Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picnics and Popsicles

Growing up in Texas, I was under the impression that Texas is the only state that can begin with warm rain have a beautiful sunny day at lunch and end with snow. That is just not so. I've experienced more weird weather here in Kentucky than I ever did in Texas. Though Texas did have some strange weather it is usually hot or warm and muggy (well atleast in that college town!!). I am weird, though I don't like frozen toes... I do love cold weather. I especially love brisk sunny days because it is easier to be cheerful on those days. On those days I feel totally myself with a book, cup of hot constant comment green tea and a blanket (and a husband). I love hot drinks but I just cannot stand to drink them when it's hot outside. So by the time it gets around to fall I am dying for some hot tea! I hate being hot. I do love spring and summer though... that's why I don't say cold weather is my favorite... I just love it. Because I also totally love spring, even though I always get a sinus infection. I love having a folding chair and blankets in my car at all times so that I can go to the park and do my homework while drinking lemonade vitamin water (which I love and am drinking right now!). Okay back to the story.... yesterday it was 60 degrees and cloudy... then it rained and STORMED big time and then 30 minutes later it was bright and sunny with a nip in the wind and then by the time Drew came home from work it was sleeting... weird! but I like it.
Today we are also debuting (I think that's how you spell it) a new friend......

This is Matt and Lauren. Matt was one of the first people that we met at our awesome church. He and Drew hit it off istantly talking about bikes. Little did they know that in the not too distant future they would bike 800 miles together around the state! We also liked him b/c his girlfriend at the time, who we didn't meet until later, was from TEXAS....and our town also! She and Drew also worked at the same summer camp and had a lot of the same friends though they had never met. She and I took a class together and we all really hit it off. We were given a starbucks giftcard from a friend at the wedding and told to spend it making new friends....we spent it on them. They were our first our-age-friends to hang out with in Kentucky. We left and I said, "That was fun, I like them" and every time we would hang out with new people I always said this and now it's a staple. Any time we leave friends or they leave us we say "That was fun, we like them!" We obviously haven't met any people we didn't liked...seriously. We also shared a hotel with these two on New Years before they were married. We used to discuss who we would be friends with if they broke up, so we were very relieved when they decided instead to get married! We even biked with them on the day he proposed!!! They introduced us to our favorite restaurant, Cafe LuLu and to many friends at our church. She encouraged me to audition for the praise team and we worked two jobs together. We miss these guys a lot lately because of work, but we are hanging out THIS WEEKEND!!! YAY! We love you guys and we love seeing Christ in you and seeing your marriage grow!

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