Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Greek to Me! (still)

This is the week of finals.
This is the final week of school.
This is when you find out if you finally got it.

I am very glad to see the end of this semester quickly approaching but I am not glad that the end comes with a swift kick in the pants every semester. This one is no different. Spring Break, Papers, Easter, you finally think you are catching up and then they smack finals on you... and right before mother's day too.. sheesh! Since we have been back from New Zealand catching up has been harder than either one of us expected. Luckily for Drew catching up has taken the form of a few more sales than expected (after more than a few more phone calls and lot visits) but for me it's looked like a few more long nights, more than a few more pages to read and now a few finals.
Today I had my Systematic Theology final... good ole Dr. Moore. I really respect this man and have had three semesters to see how wise he is and how seriously he takes the gospel of Jesus in the classroom and in his everyday life and family. I also respect the way he gives tests (not necessarily how the graders grade them...but that's another tangent). Dr. Moore is not primarily concerned with giving tests and one semester he wanted to lecture the last class period so bad that he cancelled the final! This year we were not so lucky but he did give us the two topics that we would be primarily tested over.
To help you understand that two topics is really a bajillion topics I was going to give you a sample of a few of the questions that we had to answer in "one" question but then I realized that even though no one from the seminary really reads this blog... if they did... that would be considered cheating since I think he uses basically the same tests every year.
So you will just have to trust me that those two topics were severely in depth!
However, I studied and I wrote... and wrote... and wrote and I am pretty satisfied with my answers. We had 75 minutes and I spent the first 60 on the first question alone.. oooops! However, out of all the midterms and finals I have had with Dr. Moore, I felt that this was my best written. I had well thought out things to say and a lot of scripture to support it. For the first time I didn't feel like my brain was scrambled just as they handed out the test. But because I was so thought out it took me a lot longer to write. Thankfully they gave us an extra 20 minutes to finish, which gave me 35 minutes to write the second one. This was barely enough time for me to write down the bones-basics of the question, so I hope I was clear enough for the grader to see I knew and understood but was running out of time... and my hand was having seizures and hating me for writing so long and in depth!
With that over I made a trip to Target and am now home... facing the real challenge of the week... Greek. This semester of Greek was my least favorite and also my least outstanding. Our professor, who is my favorite teacher, was using our class as guinea pigs and at the end decided to never do the class again... I don't blame him. Because of the newness of the class he also forgot to schedule a midterm.. fine by me. I didn't realize until now though that because we didn't have a midterm... we also didn't have a mid-catch-up where I recram all the vocab and study the work thus far... so now here comes the final and I have over 1000 vocab words to re-learn and 10+ old and new testament greek passages to learn and be prepared for a sight reading from the old testament. swell. So this is just a catch-you-up post to let you know why I will not be posting again til the end of the week!
After finals more on: Mothers day, Cultivating Beauty and finding a job!

This is not even half of them.....

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Emily said...

You'll do fine Linds! Grades don't really matter in the whole scheme of things. Just remember why it is that you are studying Greek. I'll be praying that things go smoothly. Take care~