Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, I don't even really want to continue to post belly pictures any more... 1. because I am getting significantly larger every day and 2. because my baby doesn't look like the cute round basketball you see on billboards... she is a lot weirder shaped than I expected... and lopsided. Oh well, I guess once you start you have to finish. Plus, I remember longing for more shots of my pregnant friend and it never crossed my mind that they could be anything but adorable... so hopefully you feel the same.
Today completes 29 weeks, which means I am in my 30Th week starting tomorrow. So, I thought it would be fun to see what I looked like at week 15 compared to week 30...

So funny that I actually wanted to show more at 15 weeks and thought that I was in this picture! I had no idea what my body was capable of!!

And I know that if I feel big now, in 10 more weeks I'll be laughing at myself again.

I have to admit, being pregnant has been a huge blessing in my life. Sure, it's expensive and there are some crazy things that go on emotionally and physically... but over all I have been extremely blessed.
First and foremost just the thought of our Creator giving us such a prominent roll in his creating business is amazing to me. That God took so much joy in creating man and yet he allows us "men", who do not give him the honor due his name and do not recognize his glory, to share in that joy and to be a huge part of the process is such a blessing! If you or I were God we would probably not be willing to part with such a pleasure, with such a huge role and yet he does.... and men think they have control and have it all figured out but through this whole event it has become even more clear to me how much I am not in control and how wonderful are the works of His hands and how unsearchable His ways!
Also, God has given me the most amazing gift in my husband. I have a husband who encourages me to rest, listens to all my thoughts and feelings and wipes away my tears. He is a man that takes care of me and loves me unconditionally, even at my worst. He has provided for me through hard work with little to no glory. This same man who works so hard also is renovating our house and constantly trying to provide a home for his family that is pleasant to live in. I cannot say enough amazing things about Drew. I am thankful for him beyond words and cannot even begin to describe the love I feel for him on a daily basis. Stella is going to be one lucky girl, that is with out a doubt.
On a much smaller scale, I have also been tremendously blessed to not have to struggle much with allergies. We have taken a lot of preventative measures but for the first time in over 4 years I am on ZERO prescription medications for my allergies! It is a miracle to be able to make it this many months with out antibiotics or surgery... much less to make it while pregnant, when every one thought it wasn't possible!
I have also experienced very little pain through out this process and found out today that all of my blood work came back with outstanding results. My blood sugar and blood levels are both excellent and so far my blood pressure has stayed under control. My weight... well, what woman wants to talk about that? But I can say that I feel so blessed to have been able to work out for my entire pregnancy up until this point. I am getting slower but still capable of enjoying a good sweat and getting some great vitamin D time.
We also have so many wonderful friends and family members that have loved on us, been generous to us and helped us a great deal! We have an amazing church family that has led the way in raising children in a God-glorifying way and they work very hard to equip us to be godly parents and have a godly marriage and witness to our community. We could not be more thankful for them!
So... despite any small hiccups with cribs or minor aches and pains... I am so thankful for the blessing of being pregnant and the responsibility entrusted to us to be parents. God has been more than kind to us during this time and we are so thankful that not only did he redeem us from our debts of sin but that he continually lavishes us with amazingly good gifts in this life!

Popular Demand

I had a friend request that since my wife and some mutual friends are so good at blogging these days, I should join in, to keep everyone updated and all that. Well, here is my update... Read what Lindsey has to say. It is much more interesting than the world of used cars (News Flash: Cash for Clunkers has been suspended!), plus info about Stella is the biggest news I have right now anyway.
Let me know if you want to buy a used car in Kentucky and if I need to blog about it.
Seriously, I might one day resume posting blogs but for now I wouldn't count on it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Unfair

