Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've officially topped my record for most snow experienced. It snowed around 6 inches Monday! We were basically snowed in on Tuesday!!!! It was great. Monday night we went and played in the snow! There is this cement area for no apparent reason in our courtyard thingy and so we pretended to be figureskaters to the entertainment of every one else who's living rooms face the courtyard! I ran, I jumped, I loved the snow!
We had a great day Tuesday together and did end up getting out despite the messy roads and stuff. Today was the interesting day though. We had to go back to work and school and it rained all day/night and refroze. So there was still 6 inches or so of snow on everything and those cars (like mine) that hadn't been cleaned the day before had about 3 inches of ICE stuck on their car. Drew spent many a minute trying to scrape my car this morning to no avail and I couldn't even open my door b/c it was sealed with an inch of ice all over! It was crazy. The worst part is, it was still snowing hard and the ground was sooo icy and slippery that I kept feeling like I was going to fall while scraping. Snow is not as fun without a snow day! But it is still beautiful! Many parks and fields are still covered in white and trees still have icecycles and snow on all their branches. Rooftops are thick white and there are piles of snow everywhere that has been plowed. It's a winterwonderland! What a great Valentine's present from God to me. I've been asking for a big snow for over a year now!
Speaking of God and weather I was reminded on a radio program about how a lot of our weather is because the earth is groaning for the day when it and we will be renewed and made perfect again. With a lot of prego friends I know a little more about groaning in birth pangs than ever before... and I can see the similarity with our weather and those pains. However, our good God has taken this fallen thing (bad weather) and still made it beautiful... suck as snow. There is very little else that captivates me like big cottonball snowflakes falling in front of a background of ice-gray sky with the stark trees in the background. When everything is white and quiet it is really breathtaking. It reminds me that though we sin and live in a very fallen world, that God is still using things for good and blesses us even when we don't deserve it. Creation still cries out the goodness of God... his divine nature and eternal power (Romans 1).

Monday, February 11, 2008


This weekend I received an unexpected and delightful present. It didn't come wrapped in a package or tissue paper but straight from the back room of Quest. It is beautiful. It is complex. It is hardcore. (kind of like me...ha...ha...ha!)

Drew has been searching for me the perfect backpack (no, not like take your backpack and lunch box to school... but like.. I am going out into the wilderness for days with only this pack on my back!) for months and months. I went from knowing zero about packs to knowing a pretty decent amount. I have tried them on. I have researched them online. I have read backpacker magazine and compared.
Then it happened.
Well the back story is we almost bought a Gregory pack, which is a super nice pack but didn't have as much space per weight as Drew wanted for me. He is hardcore so I just go along! (plus it wasn't that pretty...) We were looking at the basic brands REI (we are loyal to them most of the time for gear) carried and then after looking at a backpacker magazine all about packs I started looking at this other brand...and prettier brand. It just so happens (I think this is how it went down... Drew might have looked it up first and then the magazine etc etc) that this is the exact brand Drew's pack is! So then he started looking at the packs in this brand. They are really nifty with front pockets and a top pocket (this is helpful) and they are mostly really pretty! yay! They even had one that was almost pink... but it was too small. We were undecided b/c they cost a little bit more and REI didn't carry them, thus no change of clearance!
So, Saturday Drew was very gracious to me and took me out to the Summit (outdoors shopping center across town) because they have the only DSW in the area and I needed some new black flats (my favorites being two years old from payless and while still comfy and cute, useless for the foot!). I also never make purchases alone unless I am really sold on a item so I knew going alone would be useless. So we finally...finally picked out a cute pair and were off to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which is also at the Summit. Then, alas, the factory was gone. The one time I actually went to purchase some guilty pleasure and it had just vanished. No champagne truffle for me. I was bummed... but since we were at the Summit we decided to go into Quest... which is a very pricey but cool outdoorsy store... and the sign out front read CLEARANCE! perfect.
We went in and found this SUPER COOl coat and lots of fun other clothes for other fun activities that we didn't need. Don't worry we didn't purchase them. We did find Drew a nifty water-proof (not resistant like those bag thingies) rain jacket that he has been wanting (maybe needing... but probably not) for a while. Then we went to look at shoes, mostly ugly and packs. We had looked here already before while researching but hadn't noticed the brand we now were looking for b/c we weren't looking for it before. haha. There is was! They carried it!
I found a REALLY PRETTY ONE (pictured above) and we wanted to try it on since it was the right weight/space ratio for me. TOO BIG. Well the guy walks into the back to find the smaller size. The downside of this pack was that it wasn't women's specific like we had been looking for, which shifts the weight slightly in some areas. Not a huge deal but not ideal either. The guy comes out with the smaller size and it just happened to be a men's pack that had been customized to fit a woman! (that's the non-technical way of saying it). HURRAY.
So I tried it on and liked it just as much as the other packs (it helped that it was really pretty and nifty). Then to my utter shock and surprise Drew bought it for me! After all our searching my pack was found. It was a pretty penny but we still had birthday and Christmas money that never got spent, so it's okay. I wanted to wear the pack around our next stop (Barnes and Noble) but Drew didn't think it was a good idea. So I wore it as soon as we got home instead. We also got a backpacker salt and pepper shaker thingy! Isn't my hubby wonderful?!
The whole reason we are going through all of this is because we want to be in God's creation more. We want to rejoice in God's splendor that He has graciously given us and experience it hands on! We are young and yet we live in a pretty mundane schedule most of the time... with a lot of our time going to school and work. Drew already has all the gear for camping and so he has had to catch me up on a few things (sleeping bag and backpack mainly) and off we go! As soon as it warms up a little we are hitting the trail with our backpacks on and granola in hand!! It's so fun because this is also an area where I learn to submit and trust my husband. If you know me from the past, I am not really the athletic or outdoorsy type. Since being married to Drew I have biked 60+ miles in one day, started running, gone hiking, gone rock climbing and now camping! I don't know anything about anything and so he teaches me and guides me all along the way and it is such a joy for me to follow him and a joy for him to teach me and lead me. It's neat.
We also might be embarking with our packs on a little longer of an adventure an ocean or two away. hmmmm more to come!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picnics and Popsicles

