Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Update

I just wanted to say hi and give a quick update on what we've been up to and why the blogging is coming so slow.
This past weekend we went for a short vacation to Chicago to celebrate our Babymoon. Several of you have mentioned that you have no clue what that is... so I'll explain. A babymoon is a vacation you take to connect and unite with your spouse before baby is born. We realize, though not fully, that once Stella is born our lives will be thrown in to fast forward. Who knows what we will be like as sleep deprived zombies? So, we wanted to take a little time to slow way down and love each other intentionally. Also, sweet Stella is due right after our 3 year anniversary... well I will probably be a blimp by then and not feel like doing anything, not to mention the slight chance that she might come early.... so we wanted to make sure we got some celebrating in before I was huge and baby is born.
I am so glad that we decided to go when we did because it was perfect. It was sunny and around 75 degrees with barely any humidity the entire time we were there! We did A LOT of walking, which is also a reason I am glad we went when we did... I noticed a huge difference from last week to this week in my ability to walk quickly and for very long... especially in flip flops... and thus I am glad we didn't wait any longer.
We strolled the beach and laid out and read a while and we walked around the city and saw some of the sites and parks. We drank Jamba Juice (probably the highlight of the trip for me as far as things not Drew related). We got to eat at several delicious places and even got a meal with some fabulous cousins on Drew's side. We did a lot of sleeping and movie watching also. It was so nice to be able to turn the air down to freezing cold so that I could sleep through the night with out waking up in a sweat. It was bliss. Plus our room was sooo dark! We also got our parking fee waved and got to ride on the train a lot. woo hoo. Most of all I just loved being able to be with Drew for so many days in a row. We had great conversation and he always makes me laugh. We are still learning so much about each other and so much about the Lord that every trip is new and interesting. Drew is truly the kindest man I have ever met. He puts me first even when I beg him not to. He carried my stuff around and found me a clean bathroom (usually a starbucks) about a million times a day. He never complained or had any expectations except to have fun and love on me. I hope that he got the rest the needs and has needed from work and some time to switch off all those work related thoughts and just enjoy his life!
Today I helped lead worship for VBS, which was hilarious and some what exhausting even though it was only a couple of hours long. I also caught us up on our groceries and stuff for the week and am prepping to leave again tomorrow for the home state! I am so excited that a friend of mine is sharing the drive with me and going to get her first real Texas experience. We are going to be attending two baby showers in one weekend and then driving back... it's going to be a blast. Hopefully there will be more Jamba Juice involved.. I am seriously obsessed with that stuff!
Sorry though, we forgot our camera on our way to Chicago and thus no pictures... maybe I can get a couple off Drew's phone in the future. But I promise to at least try to take some good pictures at the showers... if I don't, some one will.
OH and I don't know if I mentioned it yet but we got a great crib on craigslist for a steal!!! It is a different color than our first choice but the style is exactly what I was looking for and it was so cheap we couldn't pass it up! woo hoo, that is a BIG answer to prayer!


Chris said...

You might get big, but it's ridiculous to think that you will ever be huge. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Maggie Ainsworth said...

Yay for a crib and a fun babymoon!