Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hunkered Down.

This picture has nothing to do with the following post... but I think it's funny

Well, our little snow day took quite a turn and we have ended up having a snow week.
When I say we, I don't mean Drew and myself as you would suppose. Nope, I mean B&C Hamric (our adopted children for the week) and myself.
I was with our friends the Hamrics all day on Tuesday and then we had awesome Chili with our community group that night and went home. The roads were slushy and wet and everything was starting to drip and I was so disappointed our snow storm was so short-lived. The weathermen were promising more to come but all we had was rain. It was just gross.
I barely slept a wink (again) and woke up at 5 on Wednesday and alas, all was still wet and slushy. I was so disappointed, I was on the verge of mad. I stomped back into the bedroom and got in bed muttering things about the stupid lame boring storm and how weathermen were so unreliable and Drew was laughing in his sleep at his outrageous wife and her love for dramatic storms, especially snow. I went back to sleep.
Drew met with his dudes that morning and when they were done he woke me up (about 730-8) and told me to look outside. It was snowing cottonballs outside and everything had re-frozen. HOW WEIRD! It was in the 20s all night and yet nothing froze and then at "sunrise" everything refreezes and snow and ice resume. Weird. I was ecstatic to say the least.
B. Hamric was already over b/c he's one of the dudes and so he went and retrieved his beautiful bride from their apartment b/c she is one of the dudettes and they had no power.
So the Lewis and Hamric households got to hang out again all day and this time Drew got to join us b/c the roads were so bad and the power was out all over town and ERAC had burst a pipe or something. ERAC never closes... so this was a huge blessing.
The guys finished the trim in the kitchen (forgot to upload the pictures) and it looks AMAZING... I mean really, I am SO IMPRESSED with them! Today we need to get in there and paint it but we were getting stir-crazy.
C. and I bundled up (pics to come) and trekked to the local Kroger who was running on generators to get grub for us all and it was quite the adventure. We splurged and bought a few extra treats for the storm (I mean it is a special occasion)... like double stuffed oreos! There are power lines down all up and down the street and about a foot of snow all over the place. Trees are cracking and falling as well to the char-grin of many street-parked cars. We had our neighbor over for soup at lunch, it was basically a party at our place all day!
B&C spent the night and here we all are again today. They are both teachers and the power is out and all of our schools are cancelled for the whole week. Bummer is, they have to make it up later... boo. I'm not sure what the seminary will do with the whole first week of classes missed. weird.
Louisville has really taken a beating this year between Ike and this snow storm... we missed a week of class for each. I really don't mind though b/c I feel much more prepared for classes now... I have time to clean my house, I've started all my homework, taken down the Xmas tree (I leave it up as long as possible!) and had a lot more time with friends we missed over the break! It's funny that our little house, with all its issues and draftiness has never lost power through all the drama and has become a safe place for our friends to crash. We truly are blessed and grateful for the provisions.
Well, since I am lame and forgot to upload our house and snow pics.... here are some pics to make you feel warm and happy again..... enjoy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow...or ice...


Today was supposed to be my first day of the Spring semester
Today I was supposed to have Hebrew II at 8:30 in the morning
Today I was supposed to go to work at 10

Yesterday I was not prepared for Hebrew II
Yesterday I stayed up way too late with some awesome people
Yesterday I hardly slept a wink, wondering if there would be snow today... and no school

Today I woke up early to the pitter patter of ice on the window
Today I woke up to a bright white light of snow in the window
Today I woke up and read the glorious words "classes cancelled, offices closed"

Now I am doing Hebrew
Now I will be prepared for my "first day"
Now I have time to drink Chai and enjoy the snow... or ice

Blessed snow day

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Got this song from my Dad's blog....hahaha

Michael Dewalt posted a performance of the song I Think My Wife’s A Calvinist by its author Brandon Milan. Too funny!

I can’t buy my wife roses
She doesn’t care a thing for them
Instead she likes Tulips
Cause they’re approved by John Calvin

She doesn’t read that Beth Moore book I bought her
She’d rather read St. Augustine
If she wasn’t a Baptist preacher’s daughter
I think she’d be Presbyterian

I think my wife’s a Calvinist
She only owns an ESV
I’m always catching her reading Romans 8:28 through 30
And Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology

She has a tattoo that says, “I heart John Piper in Greek.”
She likes Spurgeon more than she likes me
But that’s okay
I didn’t choose her, she chose me

She put me in a dog house
For liking the Emergent Church
She won’t fix my supper now
Cause I brought home a book by Norman Geisler

If you ever met her
You know she’s not mean she’s really sweet
Except when it comes to the little bitty matters
Of doctrine and theology

I think my wife’s a Calvinist
She only reads the ESV
Always hearing her quoting Romans 8:28 through 30
And Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology

She has a tattoo that says, “I heart John Piper in Greek.”
She likes Spurgeon more than she likes me
I think my wife’s a Calvinist
She only owns an ESV

She made me burn my NIV study Bible
Always reading Romans 8:28 through 30
All the time
And Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology

She has a tattoo that says, “I heart John Piper in Greek.”
And she likes Spurgeon more than she likes me
But that’s okay
I didn’t choose her she chose me

Yeah, she chose me (repeat)
She didn’t choose you she chose me

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I've written so many blog posts this past week but we don't have internet anymore and so they are all so outdated that I'm not going to post them. ugh.
I had my sinus surgery on Wednesday and all went smoothly and I even woke up with saliva, which was a huge relief. I haven't had to take any of the pain meds but have had to just stay put on the couch to prevent anything nasty leaking out. haha.
Thanks to every one who kept me company while I was a little crazy and out of it and who brought us yummy food. It was actually perfect timing to get food b/c the same day I had surgery our kitchen pipes froze over so we have limited options in the kitchen right now. Oh the joys of home-ownership.
We went to Texas for the holidays and Drew's older brother got engaged to a lovely lady while we were there. We saw lots of family and a few friends but missed out on seeing a few dear friends. There is never enough time.
I also got to experience my first round of acupuncture as a last ditch effort to rescue my sinuses.
I turned a quarter of a century old and we both had stomach viruses.
It's been a busy past few weeks.

Now I've got to buckle down and get some studying/research done and get the house clean before school starts. There is still a lot to do on the house. The list of 2009 projects includes: the stairs, new counters in the kitchen and an island, finishing the trim painting and installing, new toilet and maybe maybe redoing the walls/ceiling in the dining room. whew. I'm tired just thinking about it all. The stairs and the kitchen are the main deal for now.
I'm not sure where I left off on house renovations but the living room is pretty much done (minus wall hangings) and the kitchen and bathroom now have tile. woo hoo.

2009 is going to be an interesting year it seems already. Friends coming and going, making changes, growing. Forgiving and letting go, moving on. New jobs? School? I honestly have no idea where we will be come 2010. We could be in the exact same place (physically) or we could be anywhere! That's the joy of making no plans and trusting the Lord to lead, you usually have no idea where you are going in advance. I pray Drew will be in a place that he loves to work and serve and that we will be closer and more in love than ever. I pray we will continue to grow in true community and fellowship. I pray that we will learn and believe the gospel more and live it out in faith and truth. I pray we will see change in our hearts and in those around us.

Here's the latest (though very old) pics in case I never posted them!