Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two and a Half...or Three

Well my wonderful husband was out of town this weekend selling cars in Owensboro.
Since the weather has been so nice and mild Enterprise likes to have car sales on the weekends. We can't complain too much because some months these sales have been a real booster to a slow economy... but it is sort of a bummer that they take all our nice biking days! Soon it will get too hot to sell cars and too hot to bike =( The great news is, he's on his way home and he sold 3 cars at the sale!! The month of May has been our best month since December, so it's nice to see things looking up. He has a new boss that we really like and we are just trusting the Lord month to month to provide and He has. We're so thankful for a successful month!
This weekend is one of the out of town sales, which I hate, so I scheduled a girl's night and got some MORE reading done and slept on the couch!
The girl's night was amazing... we had lots of popcorn, lemonade and made snickerdoodle cookies! We used to pretend we would watch a movie, but this is the third girl's night and never have we actually watched the movie... so we didn't even pretend. We always have more than enough to talk about!
Last night we discussed a lot about organic food and cruelty to animals, boys/marriage, this weird colon detox thing with NASTY pictures only, Charlie bit me on YouTube and all sorts of other things in between... plus a few of us painted our nails!
Well, when Drew is gone I usually can't sleep very well so I picked up another Austen book from my huge collection book and read it in the last 24 hours.
Lady Susanna.
I had never even heard of this book, and now I sort of know why.
It is completely comprised of letters between characters. It's hard to get into but it gets pretty interesting. You find out all the plot and progress of the story through letters from different characters to each other. It's all about this woman who's husband (who she didn't really even like) died and now she is scandelously pursuing other men for herself and her daughter. She is selfish, hateful, manipulative and the biggest liar ever. She neglects her daughter and doesn't care about the feelings of any one else. She actually gets joy from tricking people hurting others. Nasty! She seems to get her way though despite our knowledge that she is evil.
It is only about 100 pages and then at the end things start to fall apart for her and the author just writes the conclusion on the last page that tells you every body's end, which is neither strikingly good or bad.
It definitely passed the time and I did read the whole thing, but I definitely wouldn't put it on par with Pride and Prejudice.
And don't worry, I didn't relate to any of the characters.
Next I really am scheduled to read the bio of John Owen...


Proffitteer said...

Maybe I'm just really emotional, but I teared up when I read about your girls' night...because it sounds like lots of fun and I"m kind of starved for that right now!

Plus I'm sure the snickerdoodles were outrageous:)

I'm calling you tomorrow.

love you!! And love being wives who write on each others blogs. keep up the good work.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

I've picked up Lady Susan before, but never was interested enough to finish it. Have you ever read Sanditon finished by "another lady"? I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. I (of course, being a Janeite) have opinions about it, and I'd love to hear how someone else responded to it. Did you even know I read your blog?? :)

~Sarah Pitts