Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So, since Friday I have been sort of detoxing.
I did a ton of research online and among people I knew about detoxing and certain detox-like diets that didn't include starving myself.
So I settled for the fruit juice "diet" (not to lose weight mind you!) and allowed myself also fruits and veggies.
The diet called for nothing but liquids until 12 and then every night I drank an herbal detox tea.
The first day I was exhausted, emotional and hungry! Gradually I got used to it.
I bought a lot of nectarines and carrots and fruit juices (100%only not from concentrate) etc etc...
nothing happened
I was expecting my body to ooze with detox nastiness, leaving me feeling oh so fresh and clean. (if this grosses you out quit reading)
nothing happened.
In fact my intestines seemed even more content to keep all the junk in there than usual.
I dont know where all my food is going or where all this fiber I am eating is going... but it is strange business.
I drank a whole bottle (the family size) of Pure Apple Juice this weekend myself...
I have eaten my weight in apples and dried apricots.
Today my body is totally mocking me by feeling absolutely wonderful without giving up anything.
I even walked Saturday and Sunday and today I RAN 2.5 miles... and I'm not even hungry!
still nothing
I have had more than 64 oz of water every day
I drank carrot juice!

does this sound crazy to any one else out there?????
Some one said I needed more oils... I had a piece of pizza (very small) nothing
I added walnuts to the diet...nothing
today I had an avocado...nothing
So, while I'm keeping on with the massive fruit consumption I'm giving up the rest.
Tonight I am having RICE...mmmmmmm starchy carb with a DAIRY PRODUCT on top...mmmm
I'm also adding kale, which tears up all my friends and my husband and doesn't even make my tummy uncomfortable...hmm
So, if any one out there is a detox specialist (and don't even suggest I take one of those pills that can tear you up b/c that defeats my whole point of doing it naturally) I would love to hear your advice...

The good news... I learned I can get full on fruits and veggies and nuts (I made hummus and salsa mmmmm)
I no longer craaaaave sodas... though I still do like them and sometimes daydream about them.
I'm not snacking on chips and popcorn and sugar things all the time... but prefer a good nectarine (most of the time)

So it wasn't all bad but I am concerned a little about what is not coming out... tmi... maybe


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Yikes Lindsey! This sounds sort of serious. I hope you are able to you know what soon.

the lewisi female said...

haha... I know, I've freaked myself out so bad! But I just called our insurance's nurse hotline and the lady told me the problem is that I was still so active and burning everything I was eating since I didn't have much bad stuff that wouldn't burn... so she said eat up on the whole grains (that I was not eating) and basically eat normal but still include all the fruits and veggies.... she said milk is also still okay, which I was also avoiding... so...
the end of the detox is official and the continuation of the healthy fruit and veggie habits I formed through it will continue... whew

Courtney said...

Oh, my, goodness, you make ma laugh so hard. If only we were all that comfortable talking about our bodily functions...