Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Falling for Fall

Well, it has been quite the while since we last posted here. Don't worry, we're alive... just so busy!

School is in full swing, though this is fall break and I still haven't had a minute to lose. Drew is still working at selling cars and doing great. We are leading a college community group for our church and just finished leading the guys and girls retreat.

Drew surpirsed me a few weekends ago and wisked me off to Nashville to celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY! We were both gone and seperated on our actual anniversary for the retreats so I figured we would celebrate the next weekend. Nope!
My wonderful husband packed our bags and made RESERVATIONS at the Opry Land Hotel/Resort in Nashville! We had a wonderful time. We ate at a nice restaurant and then got cheesecake to go and ate it in the room. We got to rent a movie and sleep late and ate a huge breakfast!! (that's the PG version at least!)
Drew also gave me two very thoughtful gifts, an ipod thingy that lets you listen to it on the radio since I don't have a CD player after it being stolen 3 times! He also bought me a really cool winter coat that I really wanted and probably needed that I had pointed out MONTHS AGO! What a man!

We also went yesterday and picked apples at a local farm! They have this HUGE farm with almost every type of fruit you can imagine! We went specifically for the apples because we are addicted and they were 99cents a pound if you pick them yourself! So when Drew had the day off we went and got apples and a pumkin! Yay Kentucky! (even though the farm is technically in Indiana).

And there were pumpkins!!!

Please be in prayer for Drew's family because they are going through a lot of testing right now especially in their health. His dad is still recovering and needing healing from his heart attack this summer and his mom just had some emergency female surgery and is still recovering. All of this and they still have a book store to run with little help. Please pray!

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