Friday, April 25, 2008

Pottery Barn

I think it might be a very nifty adventure to go to a barn filled with pottery. Of course it would be handmade pottery with various lumps and minor mistakes to give each piece it's own character. Some would be raw and ready for paint and others would be neatly hand painted already. They of course would be pretty inexpensive b/c of the cheap overhead that a barn provides! Many women wearing flipflops, fun purses and carrying sonic cups would browse through the pottery laughing and never sweating and purchasing inexpensive pieces for their homes and friends/family. Sounds fun, right?!
Well I am pretty sure that this is the very reason the store, deceptively called Pottery Barn, is so inviting to many a woman. However, I am confused by the fact that said store does not carry much pottery and never looks much like a barn or anything you would put in the barn. The prices are then marked far beyond what any one I know that has a barn could afford!!!!
Don't get me wrong... I love their stuff. The wood is beautiful and they know just the right shade of green a girl needs. They have handy container-store-like things that never get boring and more lamp shades in the same color than a girl knows what to do with. It's just the fact that every time I look at a price tag I get nauseous!! Sometimes when we walk by they will have their clearance stuff sitting in the door way marked way down... but yet still always closer to $1000 dollars. yikes!
But I have chosen to still hold the store in high regard and even browse through their catalog... appreciating that they tell you what color paint they used on the walls in the picture! great idea!....... until recently.
I received a catalog, which I browsed through w/out the slightest idea I would purchase anything from it. Then on the back cover there were these adorable water-bottles. Since learning my beautiful pink nalgene-thing w/ straw was poisonous to drink from I had been looking for an aluminum-type water bottle to replace it that fit my personality. There is was... pinkandred flowers on a white background aluminum waterbottle for only $10.. that's cheaper than any place I had seen. I told a friend and then went and picked one up for her and myself!
Quickly people from our church and school picked up on the cute bottles and now they are everywhere... then it happened. Black spots began to appear on the bottom of the bottle... no biggie my husband reassured me. Drinking on... the spots went from black to white. hmmm. Then while we were in New Zealand I got one of those lovely white spots IN MY MOUTH!!!!
One word can explain...... MOLD!
Sick, disgusting, nasty, blah!!!!!
Oh so gross.
I am still grossed out!
How could a place that charges $1000 for a drawer give me a moldy water-bottle?
I had washed it. I hadn't had any sicknesses. No one else had drank from this water bottle. sick.
Then my friend, the one I gave the other waterbottle, told me HERS TOO was MOLDING!!! ICK!
So we are spreading the word that Pottery Barn is selling water bottles that do not have the right coating on the inside, which makes the aluminum itself not very good to drink from AND causes it to MOLD!
So, if you are looking to be green and stay away from plastic bottles... you should also stay away from pottery barn... unless it is a neat wooden structure where lovely ladies with sonic drinks are walking in and out of in their flip flops with hand made pottery at cheap prices!


Sarah Cosper said...

Check out Sigg bottles. They have plain ones and decorative ones I think they have one that is white with pink it. Dorothy even has her own with a teddy bear on it! I got the plain red one.

Suz23c said...

I bought a Pottery Water Bottle as well, and when drinking out of it, I thought it tasted a bit weird. Now I plan on looking for that mold. Ew! I hope that's not why the water tasted bad. Wish me luck! Thanks for the heads up!

PacificOutdoorEquipmentBlog said...

Laken bottles are the best! They are BPA Free, light weight, but durable and have all sorts of colors and great graphics. They are coming out with a new line of JEETO for kids graphics that are sweet!