Friday, August 14, 2009

The L-Word

I have a fondness for the letter "L".
First of all, my initials are "LL". I remember in second grade we were learning cursive (which they don't do any more) and most of the kids in my class could already write their names in cursive based on the letters we had learned so far. Well, we still hadn't learned the capital "L". So, one day the teacher (Ms. Bourland sp?), who took to calling me George for some reason that I understood and thought was hilarious at the time, called me to her desk and taught me alone how to write the capital "L" in cursive. I remember I felt so special. Too bad I now sign my name in cursive all lower case. But that's beside the point. She also kept skittles in her candy jar and we got one when we were being good... who knew ONE skittle could ever entice a person to do anything... I am pretty sure now it would be against the law to give a child an unwrapped skittle, especially in response to any thing behavior related... such a shame... but I digress.
So, during pregnancy there have been some major L-words coming into play.

The first L-word is "lemonade". I cannot get enough of this stuff. In the first and third trimester this drink has been like liquid gold for me. I think it's because I am trying to stay away from too many sodas during pregnancy but sometimes you need something more than water (no matter what my husband thinks... he's the exception)... also lemonade has that wonderful tartness that for some reason I have craved through out pregnancy. I once went to one of those candy stores in the mall and only bought sour items (most of them cherry).... I would never have done this 8 months ago. I am however, picky about my lemonade... I know you are all surprised. I cannot stand the stuff that comes out of a fountain drink machine... no HiC, no minute maid or koolaid. My current favorite is Chick Fil A, but though I do loyally love that establishment.. their lemonade is WAY over priced! Crystal Light pink lemonade is also delicious but full of artificial sweeteners, which is a downer.

The next L-word is "lunges". I know, this is a strange word. Yes, I am referring to the exercise where you put one leg in front of the other and squat down on the back leg. I love this exercise! At the beginning of my pregnancy I decided I would not let my lower body parts get out of whack just because my middle parts were getting larger so I began walking and doing lunges on a regular basis. My lower regions tend to be the area I hold my donuts so this was no easy task! However, after many painful experiences I am to the point of doing my lunges almost daily and with out the pain days after... and there is a noticeable difference.. hurray! Today as I was doing my lunges, which are still painful in the moment, I actually had the thought, "I love lunges" and I knew I was crazy.

So, there you have some of my favorite L-words in pregnancy. Some that I am looking forward to are "laying on my back" and not feeling so "lazy" and "lethargic"... but I think those will all be more easily enjoyed after pregnancy.


Sarah Cosper said...

Try this: 1 cup of Lemon juice (bottled or fresh squeezed) and one cup of sweetener (sugar or spendla) in a 2 quart pitcher and top with water, and stir till sweetener dissolves. It's my favorite!

cal+claire said...


Anonymous said...

disolve the sugar in warm water before you add and it will mix in well, also add a little food coloring for fun, do you remember this from childhood? love you, mom