Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Two

We officially have a two year old on our hands.

I wonder when there will be a birthday for SJ that I will not think about her very first debut.
I still remember exactly how I felt the morning I discovered SJ existed in this world. I remember where I sat and what I did step by step through the day.
I remember details about my pregnancy and how I craved sour candy and developed a dislike for dark chocolate. And being very very sleepy.
I was so proud then to be a mama to a very special, even if unknown, someone.
I couldn't even wrap my mind around having a little girl.
Today, words cannot express the love I feel for this little one.

Stella Jane,

You are only two years old and yet you have already lived up to your name. We prayed that you would be a light to the world, like a shining star in a dark sky and you are. You make us laugh on a daily basis and bring joy to every one around you.
I pray that as you grow older you would begin to know the true Light and that His Light would penetrate your heart and cause you to shine even brighter and truer than you already do. His light is the only one worth having in the end.

We knew that the Lord had been very gracious to us in giving us a chance to know and love you in this life and that is part of why we gave you the name Jane (God is Gracious). However, as we learn to shepherd you and love you, we are seeing more and more the depths of that grace and are so thankful to be able to see your face and heart and personality first thing in the morning and through out each day. We also pray that you would see and understand God's grace in your life and begin to place your trust and hope in Jesus.

I love the way you have grown into snuggling and reading books but still retain your love for action and play. It is so fun to watch you mimic every move we make as you play in your kitchen and take care of your babies. You are such a natural with babies (the real and the plastic variety) and you love to clean and work at whatever I am doing right along side me.
You are a joy.

I pray the the Lord would continue to grow you and speak tenderly to your little heart. I pray that He would protect you and teach you, as only He can. I pray that He would unite our family and give your mom and dad grace for the journey ahead.

We love you Stella Jane, Happy Birthday.

For those interested in a glimpse into the life of a two year old Stella Jane... read on.

At two years old Stella Jane.....

Started to say "Not yet" and "later" and understand and use the term "him and her"
Can sing the ABCs and count to 10 but only when SHE wants to
Has had her first few out right screaming fits
Fully understands and uses the phrase, "I don't like it"
Can sing most of Jesus Loves Me (when no one is looking)
Knows the motions to Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Is developing a love for Elmo (despite her parents' best efforts otherwise)
Loves babies...changing, burping, feeding, rocking, singing to, putting to bed, pushing in stroller and holding
Wants to "Help me" or "Help you"... it's hard to figure out. Often clarifies by saying "Stella help you?"
Can identify most primary and common colors when distracted but if you ask her when she is paying attention, all colors are PINK!
Says "cheese" when she sees a phone or camera and then wants to "see it"
"Call Daddy" a lot
Says "Lub You" and "Lub you too"... but mostly to her babies
Loves to play with balls
Learning to love puzzles and coloring
Frequently tells us she will be "right back", often accompanied by a goodbye hug and kiss
Likes to relive the events of the day and major events of the past and recite family member names.
Is just getting too big and too cute with every passing day...

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cal+claire said...

Love you, this little girl, and your whole family (Drew too - think you're neat!)!