Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still No Sign....

Ummm.... excuse me cute pregnant girl in the ticker to the right... my baby is not four days old. I think you might have missed the memo, but she isn't even here yet. In fact, she isn't even acting like she wants to be here yet. So, if you could adjust accordingly, that would be great! Sincerely- LL
That's right folks, still not sign of our beloved SJ. I have been monitoring every little kick and cramp and was just sure she was starting to make a move over the weekend, but alas, it is Tuesday and I have had a total of one contraction in the last four days. Stella is nice and warm in her current location and isn't tempted by the sunny skies and changing leaves of Lville.
However, I feel so blessed to have had another weekend with Drew all to myself! We had a blast with friends on Friday and then more friends Saturday at the Fall Festival. After a week of clouds and drizzle is was a beautiful sunshiny day... though still a little cold. We ate and walked and I even got a really cute sling from a lady at our church. They had all these booths set up with people's homemade crafts... wow, so much talent! The only trouble was, most of it was baby stuff and of course I wanted to buy a little of it all! But I stuck with the sling and it was such a bargain! Hopefully we'll get to show you a picture of our little one in said sling soon.
We then rented a movie and went for a drive to see all the pretty colors of fall emerging. We stayed in together the rest of the night and had potato soup and garlic bread for dinner. It was a great fall day!
Saturday, after another day for D to sleep in (yay!) we had waffles and decided we should take advantage of our last day of our possibly last weekend together and so we got all ready and went to Hubers Family Farm in southern Indiana. This has been a tradition for us every year we've been here... we go and pick apples (they have pumpkins and other fruits/veggies too) and then get apple cider and other great farmers market stuff. So we went and rode on the bumpy trailer and picked a ton of apples! We also got fresh apple cider, apple and pumpkin donuts and kettle corn! woo hoo! It was a little warmer and sunny, so it was a perfect fall day for apple picking. Then we went to church and had dinner with friends. What a wonderful weekend!
Now we are back to the week days and every morning I wake up and realize that we made it through another uneventful night... it's a little discouraging but I've been trying to stay busy and distracted as much as possible. She really isn't giving any indication that she is making a move any time soon. She's about to have a rude awakening though if she doesn't....
Thank you for all your prayers and support... I have been super encouraged by everyone's sweet words and excitement for us here and on facebook and in emails... we really feel so well loved and supported.
And just to clarify... in my last post I talked about feeling a lot of pressure... that was never intended to be aimed at any one person.. I was just venting how the circumstances combined were making me feel and was trying to convey that it was my fault for wallowing and sitting around mopey... not any one else's fault for how I was feeling... it was just a precursor to explain why it was important that I was choosing to celebrate Friday... I hope that any one who reads this blog will know that we really appreciate your prayers and encouragement and love and we can't wait for all of you to meet SJ soon!!


Courtney said...

Lindsey, i have been thinking about y'all all day. i can't imagine what you are feeling. little girls are the best and i hope you meet your's soon. going natural is so worth it, so be excited that when she comes out she will know your voice and be able to lift her head toward you. i cant wait to see pictures. keep us updated!

The Carpenter Life said...

Hang in there Lindsey! She'll come very soon! Praying for you lady!