Monday, January 28, 2008


Boys and girls are different. This is something I have learned in my year+ in marriage. I do happen to have the most amazing, caring and wonderful husband on the planet but sometimes he doesn't understand me. It's not bad, it's usually funny.
It is a steadfast rule in our house that if Drew is cold I am sweating hot and if he is hot I am fine or cold. Seriously. When we get into bed at night I am usually freeeeeezing and my body has a wind chill. Drew is usually radiating heat at this point, which is great for my cold legs and toes but not so great for his warm self! Then the night begins, we sleep, I sweat, I wake up, I am soooooo hot!! I can't take a hot shower, I hate blow drying my hair and take frequent trips to stand by the fan to cool off. Drew wakes up freeeeezing... the first place he likes to go is to the thermastat (sp?) and I cry...noooooo I am sweating! He wears an undershirt, shirt, coat jacket, robe and blanket when he's reading in the mornings and is cold. I am wearing...less... and I am sweating. It's seriously weird!
I love tradition and having rituals about my life. For instance, I love tea. Cold or hot. I love it. So every night and some mornings in the winter I like to have my constant comment green tea with 1/4th of a packet of splenda. I like to have a Dr. Pepper or cherry coke (light on the cherry but please put real cherries in, thanks!) in the summer. I have limited myself to one coke a week, which is huge, but this little beverage lights up my face with out fail. I like to go together. I like to drink (non alcoholic) together. Drew doesn't mind this about me but he is not like this. He could do something different every day and never care or feel bothered.
I love Chick Fil A. I am not a picky eater. I love most if not all vegetables and I even like to cook a lot. However, sometimes I just get these cravings... and they are always for Chick Fil A. Luckily, this is actually a cheap date so Drew doesn't mind obliging me my non-fast-food-good-for-you-fried-chicken!
The final example I will give you is what really inspired me to write this. I love pink. If I can buy it in pink I will. Right now I am wearing pink underarmer and have on pink running shorts with pink adidas and pink socks. I have pink bike jerseys. I have a pink scarf. I have a pink Bible. I like to wear pink all the time. I never liked pink until part way through college and it was like I caught a disease. Don't get me wrong I also love green. Purple is growing on me and blue is great in certain shades. But if I know I am going to have a hard day, I will wear pink. I know the Lord is my first sustainer and I do rely on him more than pink in a major way... but just give me some space here.... I love Jesus most of all.... I am talking about one zillions levels lower than that kind of love and reliance! So... I wear pink and it makes me feel good. I feel happy and cheerful, even if it is just a plain pink tshirt. Wow, get to the story already. Well when I started at the Seminary I was carrying a pink bag, had a pink bible, pink water bottle and pink spiral. Since I had all guys in my greek class they noticed my color and started to tease me about. I really hadn't noticed that I wore pink so often or had so much of it... until one day they started clapping when I walked in with no pink. Still if I see certain of these boys they will comment on the pink or lack of. Every semester I have had a different pink or colorful binder or spiral. This semester the stores are lacking. I have held out. Where was the binder that I was going to be willing to take to every class for a semester, through thick and thin. I have to like it if it's going to be around me more than my husband. So I found it in Texas... it's a notebinder or something like that by five star. It's like a collapsable binder, no thicker than a spiral... and it comes in pink. But I figured I would just get it in Kentucky. Kroger, Target and WalMart didn't have it or anything pink that would work! Finally today, on my fourth trip I found it... the pink notebinder. And I bought it. And I am very happy. I think that since I know my happiness is not bound up in this spiral but just appreciate the little things in life, that it is okay for me to get this. It wasn't any more expensive and I can reuse it over and over by just refilling the paper or small notebook. YAY. Thank you five star.
My husband is still shaking his head that I didn't buy the black one at Target... or any one.... that I really walked out empty more than one place. HAHA!
So maybe boys and girls aren't so different and I am just extremely weird... but I thought every one (or the literal one person who reads this) should get to laugh with me or at me, your choice, and be happy that I found it!!
pointless blogging...yes...but that's how I have to do it to get back in the swing of frequent blogging...

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Larry said...

I guess you come by it honestly. Your mother drove all the way to the Galleria mall in Dallas to buy a red organizer from Franklin Covey. She put her red pen and pencil set in it. Her only sorrow is the nurses must wear blue scrubs, not red.