Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tour de Sinuses

Hurray for husbands!! Many of you got the daily reports from Drew while he was one his bicycle ride and thus you know all the details. However, for those of you who do not... my husband is amazing!! (well other than the fact that he left me for over a week!) Drew just participated in an 8 day ride around Kentucky (see map above) to raise money, support and awareness for MS. Our first and only contact in Louisville when we moved here were Bill and LeeAnn Turner. Bill works for UPS and LeeAnn is a talented musician and also has MS. These two have hosted us for dinner, provided a job for Drew when we first moved (Drew built their deck), let us do laundry and introduced us to our church and many of our closest friends! Bill organized this whole ride and in the process we decided that we should change the slogan "Go Big or Go Home" to "Go Bill or Go Home". Bill does everything top notch and to the extreme and this ride is a perfect example. Drew had minor problems with his knee towards the end but still ended up biking over 700 miles! WOW! So I am very grateful to have my man back and have a mouth to feed and clothes to wash and some one to snuggle with at the end of the day! You can check his ride out by googling Tour De Kentucky or I think visiting whyiride.com that's just an educated guess...

In other news, many of you also know I have severe sinus issues. It's so strange how this just popped up in my life and hasn't left me with any peace since!! During my spell with Bronchitis I went to the ear,nose and throat doctor for a check up and he revealed that I needed to have sinus surgery again! He said that I actually have severe pollup disease and sinusitis. Since I had issues with the interior wall of my sinuses before he deemed it best, after another appointment today, to have the surgery as soon as possible followed by major allergy testing and shots. It's expensive and a pain but it'll be nice to breath again and I have always thought that perhaps I should get my allergies tested instead of self diagnosing based on when and where my allergy attacks occur. So it will be nice, though painfully expensive, to get the shots and have a chance to improve my finnicky nose!! If you look at the picture... my entire right sinus... that's the big hole by the nose and above the nose is clogged. In a CAT scan bone is white and air is black and my left sinus is completely black and my right sinus is completely grey, as in NO AIR GETTING IN OR OUT! eek. So here we go on another newly wed adventure... surgery. It's always something not budgetted for coming up and freaking me out. However, I realize that this is actually good because those are the times that Drew leads the best and I get to follow him b/c he is soo laid back and trusting of the Lord and he leads me to that same mindset! It's great! So this time, for example, when I went to the doctor I did not break down into tears or snot all over anyone or have a total breakdown! Progress!

This week has been soo beautiful and it's getting HOT, I hope everyone gets out and enjoys it a little!!

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