Friday, October 23, 2009

Stella Jane Lewis

Stella Jane has finally entered the world!
We were induced Wednesday night after an ultrasound that thought she was close to 9.5lbs with a 10cm head!
We checked in and found out I was already having contractions.... we were still medically induced and had a long hard time of it... after a few distress signals by both mom and baby we received an epidural after 13 hours and had our baby within the next 10! Everybody is happy and healthy and adjusting to their new life.
Stella is 7lbs15oz and 20inches long with a full head of long dark hair! (thank goodness the ultrasound was wrong!)
I haven't slept in almost 3 days and so that is a high priority today.
We are at Floyd Memorial and would love to have visitors, just call ahead!
Thanks for all the prayers... Drew uploaded a few iphone pictures on his facebook if you are dying to see her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still No Sign....

Ummm.... excuse me cute pregnant girl in the ticker to the right... my baby is not four days old. I think you might have missed the memo, but she isn't even here yet. In fact, she isn't even acting like she wants to be here yet. So, if you could adjust accordingly, that would be great! Sincerely- LL
That's right folks, still not sign of our beloved SJ. I have been monitoring every little kick and cramp and was just sure she was starting to make a move over the weekend, but alas, it is Tuesday and I have had a total of one contraction in the last four days. Stella is nice and warm in her current location and isn't tempted by the sunny skies and changing leaves of Lville.
However, I feel so blessed to have had another weekend with Drew all to myself! We had a blast with friends on Friday and then more friends Saturday at the Fall Festival. After a week of clouds and drizzle is was a beautiful sunshiny day... though still a little cold. We ate and walked and I even got a really cute sling from a lady at our church. They had all these booths set up with people's homemade crafts... wow, so much talent! The only trouble was, most of it was baby stuff and of course I wanted to buy a little of it all! But I stuck with the sling and it was such a bargain! Hopefully we'll get to show you a picture of our little one in said sling soon.
We then rented a movie and went for a drive to see all the pretty colors of fall emerging. We stayed in together the rest of the night and had potato soup and garlic bread for dinner. It was a great fall day!
Saturday, after another day for D to sleep in (yay!) we had waffles and decided we should take advantage of our last day of our possibly last weekend together and so we got all ready and went to Hubers Family Farm in southern Indiana. This has been a tradition for us every year we've been here... we go and pick apples (they have pumpkins and other fruits/veggies too) and then get apple cider and other great farmers market stuff. So we went and rode on the bumpy trailer and picked a ton of apples! We also got fresh apple cider, apple and pumpkin donuts and kettle corn! woo hoo! It was a little warmer and sunny, so it was a perfect fall day for apple picking. Then we went to church and had dinner with friends. What a wonderful weekend!
Now we are back to the week days and every morning I wake up and realize that we made it through another uneventful night... it's a little discouraging but I've been trying to stay busy and distracted as much as possible. She really isn't giving any indication that she is making a move any time soon. She's about to have a rude awakening though if she doesn't....
Thank you for all your prayers and support... I have been super encouraged by everyone's sweet words and excitement for us here and on facebook and in emails... we really feel so well loved and supported.
And just to clarify... in my last post I talked about feeling a lot of pressure... that was never intended to be aimed at any one person.. I was just venting how the circumstances combined were making me feel and was trying to convey that it was my fault for wallowing and sitting around mopey... not any one else's fault for how I was feeling... it was just a precursor to explain why it was important that I was choosing to celebrate Friday... I hope that any one who reads this blog will know that we really appreciate your prayers and encouragement and love and we can't wait for all of you to meet SJ soon!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy "Guess" Date Day!

