Saturday, June 21, 2008

That'll work!

Well, well I finally got a job. I'm not sure if I should be happy or depressed. It is really not a bad gig if you can get it to just not work... but most people can't get it. I sure did enjoy it while it lasted.
In all reality this job is only about 10 hours a week, so I don't think I'll die or anything.
Drew didn't really even tell me to get a job but I sort of figured that since we are buying a house that a little extra cash would be nice. So I was just casually applying to places as I found them and nothing was really working out.
Finally I got an interview with a Financial Advisor who needed an assistant and after a few hours of interviewing I got the job. And, it turns out that I know and go to church with his daughter! Smallll world!
So I interviewed on Wednesday and Friday was my first day. I actually rather enjoyed myself... well for it being a job. I imagine that working for this man is similar to what other people feel like when they work for my dad. He is a middle aged business man with grown kids and he is very direct and likes things done right (his right specifically) but is friendly and Christian and cracks a few jokes. At first I was a little scared of the directness but after my first day of work I think I prefer it. He doesn't leave things vague, he knows how he wants it done and will teach you and be patient with you while you figure out how to do it. He's fair.
I only worked 4 hours and I was hopping the whole time. Especially b/c everything I did was completely new to me, it took me a little longer to do each task. All in all I felt pretty confident when I left that I will be able to stay busy in this job and hopefully be helpful and earn a few extra dollars.
There is another secretary right beside my desk and she has been working for her bosses for 20+ years or so and is eager to help, so I hope that we can be friends and that she will be able to help me understand all this. Also the girls in the front office of the place are reallllly helpful in figuring out things like the amazing printer. You can scan in a document and email it to yourself all from the printer!!! It's pretty high tech!
My boss also used to be a trustee at the Seminary and is still on a board or two over there and does a lot with the top professors... so that is neat!

In other news, Drew also just got a new job. He just got promoted!!! He is now Marketing Manager for ALL of Kentucky Car Sales! WOO HOO. He is such a stud. I am pretty sure that makes him Mr. Lewis now. We are so excited because he will have a little more flexibility in this job and won't just be sitting behind the desk. They told him he is now the "Face of Enterprise". And a pretty good looking face if I do say so myself! He is really excited and has already been having brain storming sessions with his boss, who we also really love. Now he is not really over any one but no one except this boss we really like, is over him. I am so proud of him and so grateful to the Lord for sustaining him and giving him favor at erac. He was starting to really fizzle in car sales (as far as enjoyment goes) and the Lord is so faithful to bring something new along for him.
We have no idea where the Lord is taking us but so far it seems that he realllly wants Drew at erac... b/c no matter how hard we have tried nothing else has worked out and erac keeps promoting him!
I bet my mom and dad never thought their son-in-law would end up climbing the latter in a suit! When he asked permission to marry me their big question mark was that he didn't have a career in mind. We are both still open to ministry ideas like family camping and missions but it has been made clear to us that if that is in our future it is just that... future.
We celebrated last night at a neat Italian place where we split a salad with green apples, craisins, gorgonzola cheese and lettuce in a light vinaigrette. Then we had salmon with pesto cream sauce and broccoli. yummmmm Then he got me a new pair of running shorts and some weights. (we are training for a half marathon)

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Maggie Ainsworth said...

Praise the Lord for His faithful provision of jobs...for BOTH of you! That is so exciting about Drew's promotion. So I guess his uneasy feeling about the interview was just that, a feeling. The Lord is very good!