Monday, February 4, 2008

New Friends

One of our newest friends from church are Brian and Christina. We actually met these two peeps in the welcome/share the peace part of our church. They were on the third row and we were on the fourth. They seemed super nice and soon after we met them for coffee at Heine Brothers. We did the typical guy/girl thing and ended up having two seperate conversations. I didn't really get to know Christina well b/c she had a friend with her who was much more talkative... but since then we have shared chicken and dumplings, bbq, tacos, chilis, college retreat and log cabin! I have especially enjoyed getting to know Christina more and more and to see some one like Brian (I have no idea how he spells it!) really seek Drew out on occassion to hang out! They came along for my birthday surprise and they both did an excellent job keeping the secret when we had dinner the very night before! "are you doing anything fun for your birthday?" haha very funny! Anyways, we love you guys and we hope to see you soon and have you back to our place... it's been a while! We have enjoyed seeing God grow your marriage and each of your lives as you become more and more transformed by the gospel in life and ministry!

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