I have been saying "Happy Due Date Day" and then some one said "Happy Guess Day" and that made a lot more sense to me, so I am changing my ways! haha.
It's true, today is the day that the doctor's, nurses and websites all thought Stella might be born. There is no exact science to find out exactly what day or time a baby will be born... some babies need less time to cook and others need more and there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to figuring out the exact day a person conceived... unless you are using some sort of method, which we weren't.
This week has been a week of ups and downs. I started the week a little low, feeling like my body wasn't achieving and that I was failing every one who thought I would deliver early. It was as if delivering early was some sort of accomplishment or noble feat... though no one has any say over when they deliver. So many people seemed disappointed that it got me disappointed in myself, which is crazy since, like I said, there is nothing I can do to make this girl appear (unless you count medical interventions, which are not only hazardous to my health but SJs also and come with many risks). It didn't help that it was cold and cloudy also, which means I wasn't doing much walking or much of anything outside the house (lack of warm maternity clothes being partly to blame). Then I decided to snap out of it. I am reading through Isaiah with our church and it is impossible to read that book and not realize that God is in complete control. He foretold everything that happened to Israel, including the coming of the Messiah and how people like you and me would one day be able to come to him with clean hearts... God knows what he is doing! He knew the day Stella would be born before I was born... how amazing is that?! I started to realize that there was no need to achieve or please any one because my life and the life of SJ is in our good God's hands and that she will come exactly how and when he has ordained. Whew... what a relief. So then, I got my hiney in gear and got a lot accomplished the next few days. Since then, I haven't always kept this great perspective and have often headed down the path of discontentment and anxiety... but thankfully I have been reminded by so many great friends and a wonderful husband about the truths that I know are true but often forget to act on.
So, because I trust the Lord's plan and rely on him to bring Stella into this world, I can celebrate this guess day with joy instead of grumbling or anticipation. There is so much to rejoice about. So many women have miserable pregnancies full of illness and pain. Many women get put on bed rest or have scary complications that bring their babies into the world earlier than would be ideal for their little bodies. Women lose their babies or have to watch them hooked up to tubes and probed and prodded until they can live on their own. I, however, have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy. I have actually been healthier these last nine months than the previous five put together! We haven't really had a single complication and I have been relatively comfortable for the majority of this adventure. I have a wonderful husband who treats me with so much compassion and care and fabulous friends and mentors who have supported and taught me along the way. It is a blessing that Stella has stayed in the womb full term, that she is healthy and thriving in there and in no hurry to rush out. I have a wonderful doctor who cares about my physical health but also about my spiritual and emotional well being. She is a wonderful, godly woman who listens to my preferences and is quick to give a kind and reassuring word. (which by the way she isn't worried about SJ at all and said she wouldn't be surprised if she came this weekend!) My husband has been given a stable job and thus enabled me to stay at home and raise our little girl and also has provided us with all the essentials we need for her comfortable arrival into our home. See, so many blessings!!
So today is a day of celebration! I had a hot breakfast (toast w/ PB and honey instead of cereal), spent the morning reading and praying, completed my work out video (which gives me pleasure that I still can at 40 weeks!), took a hot hot shower and went to the doctor. I gave my nurse (physician's assistant or whatever) and my doctor cupcakes to celebrate and then heard SJ's heartbeat. She is healthy and happy in there it seems. I didn't get checked and my doctor isn't worried she is too big and also said that she has moved noticeably further down in the pelvis.. which is a good sign! We talked about "what's next" and she is in no rush to intervene on Stella's schedule as long as things stay looking good. We'll go in Wednesday (if not before=) ) for an ultrasound just to make sure every thing is okay in there for sure. After that, it will be up to us as to when we induce with in the following week. However, we both agreed that it would be best if she just came on her own before that... and the doctor thought there was a good chance for that! Then I left and got myself a large Cherry Coke from Sonic (which did happen to put a good friend of mine into labor a few weeks ago), took some more cupcakes up to the church for the cake walk at tomorrow's fall festival, came home to some queso and apples and watched the latest episode of Glee. Now I'm doing laundry and waiting for the hubs to take me to dinner... then on to a pumpkin/fall party some great friends are throwing tonight! Tomorrow is the annual fall festival at our church and Drew's day off... woo hoo!! Lots and lots to celebrate!
So... if you need an excuse to celebrate today... feel free to celebrate a Happy Guess Date Day on our behalf!
We'll keep you posted if anything new happens with SJ.... like she decides to come out or something.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's Better....

