Friday, May 16, 2008

Book Review Two

I know you can't believe it but I just finished my second book... that's two books in less than five days! whoop!
I was seriously sad after I finished my last book because I haven't gotten all of my summer reading books so I was temporarily stalled and without a book!
Then I remembered at Christmas I got the complete Jane Austen works in one book and there was one of them I hadn't read! Scandalous! So I picked up Northanger Abby on Wednesday and finished it yesterday before dinner! It was good but probably one of my least favorites from Jane. There were too many author comments in it for my taste and there was SO MUCH tension through out the whole thing and then she concludes the whole book in two pages. I think that is just a little wrong!
Still I liked it over all.
I can relate to the character a little because she is really naive and for most of my life I have been really naive and just not thought things through all the way to their consequences. I feel like most of the blunders I have made in my life have been from a lack of thought or even the need to think about something. She is also easily taken in by friends who are obviously using her and manipulating her but she doesn't even realize it until the very end.
Also, the hero in the book is a nice guy but she doesn't really develop his character very well and he seems so aloof for the entire book... that even if you've read much Austen and know what is going to happen in the end... you might start to doubt yourself with this guy.
I have also found that I need to be a little more aware when I am reading a book. I get completely engrossed and can barely think of anything else but the book until it is finished, which is why I get through them so fast. But my husband has been soo loving and doting on me lately and I've half ignored him until last night when I realized what I was missing out on!! So, I am trying to be more conscious and disciplined of the attention I give to a book when my number one is around!
Speaking of the hubby... he had surgery yesterday!! Well... kind of. He's had this weird growth thing on his wrist for a long time and it's super irritating to him so he finally got it removed. I thought it would be not big deal but he even had to get a few stitches and he couldn't use his arm all day. It was a little funny seeing him try to do stuff with only one arm and he was pretty concerned about it, which was also cute coming from my husband who doesn't care if he is bleeding or putting his life on the line in most cases!
We both had 9am doctor's appointments and then we walked over to Panera before his next appointment to have it removed. It was actually a fun date. In Lindsey news I have NO POLLUPS! My nose is completely clear and free as far as the doctor could tell, which is amazing and the first spring I think I've ever made it through clean! haha. I think the allergy shots must be helping. He also said this Spring was record highs in every kind of pollen for Louisville and it has been really bad. Our cars were covered in yellow and when I would go running my sunglasses would actually have a film over them in the end of pollen...yuck! I was starting to have headaches so I went in for my long overdue check up and am glad to have happy and free news!
Tonight is girl's night at the house and tomorrow is my mentor/friend's son's third birthday party... fun fun! Well, I've got an apartment to clean and lunches to pack before I get ready for work and lunch with Drew ( i am subbing for a friend at his work).


Jessica said...

I'm so sorry for using you and for all the manipulation.

~fake friend.

the lewisi female said...

To clarify... I have only had a few friends (long long long ago) who I felt abused my friendship but most girls have and I think most girls relate to at least this feeling... none of these girls are still around so if you are thinking I am referring to you... I guarantee you I'm not. I love all my friends and know girls have suffered by my hand too... I didn't mean for that to sound like a pity party or accusing!! I just meant I could relate to the character, which is typical with Jane Austen characters...

Jessica said...

A joke, silly friend.