Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Novel of the Season

Summer has officially started and along with it my tradition of novel reading.
It is always difficult to go straight from finals into a job due to a lack of time to locate one during finals time. So while I am looking for jobs I also have more time to read. Because of the amount of non-fiction I am required to read during the school year I let my brain take a little break, while remaining active, by reading novels. This summer I actually do have some non-fiction to read such as biographies and Christian books not required for school.
My first book of the summer is called First Light by the Thoene's. I had listened to their third book (a series I found out) while on my way to Bree's wedding back in February.. it kept me wide away on those long, dark, west Texas roads! So, Susan (my mother in law!) let me borrow her signed copy of the first book, First Light. I didn't realize the book were all related but I am sort of glad that I heard the last one first so I already know a lot of the happy endings that take place b/c the first book had some really sad stuff. I still cried several times even knowing the end. It's a historical fiction taking place during the life/ministry of Jesus. It involved people in the Bible and gives them backstory... such as the "centurion" or the "blind man" that Jesus heals. It's a little controversial b/c no one knows for sure how Jesus was or what these people were like but they do a good job of making Jesus' character from Scripture. He basically only says words he actually says in the Bible and they fill in the background details. Really it has made the Bible stories more alive to me to remember the persecution going on in those days and to think about what was going on with the High Priests and Roman Guards before they arrested Jesus... it's wasn't like they just thought of the idea that day and killed him... he must have been bugging them for a while! It's neat to see how they've researched the Jewish customs and everything so they paint a really neat picture of Jerusalem and the neighboring cities during that time. It was right under 400 pages and I read it in a weekend plus a day. Easy and fun read. Now I am anxious to get the second book or to start the series The Flames of Rome, which my greek teacher highly recommends to get an idea of the early Christian churches. Yay for summer!
I am also planning on reading about George Muller, Jonathan Edwards and a few others plus the book Humility by CJ Mahaney. With a friend I am checking out What is the What about the lost boys of Sudan. I also picked up my Hebrew book and accompanying DVD lectures to begin trying to teach myself Hebrew over the summer, so I can pass elementary in the Fall.
I am still looking for jobs and have my resume waiting at several offices. I also got an interview with a classical school as a tutor for the fall.
Summer is here but you wouldn't guess by the 60 degree weather we are having. I won't complain b/c I know once it starts warming up it'll get hot hot hot for a while!! I just don't like all this rain!
Today we also pick up our first (and smallest) batch of veggies from our farm co-op that we are participating in. YAY! I know for sure we are getting asparagus.
Happy summer... if you need any recommendations on pleasure reading I'd be glad to recommend a few for you!

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Proffitteer said...

I love the Thoenes' writing! Before Israel last year, one of the pastors leading the trip suggested the Daughters of Zion series and I read the whole thing non-stop. It really made the Bible come alive for me...anyways, cool!
Send some of your cool weather this way. We're cooking in Northern Cali! And I don't mean dinner.