Now that's more like it!
I can't reach my toes. I can barely get out of bed on my own. I can't see anything but belly when I look down.
So, due to my obvious handicap, I felt it was necessary to get a pedicure. I meant to go this weekend but I got caught up doing other things, like taking a really long nap.
Yesterday it really hit me that if I didn't get a pedicure soon, I might not get one at all! This was an unacceptable thought and so I got my little hiney (well, it is little compared to my belly) over to the nail place. I really feel like it is important to have pretty toes to be able to look at when I'm laboring... a good relaxing focal point. I usually get a lighter pink but was convinced a darker shade was appropriate for fall. haha
I remembered another random thought... actually, more of a funny story.
The other morning I was sitting on the couch reading my Bible, eating breakfast and checking the internet. I had been having more pelvic pain than usually and getting a lot less sleep than I prefer. In the middle of all of this my phone rang. I keep my phone by the bed and so it isn't uncommon for it to stay there through out the day until I remember it. On this specific instance I didn't feel like giving any pregnancy updates (of which there are none) or getting up off the couch... I knew I couldn't get there in time to answer it any way. Sadly, it was a local, unidentified number and they didn't leave a message... so I'll never know what I missed out on... However.... the funny part of the story is way back at the beginning. I was sitting on the couch and when I heard the first ring my first unhindered thought was, "I wonder if that is some one calling me to tell me I'm in labor". WHAT? Does that make any sense to any one? I guess that just shows how much labor is on my brain these days that I would hope for a phone call to let me know... it also shows my deep hopes that maybe I am in early labor and just don't know it yet... I mean I could be completely effaced and dilating as we speak and not know it since we haven't gotten checked. That is my hope. And yet, there is another totally real possibility that I am nothing... thankfully first time mothers are actually more likely to have their baby 8 days later than their due date... they are saying that is the actual due date for more than half and so really I am still over a week and a half away from my due date... (let's all nod and pretend that is comforting).
It could be today and at least I have pretty toes! And, we didn't want her to come before our free ERAC dinner w/ Drew's work. They took us to the Cheesecake Factory (my personal craving) and it was DELICIOUS! I was hoping it would be my last meal but I already had cinnamon toast for breakfast.. oh well. We had guac and nachos for an appetizer plus their tasty wheat bread. I got the chopped salad I raved about last time and then tuxedo cheesecake. YUM! I also had a coca cola b/c ppl keep telling me caffeine can encourage dilation or something weird like that. okay!
For now I'm going to try and walk this baby out... we have a new Target in town and I just got two gift cards! Then I'm cleaning the bathroom and kitchen to get ready for our community group. I hope it's the last time I'll deep clean it before SJ arrives!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. What do you call the shoes you wear when you are doing something athletic? Growing up I have always called these shoes... tennis shoes. I had no idea until middle school or so that the first word, before shoe, was tennis... as in the sport... as in these shoes were designed for people who play tennis. I never played tennis, minus hitting a few balls on the garage door, and really there are a lot of people in the world who will never play tennis... so why do so many people call them tennis shoes? Why did tennis shoes in particular get to become the genre instead or walking or running, which are way more common. I usually call my athletic shoes running shoes now, because that's what they are... and yet since I've gotten them I've walked in them 99% more than I've run in them (excuse being pregnancy). So should I call them walking shoes? All in all, I've decided to make up a new word that solves my problem... "tenishoe"... that is what I thought I was saying all these years anyway and it will refer to all athletic shoes, regardless of actual sport intended.

