Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy "Guess" Date Day!

I have been saying "Happy Due Date Day" and then some one said "Happy Guess Day" and that made a lot more sense to me, so I am changing my ways! haha.
It's true, today is the day that the doctor's, nurses and websites all thought Stella might be born. There is no exact science to find out exactly what day or time a baby will be born... some babies need less time to cook and others need more and there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to figuring out the exact day a person conceived... unless you are using some sort of method, which we weren't.
This week has been a week of ups and downs. I started the week a little low, feeling like my body wasn't achieving and that I was failing every one who thought I would deliver early. It was as if delivering early was some sort of accomplishment or noble feat... though no one has any say over when they deliver. So many people seemed disappointed that it got me disappointed in myself, which is crazy since, like I said, there is nothing I can do to make this girl appear (unless you count medical interventions, which are not only hazardous to my health but SJs also and come with many risks). It didn't help that it was cold and cloudy also, which means I wasn't doing much walking or much of anything outside the house (lack of warm maternity clothes being partly to blame). Then I decided to snap out of it. I am reading through Isaiah with our church and it is impossible to read that book and not realize that God is in complete control. He foretold everything that happened to Israel, including the coming of the Messiah and how people like you and me would one day be able to come to him with clean hearts... God knows what he is doing! He knew the day Stella would be born before I was born... how amazing is that?! I started to realize that there was no need to achieve or please any one because my life and the life of SJ is in our good God's hands and that she will come exactly how and when he has ordained. Whew... what a relief. So then, I got my hiney in gear and got a lot accomplished the next few days. Since then, I haven't always kept this great perspective and have often headed down the path of discontentment and anxiety... but thankfully I have been reminded by so many great friends and a wonderful husband about the truths that I know are true but often forget to act on.
So, because I trust the Lord's plan and rely on him to bring Stella into this world, I can celebrate this guess day with joy instead of grumbling or anticipation. There is so much to rejoice about. So many women have miserable pregnancies full of illness and pain. Many women get put on bed rest or have scary complications that bring their babies into the world earlier than would be ideal for their little bodies. Women lose their babies or have to watch them hooked up to tubes and probed and prodded until they can live on their own. I, however, have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy. I have actually been healthier these last nine months than the previous five put together! We haven't really had a single complication and I have been relatively comfortable for the majority of this adventure. I have a wonderful husband who treats me with so much compassion and care and fabulous friends and mentors who have supported and taught me along the way. It is a blessing that Stella has stayed in the womb full term, that she is healthy and thriving in there and in no hurry to rush out. I have a wonderful doctor who cares about my physical health but also about my spiritual and emotional well being. She is a wonderful, godly woman who listens to my preferences and is quick to give a kind and reassuring word. (which by the way she isn't worried about SJ at all and said she wouldn't be surprised if she came this weekend!) My husband has been given a stable job and thus enabled me to stay at home and raise our little girl and also has provided us with all the essentials we need for her comfortable arrival into our home. See, so many blessings!!
So today is a day of celebration! I had a hot breakfast (toast w/ PB and honey instead of cereal), spent the morning reading and praying, completed my work out video (which gives me pleasure that I still can at 40 weeks!), took a hot hot shower and went to the doctor. I gave my nurse (physician's assistant or whatever) and my doctor cupcakes to celebrate and then heard SJ's heartbeat. She is healthy and happy in there it seems. I didn't get checked and my doctor isn't worried she is too big and also said that she has moved noticeably further down in the pelvis.. which is a good sign! We talked about "what's next" and she is in no rush to intervene on Stella's schedule as long as things stay looking good. We'll go in Wednesday (if not before=) ) for an ultrasound just to make sure every thing is okay in there for sure. After that, it will be up to us as to when we induce with in the following week. However, we both agreed that it would be best if she just came on her own before that... and the doctor thought there was a good chance for that! Then I left and got myself a large Cherry Coke from Sonic (which did happen to put a good friend of mine into labor a few weeks ago), took some more cupcakes up to the church for the cake walk at tomorrow's fall festival, came home to some queso and apples and watched the latest episode of Glee. Now I'm doing laundry and waiting for the hubs to take me to dinner... then on to a pumpkin/fall party some great friends are throwing tonight! Tomorrow is the annual fall festival at our church and Drew's day off... woo hoo!! Lots and lots to celebrate!
So... if you need an excuse to celebrate today... feel free to celebrate a Happy Guess Date Day on our behalf!
We'll keep you posted if anything new happens with SJ.... like she decides to come out or something.

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Robyn said...

I have been checking your blog every day! I don't know why, but I am so excited for Stella to get here! I just love my child so much, and I can't wait for other people to experience that. I'm guessing she will maker her entrance into this world on Tuesday, October 20th! I will be praying for a smooth delivery. I wish I could give you some advice on that, but I never got to experience it. Can't wait to hear the news from the blog, facebook, or Bree!