Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too Long

It's been too long my friends, too long.
Many a thing has happened since we last chatted and I am now here (thanks to an allergy attack that cancelled my morning run) to give you the update.

First of all I got a new job and then another and so now I'm working two jobs, which has really cut into my blogging time. With house renovations and a new semester of school, any extra cash is nice so I am working as the assistant I think I already told you about and I am filling in back at my old job at a cafe downtown. It's really not been too bad, especially since I already know the people and the ropes of the cafe and so even though it makes for a long day, it has been enjoyable.
We went to Duxbury, Massachusetts for the fourth of July where Drew's great aunt and her extended family live. It's just outside of Boston. Things you should know, she is 97 and you can be praying for her b/c she has a tumor in her jaw and is trying to regain strength at rehab to move back home. She lives in the house her parents built around 1900 right on an ocean inlet (is that a word?). It's an amazing place. She and her sister never married and travelled the world all their lives and so walking into their house is better than any antique mall I've ever been in.

Secondly, we closed on our house Tuesday!!! We have many many awesome friends who piled into the house that night and basically helped us destroy the inside of the house! haha. It really, literally, looked like a war-zone you see on CNN. In all the rooms they ripped out carpet and in the front room they also ripped out wood paneling, a dropped ceiling, and lots and lots of plaster (that we didn't know what there until face to face with it). They had the front door open and so much dust and junk was constantly billowing out of the door you couldn't even see in! The men that worked in here were black from head to toe, even though they wore masks. One friend in particular, Brandon, walked up to his wife, who was painting in the next room, and when she saw him she screamed and jumped! It was hilarious!!! These guys are so great and I am so thankful to them and for them because they diligently did the grosses job ever! (though I think many of them loved getting to destroy some one else's stuff! haha. Our other friend, Brian, has been telling us for weeks he is ready to tear down anything we will let him get his hands on! haha. All of us ladies (and some men) primed and painted the rooms. We got so much done in just the first day, it was amazing! Last night a lot of the same folks came out and helped us finish up the paint.... well, except in the front room... we are pretending it's not there until we know what to do with it... you'll see what I mean....
I thought about waiting and doing before, during and after pics all together, but that's too easy... you need to see it now I think so you can hold your breath with us to hope for great "after" pics in the weeks to come! This weekend we're sanding and re-staining floors....
Some of the pictures that follow may be upsetting/worrisome to certain parental units... look with caution! =)


during (at least we found the fireplace?!)


Jessica said...

I wanna see your new house!

I wish I could have been there for the demolition!

Miss you, friend.

Maggie Ainsworth said...

Wow! I'm so glad you guys were able to make such serious progress. We just go back in town yesterday, and I would love to help. I'm going to call you later...