Friday, March 20, 2009


First of all, have I told you about my all time favorite site on the internet? Please check it out, it's for your own good. I will confess (though this is not THE confession) that I hardly ever actually bake what they are displaying on this site but it does inspire me with ideas of things to do (that are often less complex) for dinner or helps me when nothing sounds good. Plus, if you do have a special occasion it is the perfect place to get new amazing recipes. Curious!? TRY IT!
Okay, here's the real confession:
I love refried beans.
I don't care what kind of bean it is... mash it up and I'll take it.
I don't care how you serve it to me... I like it on a tortilla, on a chip by itself or in a dip (like the rhyme?)
I seriously crave this food more than anything else!
Just thought you should no.

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the lewisi female said...

Thanks every one for your sweet comments! Sorry it took so long to announce!
Sarah, no worries on not saying anything... at this point I'm not sure who knows and who doesn't at Sojourn.. and you guys have been through a lot lately!