Monday, October 5, 2009

Exciting Times

Tomorrow begins the 10 day countdown. I really can't believe it. I can't believe that we are going to have a little baby girl for the rest of our lives... starting in just a matter of days!
Thankfully, we are prepared... well, as much as we plan on being. We finally got SJ a place to sleep and the car seat came in the mail. We also got her a cute bouncy seat and I ordered my first trial package of cloth diapers... but she won't be able to fit them until after about 6 weeks or so, depending on how big she is when she is born. We also bought a few warmer things for her to wear b/c she mostly received short sleeved clothes for 0-3 months because usually October is still warm... but it hasn't been getting above 70 here and it's been getting below 50 at night. So this girl is going to need some warmer clothes.
It is nice to know that if Stella came right now, we would have enough with out having to make any emergency trips to Target.
Drew and I also celebrated our three year anniversary on Saturday! Our actual anniversary was on Wednesday but Drew was sick and I was babysitting and so we decided to wait until Saturday. Thankfully, his fever disappeared on Friday, so Saturday he had been fever free for 24 hours and thus we could be together again. I am so thankful that I didn't catch what he had and so thankful that now we can resume hugging, kissing and cuddling... and sleeping in the same bed. Except, we both got used to having our own space and so I tend to keep him up with my adjusting and re-adjusting... but that just comes with the territory in week 39!!! AHH. I can't believe it, did I mention that?
So, we went to get baby stuff and then ate at the Cheesecake Factory... YUM! It was worth the wait. I also had braxton hicks contractions the whole time we were there and we started to wonder if SJ was going to make an appearance early.. but then they went away.
We are staying very busy with last minute details before SJ arrives. We got my plates changed on my car (finally) and I've been cleaning and doing laundry like a crazy person. Drew ripped out the sink (there goes my cleaning) and is installing new cabinets under the sink this week (they were rotted and stinky!), along with getting new pipes. Hopefully we will also get all the cabinets painted before our new arrival. I am still cooking up a storm... even sans-sink... and trying to get time in with friends before SJ comes, because we have no idea what life will be like after that. We have also been finishing up some last minute baby-related reading and trying to get enough sleep.
Tonight we are touring our hospital and making the final touches to our birth plan. Wednesday we have a meeting with our potential pediatrician.
It's all coming together!
I think tonight is a full moon and my mom always says babies are born like crazy during a full moon... no she is not all... she is a high risk pregnancy nurse/supervisor... so she knows! So, maybe SJ will start coming today... but I doubt it. She seems pretty happy where she is at.
Finally, pictures... the bouncy seat I assembled, the diapers and car seat and a picture of us at three years... I feel SO round in every way but have been encouraged by all the compliments I have been receiving from a lot of friends... so I am posting it any way. You are supposed to be big when you are 39 weeks pregnant! (though the little girl I babysat did ask me, "why do you have to get fat when you have a baby"... hahaha)


Joanna J. said...

Y'all are so cute! I can't wait to hear the good news! We're praying for a routine and exciting birth!

Mama Blue said...

You look beautiful! I love seeing the super small sposoeasies, makes me want some of my own ;) Praying for you and yours during this time of exciting change.
Love, Meag

Bobby, Lauren, and Andrew said...

Such a cute couple and the little cloth diaper are adorable!!!! I think we may have the same car seat is it baby trend ours has the same handle but it red and black

Sarah Ganger said...

Hey Lindsey! We're sooooooo excited for y'all! Can't wait to hear that Stella Jane in on her way! Love you!