Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Will you pray with me?
Will you pray for me?

Some of you know about my weird nose issues. I'm definitely not proud of them. But in a nutshell, my sinuses just need to be replaced. In the past two months I have been on four rounds of antibiotics. The funny thing is, right before I started my first round I had learned a lot about antibiotics and decided I really didn't want to be on them again unless absolutely necessary. HA!
So, my ear-nose-and-throat doctor and I have become good friends and I have financed all of his children's Christmas presents I am pretty sure. Once an infection crept in, he has kept a close eye on me seeing if the pollyp disease would try and rear it's ugly self. So far I have been totally clear and just full of mucus... mmmm, this is my mom's only gross-out subject!
Yesterday I went in for a check up after a double round of antibiotics before leaving for the Christmas holiday. Plus, we had finally met our deductible and he wanted to do some of the more extensive check up stuff that costs more since it would be free! (See, he really is a nice guy...) I moseyed in and took my turn waiting for over an hour in the waiting room (that's why I usually go in the morning and not in the afternoon... they are always backed up!). I enjoyed reading magazines. Finally I went back and reported clear mucus and minor head pain... which is AMAZING compared to my usual report. She thought I was fine. Then in came the doctor....
Ears...check, fine
Eyes,.. check, fine
Throat.. check, fine
Outer nose/facial...check, fine
"looks good so far"
Nose... "OH MY GOSH, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!" ummm...?
My doctor then proceeded to rant a little about how could such a pretty little girl like me make such a nasty mess inside her nose and how oh how did that stuff withstand the antibiotics etc etc etc...
So he ordered the spray... have you ever been sprayed in your nose for a scope? Well, if not, you're lucky. It's SICK NASTY! They spray this stuff and it usually runs right past my nose and then proceeds down my throat where it burns and turns my whole mouth and throat numb despite my chugging my entire water bottle to prevent said numbing.
Then the doctor comes in with a two foot rubber thingy with a light on the end and proceeds to shove it up my nose. lovely, I know. Remember, my nose is not actually numb... just my throat.
"ooh, nooo, ugh...not good" (me thinking..."great")
"we need something else"
Then he proceeds to get a metal rod about 10 inches long with a light on the end and shove THAT up my nose. mmm, fun.
"ooh, no no no, ugh...gross" (me thinking... "great")
"Okay we need something else"
Next they come in with a 6 inch metal rod that has a sucker-thingy on the end. I'm just resigned to humiliation and grossness at this point.
I'll spare you the rest of the details but basically he determined that I still had an infection in both sides and that pollyps had returned and were growing in a very very precarious place. (great)
After all of this and him speaking most of the information into a recorder instead of to me he uttered the horrible word "surgery"
AGAIN... number 4
So, I began to get teary-eyed, which prompted him to pass me on to one of his assistants to book the xray and surgery. She is the one he always pushes the crying ones to. haha.
So, I am booked for surgery in January right before the start of the spring semester.

All of this is to give you a little laugh and a little motivation to pray.
I know that we worship a living God who works in the lives of his people in real ways. He is the Healer and Provider of all good things. I believe he can heal me of this but if that is not his will I believe he will provide for us as we struggle with what to do time and again with this stuff.
Please pray with boldness for healing and provision.
Though a nose is a very small part of the body it really effects a whole ton of things with my body. Though I look and feel completely fine my body is malfunctioning and needs a healing much more completely than anything my doctor or I can do.
Please pray.


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Oh, Lindsey! I'm so sorry to hear that another surgery is on the near horizon. I am praying that the Lord would intervene and heal your nose and also that he would sustain you and give you much grace as you suffer.

Please let us know how we can serve you, sweet friend!

Sarah said...

Lindsey, I'm so sorry- I am definitely praying, for healing and for strength and peace as you go through this yet again. Please keep us posted and let us know what we can do to help.