Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi again!

Well, I told you already... school has begun! I can't believe it's already about time for Fall Break!
We've had some interesting goings-on here in Kentucky. We actually got hit by Ike! Sunday Drew and I woke up to a more than breezy day. We ate breakfast and went for a walk and worked on the house. I had to be at church early b/c I was singing in the night services and when we got there it was locked and dark. No Power. We practiced in the dark and then when there was still no power they had to call both services off. So we went home. Little did we know that 80% of Louisville was out of power and many of the major roads were blocked with huge trees in the road. Our little house never lost power and we went on with life as usual.
We finally got our couches in and when a friend was helping Drew unload he asked me if I was excited school was cancelled for the whole week. WHAT?!?! I had no clue what he was talking about. Turns out, the Seminary lost power and had to cancel classes for the entire week!! WOO HOO! I thought I was care free. I thought of all the miles I would run and blogs I would write. But it turns out, I have quite a lot of homework when we don't have class and I've been working on it all week. But I have gotten a lot done, which is nice. Drew still had to work. And I did get a couple of runs in until last night when I bit the dust and messed up both hands, a knee and a hip...bummer. I tripped, caught myself and then slipped and landed with a thud. and cried.
Drew has a car sale this weekend and we are praying it goes well. With the economy down and stuff the erac sales have been less than hoped for. My cute little hubby set this one up and has been makin' cookies for those little credit unions all week to get people to come out. Isn't that cute?!? haha. He never touches the stove at our house. hmmmm.
Our community group is up and running and we are really blessed by all of the people in our group. I'm also blessed that now they can all have a comfy place to sit!!
Next weekend we are celebrating 2 years of wedded bliss! We are going to a bed and breakfast and then to a Shaker Village. I am sooo pumped, especially since it will be their apple festival that weekend. If you know the Lewisi, you know we LOVE apples. And... for those of you who also love apples and/or look to me for apple advice... HONEY CRISP apples are at Whole Foods as you read this post!!! Quit reading, go buy HONEY CRISPS!! They are THE BEST apples I have ever had. Crisp. Tart. Sweet and beautiful!! Pink Ladies are my year-round favorite but Honey Crisps are a treat b/c they are only around for a month or two and then gone. Get'em while you can!!
Okay... now for more pictures... not too much to report but we did get sprayed for bugs today (whew no roaches) and we are getting our air ducts cleaned in about a week (which is why the pictures of our couches show them still in the plastic... our air is SO dusty especially in the living room)


Chris said...

Thanks for the update sis. Sounds like you had more excitement from Ike than we did. I'm jealous for the time off from school. The couch looks nice too. Can't wait to see it...sometime. Miss you. Love you.


Daniel said...

Hey Hey, Lewisi! The house is really coming along. I cannot wait to come see it! How would you guys feel about a visitor sometime after little Eliza Ganger is born??? I really want to come up for a visit and I'd probably be bringing Miss Annelise with me. Would you be up for maybe hosting at your new casa? We are low-key guests...and we're flexible about when we can come, too. Uh, sorry to spring all that on you at once! I love you and miss you a ton, girl!