Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Few More Introductions

Stella has received so many sweet gifts, and it was my goal to highlight one every so often on the blog. Well, our house in under construction and thus baby things are shoved here and there and covered in dust (from dry wall mud).
However, I managed to dig out a couple of special things you should see!
First, Drew's Mom (not sure of her gma name yet, though I personally like lulu) made Stella a special blanket. Drew was attached to a hand knitted/croched blanket that was given to him when he was little. He called it his "bobby". Apparently it was hard to keep little Drew happy in the car or any where with out said bobby. Thus, the friend made a smaller version to be a little more car friendly.

So, now Stella has her own bobby, complete with a mini version in advance! And there will be no doubt about whether this child is a girl or not when she is toting this blanket!

Second, I have some wonderfully crafty friends. I however, am not so crafty. I have lots and lots of great ideas that pop into my head and usually no clue how to carry them out. When I do work on something crafty I usually have to be rescued out of the mistakes I make by a crafty friend. So, I have been spending some quality time with these crafty gals and have made some wall art for Stella's room and today I made a nursing cape! A couple of my girl friends and I went to this cute quilt shop and picked out some fun fabrics and today we spent the whole afternoon sewing them into nursing capes/aprons. A lot of ladies have these aprons at our church and they are so useful for when you have to nurse in public or semi-public (which is very very common around these parts). We had so much fun laughing at each other's mistakes and brainstorming a pattern when details were forgotten and well... eating (that's what happens when you have two ladies in their third trimester and a nursing mama!).
So here is my finished product! I am pretty pleased.

We are still interviewing doulas (natural birth helper) but hope to have our choice by the end of the week. We really liked the one we met last night but she is also the most expensive one we have interviewed (before you comment on my expensive taste... Drew picked her as his favorite first). I can't believe that we are counting down 10 weeks now!


Chris said...

Not at all a fan of Lulu, but I do like the crafts. Very well done on the cape, girl. Way to make a cute yet practical product.

Anonymous said...

The nursing cape is so cute! I've never heard of one, but it sure seems like a great idea. Thanks for the pics of Stella's blankets. :) And I think that pic of D is one of the cutest ever! Did you know Peter used to calle him "D"? He called Chris "witter". Speaking of names, what about Papa Rick and Gramma Susie? Your idea is cute, but Rick doesn't like it...
g'ma lew

Maggie Ainsworth said...

I, too, had fun being crafty and "helping" with the nursing cape. Maybe next time we'll all have a better handle on the order of things, but that wouldn't make for quite as fun a time, would it?

Mama Blue said...

Beautiful job Lindsey!