Growing up in Texas, I was under the impression that Texas is the only state that can begin with warm rain have a beautiful sunny day at lunch and end with snow. That is just not so. I've experienced more weird weather here in Kentucky than I ever did in Texas. Though Texas did have some strange weather it is usually hot or warm and muggy (well atleast in that college town!!). I am weird, though I don't like frozen toes... I do love cold weather. I especially love brisk sunny days because it is easier to be cheerful on those days. On those days I feel totally myself with a book, cup of hot constant comment green tea and a blanket (and a husband). I love hot drinks but I just cannot stand to drink them when it's hot outside. So by the time it gets around to fall I am dying for some hot tea! I hate being hot. I do love spring and summer though... that's why I don't say cold weather is my favorite... I just love it. Because I also totally love spring, even though I always get a sinus infection. I love having a folding chair and blankets in my car at all times so that I can go to the park and do my homework while drinking lemonade vitamin water (which I love and am drinking right now!). Okay back to the story.... yesterday it was 60 degrees and cloudy... then it rained and STORMED big time and then 30 minutes later it was bright and sunny with a nip in the wind and then by the time Drew came home from work it was sleeting... weird! but I like it.
Today we are also debuting (I think that's how you spell it) a new friend......

This is Matt and Lauren. Matt was one of the first people that we met at our awesome church. He and Drew hit it off istantly talking about bikes. Little did they know that in the not too distant future they would bike 800 miles together around the state! We also liked him b/c his girlfriend at the time, who we didn't meet until later, was from TEXAS....and our town also! She and Drew also worked at the same summer camp and had a lot of the same friends though they had never met. She and I took a class together and we all really hit it off. We were given a starbucks giftcard from a friend at the wedding and told to spend it making new friends....we spent it on them. They were our first our-age-friends to hang out with in Kentucky. We left and I said, "That was fun, I like them" and every time we would hang out with new people I always said this and now it's a staple. Any time we leave friends or they leave us we say "That was fun, we like them!" We obviously haven't met any people we didn't liked...seriously. We also shared a hotel with these two on New Years before they were married. We used to discuss who we would be friends with if they broke up, so we were very relieved when they decided instead to get married! We even biked with them on the day he proposed!!! They introduced us to our favorite restaurant, Cafe LuLu and to many friends at our church. She encouraged me to audition for the praise team and we worked two jobs together. We miss these guys a lot lately because of work, but we are hanging out THIS WEEKEND!!! YAY! We love you guys and we love seeing Christ in you and seeing your marriage grow!

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Friends

One of our newest friends from church are Brian and Christina. We actually met these two peeps in the welcome/share the peace part of our church. They were on the third row and we were on the fourth. They seemed super nice and soon after we met them for coffee at Heine Brothers. We did the typical guy/girl thing and ended up having two seperate conversations. I didn't really get to know Christina well b/c she had a friend with her who was much more talkative... but since then we have shared chicken and dumplings, bbq, tacos, chilis, college retreat and log cabin! I have especially enjoyed getting to know Christina more and more and to see some one like Brian (I have no idea how he spells it!) really seek Drew out on occassion to hang out! They came along for my birthday surprise and they both did an excellent job keeping the secret when we had dinner the very night before! "are you doing anything fun for your birthday?" haha very funny! Anyways, we love you guys and we hope to see you soon and have you back to our place... it's been a while! We have enjoyed seeing God grow your marriage and each of your lives as you become more and more transformed by the gospel in life and ministry!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friends continued....

