Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friends continued....

Today I want to highlight some of our first friends. I don't even have a picture of the lovely wife or their new baby girl! But I can show you dad and Reid! This was Reid's first apple I'm pretty sure... I gave it to him at a church festival and he thought it tasted really good! Joy and Daniel were some of the very first real friends we had in Louisville. They came and ate tortilla soup at our house as our first guests our own age. They hosted us as well. Joy was so great to have me in her home on a daily basis when I was home alone while Drew worked the first few months of our life here. She has always been such a great friend to hang out with and especially to eat Chick Fil A with! I can always count on her to support my cravings! Her son was my first fake nephew and she honored me with the title "Aunt Lindsey", which I am pretty proud of. I am now Aunt to both of her children along with many other people from our church! Daniel has also been a great friend to Drew. We used to be in community group together but now we try to catch them inbetween baby naps and bed times. This couple is such a great example of God's love and of what a godly family should look like. I honestly never thought I'd be ready to have kids until Joy let me tag along with her and get some baby practice in. She makes motherhood look easy, and young and skinny! haha. We love you guys and nothing we could say on this blog (though I am pretty sure you don't even know we have one) would really speak our appreciation for your friendship! We are glad you are staying another year!

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