Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest Rage...

You take a little of this.....homemade of course

And add a little of this....

Don't forget this.....
Wrap it all in a tortilla, zap for 30 seconds and add salt/pepper and man oh man is this healthy and delicious!
If you are looking for something a little more filling, I added sauteed zucchini to it once and woah, it was unbelievable.
This is a shout out to the pita place my roomie and I went to in Spain to keep from starving. Our Senora was not too keen on fixing us food and when she did they consisted of less than a fist full of white rice and half a piece of white fish. I am not lying. Then we got patee (sp?) sandwiches... when we asked her for peanut butter and even scoured the whole city to find some she refused to make us peanut-butter sandwiches b/c she said it looked like ca-ca.... hmmmm. So we had tea/coffee for breakfast and then nothing else until dinner unless we found something on our own... the only problem was, food was supposed to be included in the price so neither of us had budgeted for meals every day! So, we found this amazing pita place that made their own pitas and slathered it with hummus and three falafal balls and then they had a grilled veggie bar you could load up on (as much as you wanted!) for like $1.25 or something! That plus a McDonald's ice cream cone and lots and lots of nectarines (the best in the world!) and we survived! So, when I made hummus Saturday I thought I'd give it a go with the ingredients I had on hand and I've had it every day since then... but today was the last day b/c I am now out of hummus.
So, never made your own hummus? It's super easy! You can basically add anything to it to make it spicy or zesty; mexican or italian etc etc.... try it!

Hummus (one version)
1 can Chick Peas
1 clove garlic or 1T minced garlic
Lemon Juice (a few squirts or one lemon)
Cummin (1tsp to 1T depending on how much you like it)
Salt/Pepper (I like a lot)
Tahini/Sesame Seed oil (I used it this time but I didn't last time and barely noticed a difference)
Olive Oil
Chili Powder (if you like) OR Pesto (like basil and stuff like that....)

Drain the Chick Peas but save the juice. In a food processor blend up the chick peas adding a little chick pea juice and a little oil at a time until you get the desired consistency (we like it smooth but have had it chunky too)
Add in all the other stuff and stirrrrrr... remember both of the oils and the lemon juice will make it wetter so don't get it too smooth before you add those in.
I didn't mix in the Chili Powder but dashed it on the top but you can also just put oil and lemon juice on the top or any other seasonings you like!
Enjoy with crackers or pita bread!

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Proffitteer said...

oh man. thanks for putting a hummus recipe on here! I'd love to try making my own...i'm going to do it.

i was telling daniel about our pita place just the other day!!! that and how we'd get a "cono mixto" at mcD's every single day. I told him it was our sanity.