Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here, There, Everywhere!

Well, we haven't blogged in ages and that's because we've barely been able to sit still long enough to collect our thoughts!
I am officially finished with my first full semester of seminary! It was tough. I've never worked so hard in my entire life! I made mostly A's but my Philosophy test that I just took turned out to be quite unfair and knocked me down to a B! oh well. I really didn't like that class and I tried my hardest!
Many crazy things have happened in the life of the Lewisi over the past months. In April I came down with major insomnia and some sort of cold, which turned out to be bronchititis and a severe sinus infection. After several doctor's appointments and wonderful antibiotics I was told that I would once again have to have sinus surgery. This surgery was a huge deal the first time I had it because no one knew what was really wrong and there were really severe things that could've happened.... this instance isn't like that. It's just a huge pollup b/c I have severe pollup disease apparently. (ps. I found all this out while the doctor was dictating into his recording device, not actually to me). This was a shock because doctors and sickness cost lost of money. I always knew that my parents had great insurance and so I never worried about costs of those things. Well we have great insurance too through Drew's work, but I found out to my horror that insurance doesn't cover everything. They don't cover the weird proceedure they do to find the pollup or the cat scan that they then have to do to determine the magnitude of the pollup they found and then they barely cover the hospital bills for a 20 minute surgery. This just seems so wrong. Don't they know we only make enough money to live month to month. It was amazing to see the doctors and nurses look at me with strange wonder as I asked over and over how much each of these things would cost. It was like it had been so long since they ever had to question the price of something that they were stunned that I would do such a thing. Doesn't everyone make 6 digits? no.
Then I finished up finals in a whirlwind and Drew is not off on a 8 day ride around the state of Kentucky to raise money for MS. This is the first time we have been away from each other for more than a day... and the first time we've ever ever been apart since married where we weren't with family etc... I am fortunate to have friends close by to take care of me when I'm scared but it just isn't the same as a husband. I love my husband and miss him soooo bad.
I did get to go see him yesterday at this awesome state park in Indiana for his rest day. We just chilled the whole time and it was a beautiful park with great views from the inn.
We are also riding in the MS 150 in Louisville in two weeks with our friends, which will be the longest ride that I have ever done by FAR! I am so excited for a physical challenge though. (I have emotional ones often enough already)
I also got to go home for Mother's Day since Drew was gone and surprise my mom. We thought she was going to have a heart attack when we surprised her at work witha coffee and ME. It was a great weekend split between my family and Drew's family. I also got to see my life long friend Erin and she is always a breath of fresh air. She is one of those friends that you could just talk for hours and have good conversation. It's the conversations that make you forget how you could ever have those awkward friend chats that happen when you see a long lost friend unexpectedly. Anyways.... I hated to leave.
Now I am back in Louisville for good and looking for a new job. My tutoring job just isn't going to work out with my mid-summer Greek review. So I'm going to look at retail and Starbucks to see if I can get a more flexible job. This is a big scare b/c I HATE working. I've never really had a job that I liked.
So there are many changes in the Lewisi life happening and coming up. Please keep us in your prayers. This is our first summer to not be free students and it's actually pretty hard... all we want to do when it's warm is play outside and I know it will be especially hard for Drew to put that suit on morning after morning with the weather so wonderful!
That's the update. Sorry it's not too creative but there's just too much!

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Larry said...

It WAS a great surprise for you mom, wasn't it? What a moment. She loves surprises and she loves you even more. Thanks for coming. I pray God will bring you guys the income you need. I love you.