Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shower Power

Well, I don't really have time for a full length update because there is so much to tell... I am sure you are all relieved since we have seen what a "short" post looks like before... what might a long one be?!
A friend of mine drove down to Texas with me Friday and the fun didn't stop until midnight Sunday night! Two showers, lots of family and friends and lots of food... that about sums it all up. Well, for now.
So far I only have pictures from the first shower, my family and friends (as in not the in-laws). It was SO adorable and the hostess was definitely the hostess with the mostess! She had all of these outfits and burp clothes monogrammed and they were so sweet. She also served almond tea out of glass baby bottles with little pink straws... this was the cutest idea I have ever seen. They decorated all around with pictures of Drew and me as babies. Plus, the house that it was at was so amazing. It was basically Drew and I's dream decor simple, classy and a little country (as in leather and wood not animal horns).
So here's a few pics to tide you over. The little girl in one of the pictures is the daughter of my bff from middle school and high school... she is trained to "give the evil eye" on command... hilarious!!


Joanna J. said...

It was a beautiful shower. And you looked beautiful, too!

Maggie Ainsworth said...

So fun! You are looking super-cute these days, mama!