2. I didn't think I was ready to have Stella yet... I know that I'm not, actually. But today Drew's best friend and our first real married friends (as in they and we were married and hung out), the cool kids who lived in New Zealand, announced that they were in labor. Instantly I was stunned and thrilled. She isn't due until late October and has already been in labor for over 24 hours! So, I was excited, wanted the details, and thrilled for them and then in an instant something flooded over me and I just started crying. I was so sad all the sudden that Stella hadn't come yet and that I am last of every one I know to have their baby. It was so weird. As quickly as the tears started, they vanished and I was fine and we had breakfast. weird. All in all, despite the fact that I'll never be fully prepared, we are chanting for Stella to at least get moving... who knows, maybe she is already! But since she's waited this long she might as well wait until after Drew's work dinner party on Monday.. the boss is treating us all to dinner in honor of Stella (and closing an hour early!)... yay for free dinner!
(we did set up the pack n play and pack a little more just in case she wants to follow Baby D's lead!)

3. We need hand-me-downs. If you know of any one who has 0-3 or 6-9 month WARM girl clothes, please tell them we would love to have, borrow or purchase them! As we packed some things for SJ today we realized, this girl has mostly short sleeved onesies and dresses in the 0-3 month range b/c no one knew it would be this cold in October! We don't have a single pair of pants for our newborn! So, Monday I am hitting up the Columbus Day sales in the baby departments for some fleece items and more long sleeves and pants. But if you know of any one who has these items or especially a baby coat/ snow suit... we would LOVE to get some hand-me-downs.

4. Most nights I wake up several times and I lay in bed, trying to go back to sleep, and often I blog in my head. Then, when Drew has days off, I am usually awake an hour or two before he is ready to stir... I hate to wake him b/c he never gets enough sleep during the week... so I lay there, waiting to cuddle and blog in my head. Most of these are random, like #1 above, and then I decide they aren't worth posting and move on... today I finally decided to let the randomness go unhindered and now I can't even remember all the ones I thought of this morning! ugh!

If I think of any more tonight, I'll let you know! =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

One Week

Today I am 39 weeks!
I keep saying, "I can't believe it!" and I CAN'T!
First of all, i never thought that I would make it this far in pregnancy with out any complications. I was born after a long time on bed rest for my mom and then popped out early and fast. Though there are benefits to early... and especially to fast... I am happy that I have had such a healthy pregnancy. Second, I can't believe that she could come any day and will definitely be here in the next two weeks, max!
One week from today is my due date. One week from today I will see my doctor and hear the heart beat and not get checked... again (yes, the suspense is killing me but is better than a let down). One week from today I will start going to said doctor every two or three days instead of every week. One week from today none of the above could happen because we might be sitting in the hospital with our little girl. CRAZY!
I am SO happy that the trees have started to change colors and I am itching for my family to get here and celebrate with us. The last time either side of our family was here, we had a MAJOR house project going on and though we did enjoy them and hopefully they enjoyed Louisville... this time around will be much sweeter. I am really looking forward to them enjoying a Kentucky fall and have hopes for all of us sitting around smiling at Stella and each other, maybe drinking hot beverages with candles and the windows open. (Yes, I know there will also be the exhaustion, endless nursings and other post-birth wonders... but I am thinking positive right now.) I can't wait to see my parents and Drew's parents hold their granddaughter for the first time... I am sure there will be many iphone pictures, knowing my parents. It's going to be like a family reunion... did I ever mention I always LOVED family reunions? I am so happy we all have another excuse to see each other before Christmas and Claire's (beautiful) wedding. This year has been so wonderful because we have seen our families more than all the other years of our marriage combined! Hopefully when we have a grandbaby in our house it will be easier to convince said families to come and visit more often!
I also can't wait to introduce Stella to our community group and to the Bells (all her best friends and possible future mate in one family!) and all the people who have supported and prayed for us during this time at our church.
I have been slowly ticking off the last few details on my pre-baby to-do list. We met and signed up with our pediatrician officially. We replaced the rotten cabinet under the sink and got a new sink and faucet. I made up a new white chicken chili recipe that succeeded with flying colors. I also adapted a new gingerbread/pumpkin muffin that is actually healthy (Susan, you will appreciate that I snuck in a lot of wheat germ and flax seed in these) and made it with my own homemade pumpkin puree. I mopped up the mess that said kitchen projects produced. I got our travel/diaper bag at a clearance sale today for 50% off (yes I did stand in line for 1 whole hour to purchase said bag) and have caught up on all the laundry. I still need to pack and the house could always be a little cleaner and a lot more organized than it is right now. But my most pressing need is to figure out what I'm going to make my wonderful husband for dinner tonight... so I'm off!
Here's me at 39 weeks... I took a traditional and then a few more pics from my perspective... hopefully there won't be a need for any more pictures of my belly because there will be a little girl on the outside to focus on!
And yes, this is the only shirt that fits me right now... seriously.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Exciting Times

