Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another L

I found another L word that makes me so happy! the LIBRARY!
I think I might have mentioned that I am (was) totally scared of the Library. It's like going to half priced books but with a lot less friendliness. How do you pick a book out of thousands and thousands? I also have a weird memory of really mean librarians!
So, though I have had many people recommend different things to me from the library, I have never been able to brave the place alone. I hoped to go with a family with kids who could introduce me around the place... but I did mention that I hate to be a burden to other people?
Well, yesterday I decided it was all just too silly. I am a grown woman, about to be a mother and I needed to over come my fear of people and looking stupid. So I played and replayed scenarios in my head about what it would be like to go to the library by myself.. I know, I know, it sounds silly. I got online to make sure that I would have everything required to get a library card with out having to make repeat trips. I checked the map for the closest branch and made sure I knew their hours. Because of the mini flood we had a few weeks ago the main library, downtown, is closed and a lot of the systems are down from water damage.
Today I woke up and rehearsed my plan for attacking the Library. I had lunch with my lovely husband and told him my plan, which he fully supported (probably chuckling at my random fears). Then I went to Hobby Lobby (LOVE that place) and got a few items needed for my craft projects (the ones that I planned to do with the audio books I would get from the library!). I got just about every item I needed for 50% off! woo hoo.
Then I drove over to the library, parked and entered. Luckily, the front desk is right by the door but unluckily there was NO ONE around. I finally found a friendly plump woman behind a computer screen and asked her if she knew how to get a library card. She was actually from the downtown office and thus had no clue where to find the right papers. After asking a few other misplaced librarians some one was found who could give me the forms. I was prepared with all my documents but they only needed my ID (which she took even though it's still not an updated address) and had me fill out a small form with usual information. TADA! I am a library card holder! I went straight for the audio books and picked out "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant. I have heard my older sister rave about this book time and time again and I think it might even be one of her favorites. It sounded interesting but I just hadn't gotten around to reading it. So, perfect, I am listening to it being read! It's told by the Biblical character of Dinah, Jacob's daughter and she begins by retelling the story of Jacob and his many wives, her mothers/aunts. While the story is definitely embellished quite a bit, it's still very interesting and follows the actual events from Genesis. I also picked up two movies. The great thing about Library movies is that they carry all the movies that I WISH blockbuster carried... and they are FREE for 7 days! I rented two classics, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Sense and Sensibility. I love that they have all the BBC classics and other old favorites... I am saving a few of my favorites for once early labor begins to keep me occupied. It will be so nice to have movies to watch in the evening when I am too tired to get out and Drew is working on the house or out with the guys... plus they aren't really movies he will miss if I watch them without him.
I had forgotten what a wonderful place the Library is. They have just about every book you might desire and you can check them out for almost a month at at time... and with the way I eat through books, that is more than enough time! Right now they don't have a lot of their books b/c of the flood and not having their system up and running to check things in.. but every one I spoke to was so kind and friendly and not a single one treated me like a moron for not knowing my way around or how to reserve a book. I walked over to the children's section and I was flooded by memories I forgot that I had. They had the old school American Girl books on display and I remember being so excited to check out the next one as soon as I finished the one I had. I remember our whole family going to the library on a Saturday in the fall and we each got to check out a book or two. Then we drove around with the windows down in the Suburban and went to a park to play. We played and read and played and read. I even remember what I was reading.... Turn Homeward Hannalee... I think I read that book a million times in elementary school... rotating it only with Sarah Plain and Tall as number one on my list. I can't wait for Stella to read those books too. They had so many brightly illustrated books and learning tools, it just made me smile and want to do little twirly dances around the room. It's such a happy place where imagination learns to grow... I can't believe I stayed away for so long! I am so thankful for parents that taught us to enjoy reading and I can't wait to begin reading to Stella and then hopefully one day see her form a curiosity of her own for stories.
In house news: Drew and our house-working hero, Paul are finishing up the work on the stairs tonight. All that should be left is calking and painting, which we are thinking of hiring a friend to do since I can't handle the fumes and Drew works so much! I keep teasing Paul that he will never talk to us again when this is done but I guess that really isn't the case since he is moving from about 2 miles away to one block away! Now we can just sit on his front porch when we need house help! haha just kidding!
I'll leave you with a picture of the stairs so far and my first finished craft thanks to my new audio book! (I know it's a little early for fall but I couldn't stand to make it and not hang it!) Tomorrow is going to be applique day!


Anonymous said...

beautiful stairs, beautiful wreath, love, mom

Anonymous said...

yes we agree all is beautiful
GOOD WORK u all .
a&m in nevada

Maggie Ainsworth said...

LOVE the wreath and the stairs look amazing!

cal+claire said...

way to be amazing, drew and paul, those stairs are awesome! i remember jumping over the gap haha

the wreath is beautiful, lindsey. i'm sure everything you make will be great and i can't wait to teach you to crochet!