Today I want to highlight some of our first friends. I don't even have a picture of the lovely wife or their new baby girl! But I can show you dad and Reid! This was Reid's first apple I'm pretty sure... I gave it to him at a church festival and he thought it tasted really good! Joy and Daniel were some of the very first real friends we had in Louisville. They came and ate tortilla soup at our house as our first guests our own age. They hosted us as well. Joy was so great to have me in her home on a daily basis when I was home alone while Drew worked the first few months of our life here. She has always been such a great friend to hang out with and especially to eat Chick Fil A with! I can always count on her to support my cravings! Her son was my first fake nephew and she honored me with the title "Aunt Lindsey", which I am pretty proud of. I am now Aunt to both of her children along with many other people from our church! Daniel has also been a great friend to Drew. We used to be in community group together but now we try to catch them inbetween baby naps and bed times. This couple is such a great example of God's love and of what a godly family should look like. I honestly never thought I'd be ready to have kids until Joy let me tag along with her and get some baby practice in. She makes motherhood look easy, and young and skinny! haha. We love you guys and nothing we could say on this blog (though I am pretty sure you don't even know we have one) would really speak our appreciation for your friendship! We are glad you are staying another year!

Friday, February 1, 2008


"And they devoted themselves to the apostes' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all , as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved." Acts 2:42-27

A Pastor told Drew and I early in our marriage that one of the hardest transitions in marriage and adulthood is friends. Making friends is hard. It is especially hard when each of those friends has a different job with different house, a wife/husband who needs love and time and possibly even children who have certain bed times and needs. Each person might be involved in different church and extra-curricular activities. And we all need sleep.
In college we didn't seem to need as much sleep and our schedules were so much more flexible. There were hours through out the day for fellowship and most nights were as good as any Saturday night to hang out and fellowship, if even over coffee and books. Most college students are involved in the same or similar ministries where they see each other frequently. Most college students are also only responsible for themselves and not another person's schedule to consider, like a spouse.
We love marriage. We would not trade it for such a flexible schedule. We love Louisville and God has blessed us with some amazing friends. We have truly experienced the heart behind giving to any as they had need. We live among mostly lower income newly weds and yet when one or another is in trouble we have seen the most generous and sacrificial giving of time and money to help. It is awe-some. We have broken bread with many couples and have even come to a place with many that a clean house is not necessary nor a fancy meal to enjoy time together.
However, as school picks up and jobs are lost or gained, it becomes hard to meet with people. We truly desire our home to be a place where its doors are open to all to come and eat and fellowship with us. I want to be able to cook a meal for guests at the last minute and not have to plan weeks in advance to get together. We have come close to this with some and yet it seems so distant and impossible. We cannot reach this task alone. Others have to be willing to embark on this journey of vulnerability and sharing. We also realize that this open door policy cannot simply be for those like us or that we like... but for all people in need and who love the Lord or need to know about him. We truly desire this. I dont think friendships can replace the longing in our hearts for God and for restoration but I think that God did put a place in our hearts for friendships and community. The purpose of all this sharing and community is to praise and glorify God and thank him for all things.
So... in honor of all the great friends that God has given us and who we long to live in/continue to live in godly fellowship with...I want to introduce and honor our friends. (I will try to be exhaustive over the next weeks and months but if I don't include you, it's probably only b/c I don't have your picture... and we will stick to Louisville friends for now... but other people will be added.) This should keep this blog hoppin for a few weeks at least.
Our first couple to introduce is Brandon and Bethan

Bethan and I went to school and church together and yet only knew each other briefly over a row of class seats or in borrowing a cup of sugar on Carnation St. or in passing and mutual friends. Briefly after we moved in we discovered they were also moving to Louisville and I sent them information about our cheap apartments. They ended up moving in and living right behind us... a 1 minute walk away. I have never had close neighbor friends!! From the first time they came over and enjoyed Lewis Lattes we were friends. Brandon and Drew got along great from the start and have a very similar sense of humor and yet a deep love for God. We have shared many cups of coffee, meals and laundry facilities!! We drove to work together and attend the same church. We are sad to say they are moving across town now due to their debacle of an apartment (sorry!) and we are just as sad as if they were moving states away. We love these two and appreciate their unique personalities, their depth and character and sense of humor. I appreciate that Bethan is always pursuing godliness as a wife and woman. She is quick to submit to Brandon and is a diligent worker in her home and outside her home. She is always a joy and a friend you can rely on to talk about deep things, with out getting weirded out. She is hilarious and I am so thankful for her friendship! This is not a eulogy or whatever like a funeral, but you are fresh on our minds since you are moving today, so you get to be first. We are thankful for you guys!