Friday, March 23, 2007

Worth the Stink

Over the past few weeks I have discovered what my very least favorite smell is... mulch. It even sounds gross. It is gross. Mulch has the kind of smell that seeps into your nose and then gets trapped up there and you smell it in your brain for the rest of the day.
Well, Louisville likes to mulch. Apparently it's the price they pay for all the greenness.
However, something began to change....
When I walk around all the flower beds on the Seminary campus, instead of feeling repulsed by the smell of mulch at 8am I am seeing something bright, something yellow, budding from the aforesaid grossness....

I love daffodils! Coming from Texas they are rather rare... or atleast rare in my world. I remember my mom used to always plant daffodils and we would take our pictures on Easter morning with the daffodils trumpetting the risen Lord behind us!
That's what's so great about daffodils... they trumpet! Here all the daffodils lean slightly forward with their little noses, or whatever you call that middle part, stuck out to the sky.
In my mind they are worshipping. They are thanking God for the sunshine and warm weather and even the mulch that helps them grow. They are asking him to be glorified by their beauty and praising him through it. They are obviously happy, anything THAT yellow has to be happy. I want to be like a daffodil.
Also, Daffodils tell me something about God. God is so specific and careful. A god who merely throws a universe together and rules it with an iron fist would never, ever, ever create daffodils. They are so intricate... I mean they have a little trumpet budding out the middle! Also, God gave me the daffodils to reflect on him, as a sign of love and care and purpose in this world. God's not waiting to love us when we get in heaven... he loves us now, just like he loves his son!
I know what you're thinking... how does this girl get this much from a daffodil... well, lucky for you, this is how God made my mind... COMPLEX! (ask my husband! haha)
Also I was thinking... Daffodil is a really really weird word. There's not many words like it... so I began to think of words that might be like it that some one would present to me to prove this theory wrong... the only good one I could think of was Daffy Duck... lots of Ds, two Fs and an A... then I thought... why on earth is Daffy's love interest/wife (who ever knows what their relationship is anyways?!) named DAISY?! Those cartoonists must have been pretty silly to not see that the flower that best goes with Daffy Duck is OBVIOUSLY Daffodil Duck. So from now on I will refer to this female duck cartoon as Daffodil Duck and in years to come I will teach my children that and chuckle when other kids emphatically correct them... and my children will very plainly state the obvious. hahah
It's nice to have a Friday where I actually have time to think about these things.
And yes, I did well on my Greek test and actually finished all the homework (it was a toss up this week)

In other news for those of you who are neglecting many other things to actually have read down this far.... we are having a BIRTHDAY PARTY for DREW tonight at our apartment... it is totally last minute due to conflict of birthdays within our group of friends but tonight is the night! We are having fried chicken, sauteed green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, bread and sweet tea... it doesn't get much better than that! Then we are going to finish the white chocolate cake I made for him and our community group yesterday and eat it with BLUE BELL ICECREAM.... that we now have in Louisville... it's a big deal!
So you are invited, come one come all... celebrate the wonder that is Drew and the wonderful God that made him and has loaned him to me very temporarily to love and cherish!!

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Larry said...

Wonderful post. I'll think of myself as a daffodil today. Thanks.