Tomorrow begins the 10 day countdown. I really can't believe it. I can't believe that we are going to have a little baby girl for the rest of our lives... starting in just a matter of days!
Thankfully, we are prepared... well, as much as we plan on being. We finally got SJ a place to sleep and the car seat came in the mail. We also got her a cute bouncy seat and I ordered my first trial package of cloth diapers... but she won't be able to fit them until after about 6 weeks or so, depending on how big she is when she is born. We also bought a few warmer things for her to wear b/c she mostly received short sleeved clothes for 0-3 months because usually October is still warm... but it hasn't been getting above 70 here and it's been getting below 50 at night. So this girl is going to need some warmer clothes.
It is nice to know that if Stella came right now, we would have enough with out having to make any emergency trips to Target.
Drew and I also celebrated our three year anniversary on Saturday! Our actual anniversary was on Wednesday but Drew was sick and I was babysitting and so we decided to wait until Saturday. Thankfully, his fever disappeared on Friday, so Saturday he had been fever free for 24 hours and thus we could be together again. I am so thankful that I didn't catch what he had and so thankful that now we can resume hugging, kissing and cuddling... and sleeping in the same bed. Except, we both got used to having our own space and so I tend to keep him up with my adjusting and re-adjusting... but that just comes with the territory in week 39!!! AHH. I can't believe it, did I mention that?
So, we went to get baby stuff and then ate at the Cheesecake Factory... YUM! It was worth the wait. I also had braxton hicks contractions the whole time we were there and we started to wonder if SJ was going to make an appearance early.. but then they went away.
We are staying very busy with last minute details before SJ arrives. We got my plates changed on my car (finally) and I've been cleaning and doing laundry like a crazy person. Drew ripped out the sink (there goes my cleaning) and is installing new cabinets under the sink this week (they were rotted and stinky!), along with getting new pipes. Hopefully we will also get all the cabinets painted before our new arrival. I am still cooking up a storm... even sans-sink... and trying to get time in with friends before SJ comes, because we have no idea what life will be like after that. We have also been finishing up some last minute baby-related reading and trying to get enough sleep.
Tonight we are touring our hospital and making the final touches to our birth plan. Wednesday we have a meeting with our potential pediatrician.
It's all coming together!
I think tonight is a full moon and my mom always says babies are born like crazy during a full moon... no she is not all... she is a high risk pregnancy nurse/supervisor... so she knows! So, maybe SJ will start coming today... but I doubt it. She seems pretty happy where she is at.
Finally, pictures... the bouncy seat I assembled, the diapers and car seat and a picture of us at three years... I feel SO round in every way but have been encouraged by all the compliments I have been receiving from a lot of friends... so I am posting it any way. You are supposed to be big when you are 39 weeks pregnant! (though the little girl I babysat did ask me, "why do you have to get fat when you have a baby"... hahaha)