I have a problem with "unfair". I don't think people told me enough when I was young, "life's not fair" or at least, it never sank in. I have always had a problem with things being unfair. I remember vividly times when I had to do something because of something bad one of my sisters did and it would send me into an internal rage. This is so silly, and I don't in any way blame my parents... families work together and thus siblings end up pulling each other's weight sometimes... but when I was little I did not see this as clearly.
I remember again in school how unfair things were. Teacher's kids getting picked for scholarships and honors and on and on I could go about unfair.
Most recently in my walk with God he has been chiseling away at this area. With the help of my gentle and loving husband I am reminded that life was never really meant to be fair... at least not after the fall. Instead of fair, it's God's plan... he works through the lowly and cast off people of society and saves sinners despite their hardness towards himself. It was not fair for God to call me out of darkness, that's not at all what I deserve... God refines his children though blessing and hardship and is constantly working all things to his glory and knitting together THE plan... so I am getting there... slowly...
But today I had a major set back... I find myself wanting to stomp my feet and bang my fists and scowl and say "THAT'S NOT FAIR!". Today I got an email from the lady we were supposed to be buying the crib from. We were to pick it up tomorrow morning... it was practically ours already! Well she emailed me today that her circumstances have changed and she is sorry but she can't sell us the crib.. WHAT? I just talked to her a day or two ago to set up the pick up time... it's just not fair. I know it's so trivial and silly... but I find myself mumbling "unfair" again.
However, in the back of my head the more rational me is telling me to "stop", "chill", "it will be okay". I know that God has provided all of our needs and will continue to do so and for Stella. I know that there are people all over the world with sick and dying babies who would laugh in my face for such trivial cares... I am sure they know a little more about unfair. I know that cribs aren't even necessary.
So, I am breathing... going to clean house and bake some sort of blueberry goodness and then craft with some friends... and try to silence the voice in my head chanting "unfair".
Don't get me wrong... I seriously know I am blessed... that's why this is all so complex and annoying when it creeps in again!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Very Special Introduction

Now that we're all friends, it's probably time for you to meet a very special person in my life. This person has shared my bed, ran around with no cloths on and been through many many trials with me. Her name is Blue Baby.
That's right, I was a very creative child and named my favorite doll in the blue dress... blue baby. I can't even look at her and think of another name that would be suitable. The story goes that whenever I got a doll, and it was true for blue baby, I always took their cloths off right away. When asked why I simply stated that they were more comfortable that way. I don't think we knew where Blue Baby's blue dress was for a long time and then suddenly it appeared and by then I was old enough to be a little more gentle with her and so we sewed it back on.
Well, while I was home for all the baby shower greatness I picked up a few childhood memories to bring home to Louisville for Stella Jane. Blue baby, even with her dirty face and dress (which is in the wash as I type), my very special pink blanket (the only pink thing I think I liked until college) and a very beautiful white shelf that my grandfather gave to me in late elementary to hold all my antique dishes. All of these things made their way with us back to Louisville and will be having a big debut in the upstairs room awaiting their new owner/tormentor... Stella. I'm not usually super sentimental but there is something really sweet about being able to give these treasures to my own daughter.
I can't even believe I can type that... I can't really believe that there is a baby, about the size of, if not bigger than, blue baby in me right now... blinking and sucking and moving around. It's just weird to see a newborn and think that we will have one of those and our lives will forever change. It's weird because I can't know what it's like until I am there. I have a wonderful mentor, a wonderful family full of mothers, lots of books and a great birthing class and yet I cannot fully grasp what labor will be like, because I've never experienced anything like it. I can't have any idea what it will be like to hold my own child, the perfect product of Drew and my union. I can't conceive that this person is a little of him and me and that she is unlike any other person on the face of the earth. I don't know how she will affect me and my marriage... I just can't know any of these things until she is here and we begin the journey. It's so weird to do all this planning and preparing and yet to know, I have no clue!
So without further ado.... meet Blue Baby

