Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Happy

Well, we had quite an uneventful and wonderful fourth of July. Drew got some much needed sleep and then we had whole wheat waffles w/ fruit. Then we snuggled on the couch and watched Jack Bauer save the world. Then Drew headed out to work on the yard while I did my pregnancy work out video since it was raining. By the way, our yard looks amazing. Drew dug out all the weeds growing in the little bed by the stairs and now our entry way looks so nice.. I can't wait to put in some flowers!
After a lunch of frito pie, we went to Babies R Us to update our registry. Next, we came home and ate a snack and changed and headed to the dollar theater to see Wolverine. We stopped by the nearest target and got candy and popcorn (only $1) to take with us to the movie. Once we got home we weren't hungry (I had scheduled brauts and rootbeer) but instead we read a little and I ended up falling asleep. We woke up at almost 10 and each had a snack and hit the hay... it was a wonderful day to be together!
In other news, I am still growing. Stella is up a little higher but still prefers to stay low... that's fine with me as long as that means she will be ready sooner to come out! haha. Several people have commented on how "big" I am getting and on how low I am carrying ("are you sure you're not having a boy?"....well, no, I'm not).
Stella weighs around 2lbs these days and is approximately 9in head to rump and 13 head to toe... she is gettin' big! My energy levels come and go but we are getting a lot done on the house these days... especially thanks to some great friends!
Our first "family" vacation is just around the corner! We are headed to Chicago for some great alone time and some relaxation. I am mostly just thankful that Drew will have some time off to refresh himself and that we as a couple can spend some great quality time together before things get crazy around here. After that I am headed off to Texas for baby showers! I am so excited to get to see both sides of the family again... this year we have gotten to see them more than the past three years combined and it has been so wonderful.
Now for the pictures!

This first one is at the beginning of 24 weeks

And the next ones are at the beginning of the 26th week (aka, today!)

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