Friday, August 28, 2009


I mentioned that now that I am at home more often, I am trying to enhance my craftiness. I still have a long way to go but I did make this little skirt for Stella with a friend the other day. I am excited to see it on her with some little brown leggings. The pattern called for elastic in the waist but neither of us had any so we just made a drawstring waist. It was really simple but a perfect way to decorate plain onesies.

Speaking of crafts, have I mentioned that the girls in my community group are SUPER crafty?! They are all so talented and artistic... I think it must have something to do with the fact that they are all elementary school teachers. Anyway... they threw Stella and me a wonderful baby shower and Stella received some more beautifully hand crafted things.

In baby news, Stella is getting close to 4lbs (or so they say) and is just about full length. We found out last week that she is also "head down", which is a great relief and a small step towards a hopefully smooth labor! Several of my friends, whom I have mentioned, who are pregnant, are getting closer to meeting their babies. One friend, (Bgirl) is 39 weeks and could pop at any moment! She if officially due next weekend, I CANT BELIEVE IT! Just this time last year she and I were both so uncertain when we would ever have babies of our own. Our other friend, who is due only 10 days or so before me actually already went into labor! Sunday she had crazy back pain and it turns out she was having contractions and dilating. They gave her meds to stop the contractions and she is now on bed rest for two weeks. It's definitely a bummer that she is on bed rest but after talking to her we agreed that it is also very exciting to know that if her baby came now, she would more than likely be perfectly healthy. It is exciting to think that we are all getting so close. By the time I get over all of their excitement it will be closer to time to celebrate my own excitement. In the meantime we have plenty to keep us busy around the house! We already shampooed the carpet upstairs and rearranged the furniture to make room for all the baby things. It looks and smells so much nicer up there already! It also helps me get the downstairs ready to have a place to put all our baby things.
So, we are moving right along.
My next project is decorating burp cloths and researching cloth diapers and vaccinations.


Mama Blue said...

The skirt looks awesome! Are you still in need of a sling? ;)

Anonymous said...

WAY cute!!
gramma susie

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Hey, let me know what you find out about cloth diapers! We're definitely going to do them, but haven't done too much research yet.