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shower Power

Well, I don't really have time for a full length update because there is so much to tell... I am sure you are all relieved since we have seen what a "short" post looks like before... what might a long one be?!
A friend of mine drove down to Texas with me Friday and the fun didn't stop until midnight Sunday night! Two showers, lots of family and friends and lots of food... that about sums it all up. Well, for now.
So far I only have pictures from the first shower, my family and friends (as in not the in-laws). It was SO adorable and the hostess was definitely the hostess with the mostess! She had all of these outfits and burp clothes monogrammed and they were so sweet. She also served almond tea out of glass baby bottles with little pink straws... this was the cutest idea I have ever seen. They decorated all around with pictures of Drew and me as babies. Plus, the house that it was at was so amazing. It was basically Drew and I's dream decor simple, classy and a little country (as in leather and wood not animal horns).
So here's a few pics to tide you over. The little girl in one of the pictures is the daughter of my bff from middle school and high school... she is trained to "give the evil eye" on command... hilarious!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Update

I just wanted to say hi and give a quick update on what we've been up to and why the blogging is coming so slow.
This past weekend we went for a short vacation to Chicago to celebrate our Babymoon. Several of you have mentioned that you have no clue what that is... so I'll explain. A babymoon is a vacation you take to connect and unite with your spouse before baby is born. We realize, though not fully, that once Stella is born our lives will be thrown in to fast forward. Who knows what we will be like as sleep deprived zombies? So, we wanted to take a little time to slow way down and love each other intentionally. Also, sweet Stella is due right after our 3 year anniversary... well I will probably be a blimp by then and not feel like doing anything, not to mention the slight chance that she might come early.... so we wanted to make sure we got some celebrating in before I was huge and baby is born.
I am so glad that we decided to go when we did because it was perfect. It was sunny and around 75 degrees with barely any humidity the entire time we were there! We did A LOT of walking, which is also a reason I am glad we went when we did... I noticed a huge difference from last week to this week in my ability to walk quickly and for very long... especially in flip flops... and thus I am glad we didn't wait any longer.
We strolled the beach and laid out and read a while and we walked around the city and saw some of the sites and parks. We drank Jamba Juice (probably the highlight of the trip for me as far as things not Drew related). We got to eat at several delicious places and even got a meal with some fabulous cousins on Drew's side. We did a lot of sleeping and movie watching also. It was so nice to be able to turn the air down to freezing cold so that I could sleep through the night with out waking up in a sweat. It was bliss. Plus our room was sooo dark! We also got our parking fee waved and got to ride on the train a lot. woo hoo. Most of all I just loved being able to be with Drew for so many days in a row. We had great conversation and he always makes me laugh. We are still learning so much about each other and so much about the Lord that every trip is new and interesting. Drew is truly the kindest man I have ever met. He puts me first even when I beg him not to. He carried my stuff around and found me a clean bathroom (usually a starbucks) about a million times a day. He never complained or had any expectations except to have fun and love on me. I hope that he got the rest the needs and has needed from work and some time to switch off all those work related thoughts and just enjoy his life!
Today I helped lead worship for VBS, which was hilarious and some what exhausting even though it was only a couple of hours long. I also caught us up on our groceries and stuff for the week and am prepping to leave again tomorrow for the home state! I am so excited that a friend of mine is sharing the drive with me and going to get her first real Texas experience. We are going to be attending two baby showers in one weekend and then driving back... it's going to be a blast. Hopefully there will be more Jamba Juice involved.. I am seriously obsessed with that stuff!
Sorry though, we forgot our camera on our way to Chicago and thus no pictures... maybe I can get a couple off Drew's phone in the future. But I promise to at least try to take some good pictures at the showers... if I don't, some one will.
OH and I don't know if I mentioned it yet but we got a great crib on craigslist for a steal!!! It is a different color than our first choice but the style is exactly what I was looking for and it was so cheap we couldn't pass it up! woo hoo, that is a BIG answer to prayer!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Happy

