Friday, April 11, 2008


We are in NEW ZEALAND!

Today is our last full day here in the city of sails. We have done all sorts of things, which will be expanded upon in later posts I am sure along with the 500+ pictures we have taken. We visited Mordor and the cove where Prince Caspian was shot (you can see it on the preview too)! Last night we walked around Auckland and tried some Mexican food... think freebirds or Qdoba... but still tasty. Tonight we are going to a Rugby game and a chocolate factory. We've had fish and chips and a few other local treats along the way. We camped out and have walked/hiked a lot... no really... A LOT! We also have done some rock climbing on actual mountain-like faces over the ocean and in the forest... plus some indoor climbing as well. It is so scary but quite a fun accomplishment. Drew is a super grand climber!
A few phrases we have picked up....
Good on ya = way to go, good for you, cool
Sweet as = sweet as the sweetest thing you can think of also substituted with cool as, salty as (my personal rendition) etc etc
** surprisingly enough it has nothing to do with swear words referring to your bum!
Cheers = thanks, your welcome, hi etc..
Ta = thanks
Tomorrow (Sunday here, Saturday elsewhere) we are flying back to the states. Hopefully I'll have my paper done by then too.. I've been working on it yesterday and today....

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