Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is a beautiful day in Kentucky. It has been cloudy and/or screaming hot this week, which is not my favorite type of weather. In general I feel that if it is going to be hot, you should at least be able to get attractive skin cancer from it!! Today however the clouds rolled out about 1030am, just in time for a break from Greek and I realized... there was no way I could sit in a classroom all day when the weather was so perfect. Clear, sunny and 75 degrees! So at the lunch break I high-tailed it out of class with the intent to go work out... then I realized working out inside would defeat the whole point of enjoying the outdoors. So I snuck a pair of my husband’s shorts and geared up for a run outside. If you know me well, your jaw should be dropping. Most people know I HATE to run... it's pointless... that's why I bike. However, lately I have felt the urge to run and today was suitable to do so. So I moseyed on over to our nearest park, parked the car and began to dash. With Caedmon's Call, Share the Well, blasting in my ears I was good to go. All I wanted was to do one lap around this park and I didn't even know how much one lap was. I figured it was about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile and thus to not even do one lap would be pretty sad. This CD is amazing. I was full out lip singing the entire run, which did make for some funny looks, AND if no one was around for one of my favorite songs I would sing it out loud! Cooky but it kept my mind off my burning shins and thighs. I am proud to say that I made that lap and during my next power-walking lap I saw a sign that said one lap was 1.2 miles long!!! You cannot imagine my joy! I went on to run 2.5 miles and walk 2.5 miles total. You might be thinking, "well that's nothing" or something along those lines and I have just one thing (not one word) to say to you, "You are completely sick and need professional help because that is a LONGGGG WAY!" I was already getting sore before I got to my car!!! Ok ok so maybe I'm a wimp but it was sooo fun! I felt like I was jogging in Colorado because it was so bright and clear and yet cool despite the noon hour. Then I realized of course I would be running in Colorado, because every one knows every one in Colorado runs and is hyper athletic... so I'm starting to think I should move there b/c I'd fit in so well! haha, well at least I would enjoy the weather!
I'm departing to go to a women’s dinner at church. I am overcoming my fears of rejection and the feeling of middle school that often overcomes me. I am promising to laugh at my own brain farts and diarrhea of the mouth and then run home and hide behind a good book!

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Hendrick Family said...

I will laugh at your jokes! And I did about die to see you ran that far. I struggle to even run over 5 joke.