch when we need house help! haha just kidding!
I'll leave you with a picture of the stairs so far and my first finished craft thanks to my new audio book! (I know it's a little early for fall but I couldn't stand to make it and not hang it!) Tomorrow is going to be applique day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lately I have been having an aversion to blogging. I have actually been having an aversion to a lot of things lately. I think it has something to do with cooped-up-in-the-house syndrome.
I'll just be honest here, we all know that life is not happy-go-lucky all the time, though I try to make my posts as upbeat as possible. No, I am not depressed nor do I need to be pitied. But I am going to be honest.
Not working is not necessarily all that it's cracked up to be. Well, that could be a lie... I really didn't like working at most of the jobs I had in the past. However, I always had school. I am not a good self learner... I like to have a syllabus and requirements that will motivate me to do the work (yes the legalist in me still slips out). I get bored reading non fiction books when they are not for a specific purpose or goal. For instance, I have gobbled up any birth, nursing, baby book that has touched my fingertips because I know that there is a purpose in that. When I was in class, whatever was assigned to me was for a purpose.. the purpose of doing well in the class and understanding the material being taught. I really enjoy learning and I am just starting to realize how much I miss it. And I've been really lacking on good fiction. So, I've found myself missing school and studying and being busy.
Lately I have felt very isolated and lonely because all of my friends work or have lots of kids to keep them busy while I do not. I would love to deep clean my house but the presence of every type of saw, drill and compressor through out my living room and dining room creates sort of a problem in the cleaning area. I can't lift heavy things to rearrange the chaos and thus I am just stuck in the world of messy house and over active brain. I can keep myself busy with exercising and cooking and minor cleaning for most of the day, most days a week but then there are afternoons where it seems like Drew will never be home (which is especially painful since he works 10 hour days or more). I do not want to be lazy (or a complainer for that matter) but things I used to do to stay busy (watch other people's kids, hang out with other moms) seem a lot harder. It's harder for me to baby sit because I am afraid I will fall asleep while watching the kids... haha... but really, I can sleep at the drop of a hat these days and I can't lift heavier children all that well any more (learned that the hard way in the church nursery). Then there is also the intimidation factor. I hate feeling like I am always asking people if I can come over or hang out... some times my insecurities just get the better of me and I dread always being the initiator and bugging people too much. And we don't have TV and no good movies are out for rent... so I'm a little stuck sometimes about what to do with myself!
So, there it is... why I haven't felt like blogging... because none of that is very fun to type or to read.
On a brighter note though, I have been digging my heals in with the Lord. I want to deal with these feelings now because more than likely I will feel them when I have a little baby to care for too. I have been taking my time in the Word, instead of just reading through and asking myself questions about the text and it has made the Word so much richer to me these last few days. I'm also learning more about sin. I have always felt like unwanted feelings were sinful but I am learning that just isn't true. I am learning that it's okay to be sad or hurt or even frustrated... but it's what you do with those feelings that can turn into sin. So I've been taking a deeper look at myself and trying to realize when I am sinning and when I am just feeling. I'm also learning how to be more selfless in the midst of these feelings and trying to consider others (especially my amazing and hard working husband) first... which might look like not always venting my feelings on them or seeking others thoughts and feelings before dishing out my own. So, I think the Lord is gracious and teaching me so many things even though I don't necessarily enjoy the season.
Another plus, I have officially less than 2 months until my due date! HURRAY! Well, half hurray. I really like being pregnant (but can't wait to meet Stella too). I like that when I am out exercising that people who never would make eye contact with me before now ask me how I am doing and tell me they are proud of me and that my hard work will pay off etc... just today I was walking with another mom and a lady passed us and said, "look at you two, way to go". I love it. I always try to smile and say hello, especially to the regulars at my park, but not until I started to pop out did they ever return any sign of life.
I also love that I have been virtually allergy free for the last 7 months! Praise the Lord for his blessings on me in that area!!!! I also love seeing my belly move and jump when I am sitting perfectly still and not doing anything to promote any movement.. it's such a miracle and it still makes me laugh out loud. Stella is getting so big now that I can usually find her body parts just by feeling around on my stomach. She is a very active little baby so far. I can't believe there is really a little human baby in there!
However, I am looking forward to joining the motherhood club and having new insights and struggles to share with a whole new group of women that I have never been able to completely connect with before. I am looking forward to growing as a woman and experiencing the Lord is deeper ways. I am also looking forward to sleeping on my back or stomach and not having to go to the bathroom every hour.
I really can't believe that we have come this far. I still remember being 8 weeks and thinking I would NEVER make it until 30 weeks, it seemed like an eternity. Here I am in week 32.
Speaking of me, (as though that's not what this has all been about)... here's a picture. This picture is actually a week or so old, but I haven't been growing by drastic leaps and bounds this week so it'll have to do until I get more uploaded.
Thanks for reading if you made it this far, this was a long one!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The L-Word

