Monday, January 25, 2010

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Month 3

Stella has officially turned three months old! I keep saying this, but I can't believe we made it this far. I remember at week two and three having people tell me to just hold on until six weeks... I never thought I would make it alive... but I did and then when things still weren't better people said... just wait until three months... and I never thought I would make with my sanity intact ... but here we are.
It's true.. Stella Jane is such a different baby at three months old. She is still fussier than her pals and a pretty picky eater but let me tell you what is wonderful about SJ...
SJ sleeps 8-10 hours a night consistently.
SJ usually takes a nap for a couple of hours at least twice a day (this is REVOLUTIONARY for the baby who NEVER slept or stopped crying during the day).
After said naps, SJ usually has up to an hour of happy play time.
SJ has learned to laugh and tries very hard to talk to us.
SJ can roll from her tummy to her back, when she feels like it.
SJ is 13.8 lbs!!
See! She is much improved!!
We went in for some shots on her three month birth-day and she was such a champion! She didn't even cry until the first shot was over and then cried for less than a minute with the second shot! I guess those shots are nothing compared to the reflux issues she deals with on a daily basis.
Sadly, three months has not been the cure for Stella's reflux and gas issues, in fact, they almost seem worse lately. At four months we will re-evaluate her meds situation. Our doctor is also considering a barium swallow test that would allow us to see exactly what is going on in her mouth, throat and tummy when she eats... it would be a last result since it is obviously no fun for baby to go through such an ordeal and as long as she continues to gain weight and seem happy at least some of the time, we will wait it out.
As far as mom and dad are concerned... it's hard to know what to write. I have avoided posting much on my blog for fear of sounding like a broken record and sob story again and again. I think the hubs would agree that 2009 was the hardest year of either of our lives. We have gone through so many trials with friends and just in general have had a lot going on... and then we threw SJ into the mix and everything just turned upside down.
However, I am so thankful that through all the trials D and I have been able to stick together. Our marriage has been the greatest blessing in my life and I am so so grateful for such a wonderful husband and best friend to fight through life together. He is the most compassionate man I have ever met and continually amazes me in his pursuit of the Lord in all things. He brings peace and grace to this home.
I am also thankful that these trials have dragged us kicking and screaming back to the Lord again and again. I was reflecting today on the idea that it is quite possible that with out constant struggles in my life I would wander from the Lord's path and think that I was sufficient to do life on my own. In that case, I am so grateful for trials that keep me close to my Savior... though I wish I could just stick close to him with out trials... maybe one day.
I want to revamp this blog a little and that is another reason I have been absent. I am not exactly sure which direction I want to take it. But I can tell you, whatever it turns into will be raw. I know many of our friends and family read this blog and I just want every one to be okay with the real deal. When there are struggles I want to be able to hash it out with out any one worrying that I am losing it. And when I am joyful, I don't want any one to assume our lives are perfect. We all struggle and perhaps if we were a little more open with each other, we wouldn't feel so alone when it comes our turn to be hurt, tired or confused.
Just a few thoughts I am chewing on.
In the mean time... here are some videos of SJ that really only the really invested will probably enjoy b/c like most babies.. .she isn't doing anything revolutionary... but for those who are far away it might give you the feeling you were here.
(sorry that the lighting is bad in some of them... but like I said... she is sort of picky about her conditions at times)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Made the Cut

I finally took the plunge... it was time for a cut and I figured... if I am going to cut 4-6 inches... why not just do 11 and be able to do something useful with the waste.
So I donated my hair and got a lot more baby friendly in the process...
(ps. I don't want to hear ANY comment about "mom hair", joking or otherwise)