Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's Better....

Now that's more like it!
I can't reach my toes. I can barely get out of bed on my own. I can't see anything but belly when I look down.
So, due to my obvious handicap, I felt it was necessary to get a pedicure. I meant to go this weekend but I got caught up doing other things, like taking a really long nap.
Yesterday it really hit me that if I didn't get a pedicure soon, I might not get one at all! This was an unacceptable thought and so I got my little hiney (well, it is little compared to my belly) over to the nail place. I really feel like it is important to have pretty toes to be able to look at when I'm laboring... a good relaxing focal point. I usually get a lighter pink but was convinced a darker shade was appropriate for fall. haha
I remembered another random thought... actually, more of a funny story.
The other morning I was sitting on the couch reading my Bible, eating breakfast and checking the internet. I had been having more pelvic pain than usually and getting a lot less sleep than I prefer. In the middle of all of this my phone rang. I keep my phone by the bed and so it isn't uncommon for it to stay there through out the day until I remember it. On this specific instance I didn't feel like giving any pregnancy updates (of which there are none) or getting up off the couch... I knew I couldn't get there in time to answer it any way. Sadly, it was a local, unidentified number and they didn't leave a message... so I'll never know what I missed out on... However.... the funny part of the story is way back at the beginning. I was sitting on the couch and when I heard the first ring my first unhindered thought was, "I wonder if that is some one calling me to tell me I'm in labor". WHAT? Does that make any sense to any one? I guess that just shows how much labor is on my brain these days that I would hope for a phone call to let me know... it also shows my deep hopes that maybe I am in early labor and just don't know it yet... I mean I could be completely effaced and dilating as we speak and not know it since we haven't gotten checked. That is my hope. And yet, there is another totally real possibility that I am nothing... thankfully first time mothers are actually more likely to have their baby 8 days later than their due date... they are saying that is the actual due date for more than half and so really I am still over a week and a half away from my due date... (let's all nod and pretend that is comforting).
It could be today and at least I have pretty toes! And, we didn't want her to come before our free ERAC dinner w/ Drew's work. They took us to the Cheesecake Factory (my personal craving) and it was DELICIOUS! I was hoping it would be my last meal but I already had cinnamon toast for breakfast.. oh well. We had guac and nachos for an appetizer plus their tasty wheat bread. I got the chopped salad I raved about last time and then tuxedo cheesecake. YUM! I also had a coca cola b/c ppl keep telling me caffeine can encourage dilation or something weird like that. okay!
For now I'm going to try and walk this baby out... we have a new Target in town and I just got two gift cards! Then I'm cleaning the bathroom and kitchen to get ready for our community group. I hope it's the last time I'll deep clean it before SJ arrives!!


Courtney said...

Hey, you are so sweet. i thought we might be making a trip to the hospital last night, but it ended not happening. Stella Jane is such a cute name. Jane is my absolute favorite girl name, but Jane Brown is just too plain. I hope you go sometime this week. I'm sure going past the due date will be no fun. Post lots of pictures!

the lewisi male said...

Amazing! My wife even has pretty feet!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed @ your lovely toes. When I was pg w/D, I was so swolen that there was practically no differentiation from my knees down to my toes - just like elephant feet!