Thursday, March 8, 2007

Too Easy To Complain!

With life whizzing past it's so easy to focus on all the hard things that are going on or all the things you wish had gone different... so I'm taking this moment to celebrate the good things!

1. The fact that I'm able to blog shows I am done with my Greek homework
2. It has been clear and sunny this whole week
3. I got to work out last night
4. I've had a coke everyday this week
5. I can have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a grilled cheese every day if I want
6. We can afford groceries and all our bills
7. I am married to a man that loves me all the time... and if you know me, you know how amazing that is!
8. I slept through the entire night on Tuesday night
9. I have really warm fuzzy slippers
10. I have a job that let's me not only teach school but teach Jesus to teenagers

There are so many more littler things I could think of, and want to think of more. The main thing is... no matter how crummy or overwhelmed I feel and no matter how much our paycheck says, we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and that from now on God calls me his heir and loves me as his own child. No matter how I act or what my grades are he is changing me from one glory to another and listens to my cries and answers them. He is a good God, He is the only God and that is enough to make my Spirit say HURRAY!

Think about the good when all you feel is bad!

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klaya said...

I love you lindsey- that's soo true!