Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keeping my Promise.

Introducing.... Baby Lew!!
It's true, I know most of you have figured it out by now, but we are pregnant!
The reason for the delay is that we decided we really wanted to tell as many people in person as possible and also wanted to wait until we were safely through the first trimester before we released it to the press.
I am almost 12 weeks (I know, not totally through the first trimester yet...) and we found out on Valentine's Day. It was sort of funny b/c we found out that morning and by dinner that night Drew had a terrible fever, which he passed on to me and so we were very sick with the flu and completely quarantined for the first week of our good news.
Because of being so sick and the fact that I had just had surgery in January (which required a lot of unsafe-for-a-baby meds) we wanted to be cautious about getting to jolly at first. We know the Lord gives and takes away... and He still can. But honestly, we know that if something bad were to happen we would need the love and support of our community any way!
Enough downer stuff... the great news is these pictures were from about 5 weeks ago and Baby Lew is a lot more developed since then! In fact he's (gender neutral) almost fully formed just with little tiny everything! Now he just needs to grow grow grow!
Here's more what our baby should look like now....and in the next week or so....

We feel super excited and blessed to be able to bring a baby into the world and would appreciate all the prayers and support (and all advice) we can get!
Funny fact: I am the last girl in my original Louisville community group (and the first in my current community group) to get pregnant and three of us (who are having our first) are pregnant right now. It's a great and special time!
No tummy to show yet but we'll start posting those pics soon I'm sure.


The Carpenter Life said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! Yay! Congrats Lindsey! That is so wonderful! Hope you are feeling ok. You are going to be the prettiest pregnant lady ever!!


Robyn said...

I have been checking your blog every day waiting for pics! Congrats! The second trimester was glorious, so hang in there a little longer! I absolutely loved being pregnant, so enjoy it! It's a precious time for you and Drew. I just went through it all, so let me know if you have any questions.

Sarah Cosper said...

For some reason I thought you were, but was 100% sure. Maybe Mike knew and in all our sickness I forgot officially. Anyway when I was talking to you and Bethan yesterday I thought I should say congrats to you too, but I doubted my instincts.

I am so happy for you! So Octoberish?

We are praying for you!

Kristin 'Pritchard' Frisbie said...

CONGRATS LINDSEY! I'm so excited for you and Drew!!! I'll definitely be praying for y'all as you go through this special time! Treasure it! It's amazing!

Maggie Ainsworth said...

Yay for pictures! And yay for baby Lew! I can't wait to meet him or her. I love this baby already!