Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I need to start this post with some praise.
Praise the Lord that he has provided us with friends who have selflessly given lots and lots of time to help us on our house. We had a couple that spent pretty much just as much time as we did in the house this weekend and it blessed our socks off. We couldn't do this without these people. Not to mention the fact that we don't know what we're doing and many of these people are semi-experts on home repair and all that jazz. We even had some guys who came by during the DAY when they were off work to keep sanding the floors. WOW. I can't believe these people and how they have loved us. It can only be the Lord because all good things and all provision flow from him... and why else would these people damage their brain cells and lungs for us?!
Thanks to each and every person that has helped in the house, given us food and drink, encouraged and packed along side of us... and for all of you who are praying for us as well! It's being answered!
That said, here are some photos.... it's been a slow process but after a longggg weekend you will see the progress. It's definitely not where we wanted it to be by now, but we were unrealistic because we didn't know that the floors would have hundreds of miniature staples and nails the pull up, that the sander would break (though we didn't get charged for that day..whew), that stain took a day to dry, that the doors wouldn't fit, that the plumbing leaks and that all that debris would be that nasty and heavy to get rid of... you get the idea! (now you know why I started with PRAISE!!)

These (above) are the pictures of all that was accomplished by Friday: appliances, more painting, cleared out a lot of rubble and cleaning up in general

This is pretty much how it looks right now. All the floors are sanded down, the bedroom received its first coat of stain (not as dark as it looks), we finally got out 99% of the junk in the front room and installed the front door and the kitchen it painted!! Things are coming along!! Tonight I'm staying home to pack while Drew and his peeps finish up any more sanding, stain and install stuff.
It definitely won't be ready by Saturday when we begin to move in... or by the 31st when we will completely move in... but I am learning not to have expectations. Everything will get done in time and any inconvenience is very minor considering the living conditions many millions of people live in around the world every day. It's been hard for me mostly because I begin to feel overwhelmed or let down by all that needs to be done and I miss having Drew all to myself and taking walks and relaxing. We haven't really let ourselves relax except for those precious hours of sleep at night.
Speaking of which, blogging is way to relaxing... and I have things to put on Craigslist and messes to clean up before my friends get here to help me... they will think this place is bad enough even after I tidy up! haha, this has all been a very humbling experience and also the best blessing.
Thanks again every one who has helped (like handyman and jack-of-all-trades Chris pictured above) and prayed for us! We couldn't and can't do this with out you!!!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! You all have gotten so much done! Everything is going to look great, and then you get to enjoy your home and praise God for all he's given you.

Jessica said...

Ah Linds,
It's coming along GREAT! I can't wait to see the next update. Please keep posting for your distant friends to keep up!


Robyn said...


I can already tell from the pictures that y'all have come a long way! It looks great! I love the colors you picked out for the paint!

Emily said...

You guys have been doing awesome! It already looks so different and amazing. You have good decoration ideas. Can't wait to see it in person some day. :)