Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The House

This is actually a picture of a picture in our buyers portfolio! Doesn't that sound intense?!

Here is the house that we might own in a month!
The tree you see on the left is actually no longer there. I'm not sure why they cut it down but I am planning on putting in a beautiful pink flowering mini tree like I have seen all over louisville! That's pretty far down on the list of things to do though.
Hopefully when we're done with it you will walk in to a beautiful living room with hard wood floors followed by a dining room and then the kitchen. Today I looked at IKEA and found some great ideas for the kitchen. I can't wait to go to the scratch and dent place and look for the appliances. I'm pretty sure that will be my most favorite part!
The back consists of a bedroom that will be the masters and a laundry room... did I mention that the laundry room is already painted pink?! hmmm... I guess we can leave it since we have so many other things to do! hehehehehe. It's probably the only room that I will ever get away with being pink since I do the laundry around here! haha.
I also know that I forgot to mention my favorite thing about this house. You might laugh, but it's important. The backyard fence is lined with blackberry bushes and honeysuckle!! HURRAY! Our friends (who are moving..sad) found blackberry bushed behind their apartment (right off the highway too!). They were kind enough to share the information and when they were out of town Drew and I went and picked a bunch of blackberries and baked with them. Well, they had to build some sort of flood wall thingy and tore out alllll the blackberry bushes. I have been so sad about this and thus it is so fitting that this house would have them right in the backyard.
We signed our contract and now we have 15 days to do all our inspections and stuff and decide to close... the whole deal should be done within 45 days at the most! I can't believe it and I can't wait! I'm sort of nervous but I'm pretty sure it's a healthy fear.

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