I have a fondness for the letter "L".
First of all, my initials are "LL". I remember in second grade we were learning cursive (which they don't do any more) and most of the kids in my class could already write their names in cursive based on the letters we had learned so far. Well, we still hadn't learned the capital "L". So, one day the teacher (Ms. Bourland sp?), who took to calling me George for some reason that I understood and thought was hilarious at the time, called me to her desk and taught me alone how to write the capital "L" in cursive. I remember I felt so special. Too bad I now sign my name in cursive all lower case. But that's beside the point. She also kept skittles in her candy jar and we got one when we were being good... who knew ONE skittle could ever entice a person to do anything... I am pretty sure now it would be against the law to give a child an unwrapped skittle, especially in response to any thing behavior related... such a shame... but I digress.
So, during pregnancy there have been some major L-words coming into play.

The first L-word is "lemonade". I cannot get enough of this stuff. In the first and third trimester this drink has been like liquid gold for me. I think it's because I am trying to stay away from too many sodas during pregnancy but sometimes you need something more than water (no matter what my husband thinks... he's the exception)... also lemonade has that wonderful tartness that for some reason I have craved through out pregnancy. I once went to one of those candy stores in the mall and only bought sour items (most of them cherry).... I would never have done this 8 months ago. I am however, picky about my lemonade... I know you are all surprised. I cannot stand the stuff that comes out of a fountain drink machine... no HiC, no minute maid or koolaid. My current favorite is Chick Fil A, but though I do loyally love that establishment.. their lemonade is WAY over priced! Crystal Light pink lemonade is also delicious but full of artificial sweeteners, which is a downer.

The next L-word is "lunges". I know, this is a strange word. Yes, I am referring to the exercise where you put one leg in front of the other and squat down on the back leg. I love this exercise! At the beginning of my pregnancy I decided I would not let my lower body parts get out of whack just because my middle parts were getting larger so I began walking and doing lunges on a regular basis. My lower regions tend to be the area I hold my donuts so this was no easy task! However, after many painful experiences I am to the point of doing my lunges almost daily and with out the pain days after... and there is a noticeable difference.. hurray! Today as I was doing my lunges, which are still painful in the moment, I actually had the thought, "I love lunges" and I knew I was crazy.

So, there you have some of my favorite L-words in pregnancy. Some that I am looking forward to are "laying on my back" and not feeling so "lazy" and "lethargic"... but I think those will all be more easily enjoyed after pregnancy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did I mention...

All of my friends are pregnant?! Now I have proof.
This is only a small handful of the women who are pregnant and due within a month of each other at our church. We were honoring B&B (grey dress) with a couples shower and decided it was necessary to capture all the preggo women.. I think one or two had already left too! We even unintentionally got in order from furthest along (left to right). The first few are due late August/early September and then me in October and then little Peek mama not due until January or February. I could seriously name you about 5 or more ladies off the top of my head that are due in September or October. Our church knows how to make babies!

Plus this is a great picture to show every one that I indeed look very pregnant
or in the charming words of my x-boss today "like your about to pop". haha The good news is, I don't feel like I'm about to pop and I'm not even getting too anxious yet (especially with all we need to get done first!) so we are hopefully in for another smooth 8-10 weeks!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Few More Introductions

Stella has received so many sweet gifts, and it was my goal to highlight one every so often on the blog. Well, our house in under construction and thus baby things are shoved here and there and covered in dust (from dry wall mud).
However, I managed to dig out a couple of special things you should see!
First, Drew's Mom (not sure of her gma name yet, though I personally like lulu) made Stella a special blanket. Drew was attached to a hand knitted/croched blanket that was given to him when he was little. He called it his "bobby". Apparently it was hard to keep little Drew happy in the car or any where with out said bobby. Thus, the friend made a smaller version to be a little more car friendly.

So, now Stella has her own bobby, complete with a mini version in advance! And there will be no doubt about whether this child is a girl or not when she is toting this blanket!

Second, I have some wonderfully crafty friends. I however, am not so crafty. I have lots and lots of great ideas that pop into my head and usually no clue how to carry them out. When I do work on something crafty I usually have to be rescued out of the mistakes I make by a crafty friend. So, I have been spending some quality time with these crafty gals and have made some wall art for Stella's room and today I made a nursing cape! A couple of my girl friends and I went to this cute quilt shop and picked out some fun fabrics and today we spent the whole afternoon sewing them into nursing capes/aprons. A lot of ladies have these aprons at our church and they are so useful for when you have to nurse in public or semi-public (which is very very common around these parts). We had so much fun laughing at each other's mistakes and brainstorming a pattern when details were forgotten and well... eating (that's what happens when you have two ladies in their third trimester and a nursing mama!).
So here is my finished product! I am pretty pleased.

We are still interviewing doulas (natural birth helper) but hope to have our choice by the end of the week. We really liked the one we met last night but she is also the most expensive one we have interviewed (before you comment on my expensive taste... Drew picked her as his favorite first). I can't believe that we are counting down 10 weeks now!