Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to School...

Well, summer was not what we quite expected. Summer just isn't summer without summer vacation. The Lewisi are wrapping up our first summer in the real world and have decided that we don't approve. Since we aren't working to get rich or make it big in the corporate world, it is hard to understand the lifestyle there. It doesn't make any sense to us why you wouldn't give people time off in the summer and at Christmas. I have rarely met a person who didn't want atleast a little time off in the summer. However, when you are at the bottom there are no days off.
I'm actually really looking forward to the starting of school because I will get to go back to working part time and going to school. I love being a full time student but the more I work full time the more I realize that I was not created for that. I love working in the home and learning and teaching. I love working in the church and helping others all day long. It's not that I want to sleep all day (though right now that sounds nice)... I just hate working in the real world. I feel misunderstood and don't get to use my talents and gifts. The only perk has been being able to serve people (that's what you do in food service) and love on them and trust the Bible where Christ says that when we love and feed others that we are loving and feeding him. So I hope that my service to them can be as unto Christ. That's often the only thing that keeps me from grabbing Drew's ankles and begging him not to make me go to work in the morning! So school is actually a welcome relief!
Drew and I are also going back to school because we are not community group leaders for the new and upcoming college group at our church. They are finally getting some college stuff set up and we have been blessed by being asked and able to serve alongside a few others as we start this up. I'm really pumped because I know that this is an area where God has really worked through Drew in the past. Just last summer at Pine Cove he was over several college students every week and I never heard the end of all the blessings those people received at his hands/mouth/life... he was great with them and so I'm excited for him to get to be able to teach and lead again in service to the Lord. I also received the most amazing "mentorship" through a Bible study that I attended my senior year. I learned more in this one class than in all the three previous years combined. If it wasn't for this one faithful servant of the Lord, who I still stalk and admire online..hehe... I wouldn't be married to the marvelous man I am nor would I have many of the passions for Biblical womanhood that I have. She really encouraged me and my life goal is to be just like her because she shows me Christ and how Christ is glorified in a wife, mother and woman. So now I am so thrilled with the opportunity to pass on that love and mentorship to other college girls and help them to see past all the lies that they have bought into and show them the truth and love of Christ. So together we are really pumped about this group... sign ups are tomorrow and our first meeting is in a week and a half! Please pray!
So we will now be fans of Texas A&M and University of Louisville to support our group... I'm sure that will be interesting in the upcoming season! (atleast when A&M is losing we'll have one team to cheer for still)
Drew is also starting his new job next week if all turns out as expected so he'll be going through more training as he gets his feet wet in car sales.
Good thing we like to learn!

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Hendrick Family said...

Ah! Good girl!! Praise God!! He will use you MIGHTILY. I just know it.

So much love,