Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I've written so many blog posts this past week but we don't have internet anymore and so they are all so outdated that I'm not going to post them. ugh.
I had my sinus surgery on Wednesday and all went smoothly and I even woke up with saliva, which was a huge relief. I haven't had to take any of the pain meds but have had to just stay put on the couch to prevent anything nasty leaking out. haha.
Thanks to every one who kept me company while I was a little crazy and out of it and who brought us yummy food. It was actually perfect timing to get food b/c the same day I had surgery our kitchen pipes froze over so we have limited options in the kitchen right now. Oh the joys of home-ownership.
We went to Texas for the holidays and Drew's older brother got engaged to a lovely lady while we were there. We saw lots of family and a few friends but missed out on seeing a few dear friends. There is never enough time.
I also got to experience my first round of acupuncture as a last ditch effort to rescue my sinuses.
I turned a quarter of a century old and we both had stomach viruses.
It's been a busy past few weeks.

Now I've got to buckle down and get some studying/research done and get the house clean before school starts. There is still a lot to do on the house. The list of 2009 projects includes: the stairs, new counters in the kitchen and an island, finishing the trim painting and installing, new toilet and maybe maybe redoing the walls/ceiling in the dining room. whew. I'm tired just thinking about it all. The stairs and the kitchen are the main deal for now.
I'm not sure where I left off on house renovations but the living room is pretty much done (minus wall hangings) and the kitchen and bathroom now have tile. woo hoo.

2009 is going to be an interesting year it seems already. Friends coming and going, making changes, growing. Forgiving and letting go, moving on. New jobs? School? I honestly have no idea where we will be come 2010. We could be in the exact same place (physically) or we could be anywhere! That's the joy of making no plans and trusting the Lord to lead, you usually have no idea where you are going in advance. I pray Drew will be in a place that he loves to work and serve and that we will be closer and more in love than ever. I pray we will continue to grow in true community and fellowship. I pray that we will learn and believe the gospel more and live it out in faith and truth. I pray we will see change in our hearts and in those around us.

Here's the latest (though very old) pics in case I never posted them!

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