Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures to come...

Just an update..

Today I am sleepy.
Today I am nauseous.
Today I slept until 1pm and could barely get up even then.

Nothing sounds good.
Everything sounds good.
I am hungry.... but nauseous.

If I wasn't too tired to get off the couch I would make:
mac and cheese
some sort of ginger dessert
guacamole mmmmmmmmmmm that sounds good....

The queso is the only thing that will probably get made b/c I can throw it together and nap while it cooks.. I'm not joking!
Poor Drew... he needs some one to come to his house and cook and clean for him... don't worry babe, I'll be back in a few weeks... well in at least 8 weeks. Good thing I am married to the sweetest, most gentle and comforting man on earth who takes such good care of me and is totally low maintenance. The good news is that I'm not keeping him up late at night b/c my eyes begin to close at 8pm... so he's getting plenty of rest for work these days!
Fun pictures coming soon..... like when we find our camera charger....


Robyn said...

Tired, hungry, nauseous? Are you pregnant? Did I miss something?

Jessica said...

Seriously! Is this some kind of clue?


Maggie Ainsworth said...

Where are those promised pictures, young lady?!

The Santos Family said...

You are so funny... welcome to the world of pregnancy... right? :)