Well, we had quite an uneventful and wonderful fourth of July. Drew got some much needed sleep and then we had whole wheat waffles w/ fruit. Then we snuggled on the couch and watched Jack Bauer save the world. Then Drew headed out to work on the yard while I did my pregnancy work out video since it was raining. By the way, our yard looks amazing. Drew dug out all the weeds growing in the little bed by the stairs and now our entry way looks so nice.. I can't wait to put in some flowers!
After a lunch of frito pie, we went to Babies R Us to update our registry. Next, we came home and ate a snack and changed and headed to the dollar theater to see Wolverine. We stopped by the nearest target and got candy and popcorn (only $1) to take with us to the movie. Once we got home we weren't hungry (I had scheduled brauts and rootbeer) but instead we read a little and I ended up falling asleep. We woke up at almost 10 and each had a snack and hit the hay... it was a wonderful day to be together!
In other news, I am still growing. Stella is up a little higher but still prefers to stay low... that's fine with me as long as that means she will be ready sooner to come out! haha. Several people have commented on how "big" I am getting and on how low I am carrying ("are you sure you're not having a boy?"....well, no, I'm not).
Stella weighs around 2lbs these days and is approximately 9in head to rump and 13 head to toe... she is gettin' big! My energy levels come and go but we are getting a lot done on the house these days... especially thanks to some great friends!
Our first "family" vacation is just around the corner! We are headed to Chicago for some great alone time and some relaxation. I am mostly just thankful that Drew will have some time off to refresh himself and that we as a couple can spend some great quality time together before things get crazy around here. After that I am headed off to Texas for baby showers! I am so excited to get to see both sides of the family again... this year we have gotten to see them more than the past three years combined and it has been so wonderful.
Now for the pictures!

This first one is at the beginning of 24 weeks

And the next ones are at the beginning of the 26th week (aka, today!)

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm not sure but I think at that point I said, "really? I like you too" or something profound like that and then there was probably a quick hug and then I was in the door because, like I said, it was really cold outside for a formal. I floated up the stairs, past the smell of laundry detergent and all the way down to my dorm room. I don't really remember what happened next... it was late and so my roommate was probably either MIA or asleep. I do know that I was surprised. I had no idea what this crazy boy was thinking. I knew he was definitely flirting with me at times but then again some times his roommates and brother (who was a roommate) were nicer and more attentive to me than he was. Interesting.
It's a sad fact but the next month or so is kind of hazy.... I know that at some point I needed to talk about it.. surprise surprise (this will become a theme) and he clarified that he really liked me and enjoyed hanging out with me but that he didn't necessarily want to be boyfriend/girlfriend. This was convenient since I had a couple of other guys that I still had my eye on or had their eyes on me. It's shallow, but knowing that one was certainly interested made it easier to assess my relationship with the others. Most of them had other girlfriends or weren't my type and therefore the playing field slowly narrowed down to just Drew and me. We started doing more things alone together and yet I still hung out a great deal at his house with his roomies. He never paid for my meals or took me on dates (other than watching movies at his place or mine) and we went to separate churches and had separate friends so... it seemed slow going and I wasn't sure it was going anywhere.
Christmas break finally arrived and I went home to Fort Worth and he went home to Dallas. I think it was December 22 he came over to meet my parents for the first time. My sister was instantly gaga for him b/c of his long and shaggy hair but my parents were a little less impressed. He hadn't had a hair cut in a while and was wearing thrift store finds from head to toe: all of which were too big. We made peanut-butter balls (a christmas tradition) and hung around the house and then he brought out a present. This was a big surprise because, like I said, he never paid for meals or really spent any money on my behalf before.
The present contained sun-ripened raspberry lotion (he didn't know about my allergies then), fish earrings (I had just gotten my ears pierced) and a few other items... and a card. I started reading the card, anxious to see what this mystery man would write and all I remember is that at the end it asked me to be his girlfriend. I was shocked, put on the spot and over-joyed at the same time. I think we hugged and then he left. haha. The next day his family left for a week long vacation on a cruise where he would have no cell phone service... it was a great sign of things to come... but neither of us had a clue